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Aktuelle Texte zur/aus der tunesischen Frauenbewegung

Posted by entdinglichung - 1. Februar 2011

* Revendications de femmes tunisiennes (ESSF)

„Nous, femmes tunisiennes, exprimons à la fois une fierté de cette révolution qui appartient à tous les tunisiens et une détermination pour qu’ils n’en soient pas dépossédés.

Nous sommes animées par une vive conviction que ces réformes institutionnelles et politiques se doivent d’être garantes d’une égalité parfaite dans les droits et les devoirs. La femme tunisienne est une femme moderne qui participe activement à dessiner le paysage politique social et culturel du pays. Il est donc impératif que ces réformes consacrent la séparation du religieux et du politique et garantissent l’égalité et les droits de tous les tunisiens et les tunisiennes à une vie politique et sociale émancipée et digne.

La scène politique actuelle est instable, et des négociations sont en cours pour la reconnaissance de tous les partis politiques qui en font la demande.

Nous exprimons par conséquent notre réserve quand à l’intégration dans le paysage politique de mouvements religieux ou à idéologies totalitaires et sectaires dans l’absence d’une réforme constitutionnelle qui garantisse la séparation du politique et du religieux.

Nous exigeons que la Constitution de notre pays soit garante de nos droits. Pour cela, elle se doit de comporter deux articles qui ne sont pour nous pas négociables :

– La séparation du religieux et du politique.

– L’égalité entre les femmes et les hommes dans tous les domaines, ce qui n’est pas le cas à l’heure actuelle où des inégalités persistent, concernant les droits successoraux notamment.

Il est indispensable que les réformes garantissent le caractère constitutionnel et irrévocable des droits dont jouissent les femmes tunisiennes et les tunisiens généralement et garantissent leur respect effectif.

Ces garanties sont indispensables pour que cette phase de transition soit menée à termes dans de bonnes conditions et afin de restaurer la confiance dans les différents acteurs politiques existants et émergents et renforcer finalement la conviction des tunisiennes et des tunisiens qu’ils ne seront plus jamais dépossédés de leur révolution.“

* Neila Jrad: Les femmes dans la révolution tunisienne (CNDF)

* Nadia Chaabane: Une interview de Nadia Chaabane, tunisienne, militante féministe (CNDF)

* We Stand In Solidarity with Tunisian Women. Statement by Iranian Women’s Rights Activists (Change for Equality)

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Neuigkeiten zu Stephen Green, die nicht wirklich überraschen

Posted by entdinglichung - 1. Februar 2011

Stephen Green, Vorsitzender der protestantisch-fundamentalistischen und homophoben Lobbyorganisation Christian Voice war in der Vergangenheit als einer der lautstärksten Sprecher der Christian Right in den Medien ein gern gesehener Gast, wo er seine menschenverachtenden und reaktionären Tiraden ablassen durfte und sich zum Sprecher „verfolgter Christen“ (Green und Co. gehören zu der Gruppe autoritärer Charaktere, welche sich verfolgt und benachteiligt fühlen, wenn sie nicht selber verfolgen dürfen) in Britannien aufspielen durfte. Nach einem Artikel in der konservativen Tageszeitung Daily Mail welche ihm sonst bisher gerne ein Forum bot, zu seinem Privatleben und der von ihm massiv ausgeübten häuslichen Gewalt, dürfte sein Stern zumindest unter dem auf Respektabilität bedachten Teil der protestantischen Rechten im Sinken sein,obwohl selbst dort sein „biblischer“ Umgang mit Frau und Kindern nicht notwendigerweise abgelehnt wird („Wer die Rute spart, hasst seinen Sohn, wer ihn liebt, nimmt ihn früh zur Zucht.“), … Pink News berichtet:

The wife of Christian Voice leader Stephen Green says he beat her until she bled and does not believe in marital rape.

Caroline Green, who was married to the anti-gay Christian extremist for 26 years, says she has come forward now because “the people who support him financially and morally should know what he is really like”.

Mr Green, 60, who was recently interviewed by the BBC over his views on Elton John becoming a father, has approved of the death penalty for gays and lesbians.

He was asked by the BBC for his views on the singer’s parenting skills but Mrs Green claims that he had attacked his own children with belts and broomsticks and punished them harshly for minor transgressions.

Mr Green leads Christian Voice, which is a small protest group of around 300 members. The group rails against violence, abortion, immorality and drugs, although it reserves a special venom for homosexuality.

But Mrs Green, 59, said that those who donate money to Christian Voice should know the “truth” about about her ex-husband.

She told the Mail on Sunday that he had beaten her and her children, “brainwashed” them and forced them to live in a dilapidated caravan in remote Wales to protect them from the “evil” of urban life.

Mrs Green described the incident which prompted her to leave him, recalling how he made a list of her failings as a wife and then beat her until she bled with a piece of wood.

She said: “He even framed our marriage vows — he always put particular emphasis on my promise to obey him — and hung them over our bed. He believed there was no such thing as marital rape and for years I’d been reluctant to have sex with him, but he said it was my duty and was angry if I refused him.

“But the beating was the last straw. It ­convinced me I had to divorce him.”

She also said that he had beaten their eldest and middle sons with belts and broomsticks.

She added: “It was almost like living in a cult. We were all subjugated to his will and cowed by him. Over the years he belittled us and made us feel worthless.

“Whenever I watch him on TV spouting verses from the Bible, or see him quoted in a news­paper, it turns my stomach. I’ve decided to tell the truth about him now because the people who support him financially and morally should know what he is really like.”

Mrs Green now lives in a small home in west Wales with one of her sons and her god-daughter Emily, who used to work for Mr Green.

He has since married a Kenyan woman 25 years his junior and declined to comment to the Mail on Sunday.

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Lesehinweise zum Generalstreik in Nordzypern

Posted by entdinglichung - 1. Februar 2011

Offenbar versucht die nordzypriotische Bourgeoisie und die UBP-Regierung die Krisenlasten, welche durch die Verringerung der Subventionen an den Klientelstaat durch die türkische Regierung unter Erdogan verschärfte Wirkungen zeigen vollständig auf die ArbeiterInnenklasse abzuwälzen zu wollen:

* Northern Cyprus Resists Ankara’s Reforms (ICEM)

„The admirable popular uprisings currently spreading throughout the Arab world should serve as a wake-up call to the Küçük administration that the legitimate grievances of workers must be heard and acted on.“

* Cyprus: 30 000 Workers Say No to the “Reform Package” (IGB)

* ‘We’re stuck between Turkey and the Greek Cypriots’ (Cyprus Mail)

„Left-wing Greek Cypriot trade union PEO yesterday issued a statement to express its solidarity with their Turkish Cypriot counterparts.

“Today in the conditions created by the world economic crisis as a result of the capitalistic globalisation and the neo-liberal policies, the position of working people all over the world is deteriorating,” it said.“

* Thousands of Turkish Cypriots protest wage cuts (Daily News)

„But more worrisome for Turkish Cypriots is the sense that they are losing control of their own destiny, as policy formulated in Ankara is implemented in the north by an acquiescent government, said Şener Elcil, general secretary of the Cyprus Turkish Teachers‘ Trade Union, KTOS.

„People are fed up. Turkish Cypriots want to govern themselves,“ said Elcil, one of the protest’s organizers. „We sent a clear message to Turkey not to interfere.“

Elcil said Turkish Cypriots are losing their jobs as state-owned companies are being sold off to Turkish businessmen.“

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