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Der Untergang des Hauses Guttenberg

Posted by entdinglichung - 24. Februar 2011

Gefunden auf Wikipedia … allerdings waren es leider weder die Bauernhaufen, noch die Bayreuther sondern der Schwäbische Bund:

XII.Altgutenberg sind •Hectors• Acharius Philippsen tayl / Am funfften tag Julij / ein genome(n) / un(d) auff den .VIII. tag vom Bundt verbrent. Ligt ein meylt wegs von Pollenbach. 1523•

XIII. Ain meylwegs von Kollmbach / ist Hectors / acharius / un(d) Philippsen tayl auff den funffte(n) tag Julij / vo(m) Schwebische(n) bunt eingenome(n) / un(d)auff den achte(n) tag baide Schloß v(er)brant 1523

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Geozentrismus und andere Wahnvorstellungen

Posted by entdinglichung - 24. Februar 2011

gefunden auf der Webseite des Southern Poverty Law Centers (SPLC):

„Eight of the world’s leading proponents of neo-Dark Ages cosmology (with one token dinosaur-age conspiracy theorist thrown in) met here on Nov. 6 for the First Annual Catholic Conference on Geocentrism — the theory that the earth sits motionless at the center of the universe. The one-day seminar was entitled, „Galileo Was Wrong: The Church Was Right.“

About 90 mostly Catholic devotees, curious skeptics and feisty college students who converged on South Bend endured a series of one-sided monologues declaring that theorists from Copernicus and Galileo to Einstein and Hawking were wrong about celestial physics. Though much of it was difficult for mathematical mortals to follow, the presenters‘ gambit was clear enough: Can anyone really prove the earth isn’t sitting still? That’s tougher than it sounds: Even though astrophysicists tell us that every body in the universe is in motion, it will always appear that the thing you’re on is standing still relative to everything else.

Some of the South Bend presenters have taken their certainty about what they see as literal biblical truth to hateful extremes far more consequential than dismissing Galileo: Sungenis has published a number of venomously anti-Semitic screeds that drew official church condemnation and have rendered him unwelcome in most mainstream Catholic circles.

E. Michael Jones, who also was at the gathering, has used his South Bend-based magazine Culture Wars to viciously denounce the „Jewish world view“ and has expressed enthusiasm for many core Nazi ideas about Jews (a sampling of his magazine’s cover stories: „Judaizing: Then and Now,“ „The Judaism of Hitler“ and „Shylock Comes to Notre Dame“). Martin G. Selbrede, who also spoke, is vice-president of the Chalcedon Foundation, the leading think tank of the Bible-literalist Christian Reconstruction theology; the foundation has never renounced the racist, homophobic and anti-Semitic views of its late founder, R.J. Rushdoony.

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Libyen und die WRP

Posted by entdinglichung - 24. Februar 2011

aus gegebenem Anlass nachfolgend dokumentiert ein Artikel von der Webseite der Alliance for Workers Liberty (AWL) … ansonsten sei noch auf den Artikel Revolution betrayed – the Workers Revolutionary Party and Iraq verwiesen:

Vanessa Redgrave, the WRP and Libyan money

Dan Katz

The British Workers’ Revolutionary Party (WRP) was a sizeable organisation up to its implosion in 1985.

From 1976, in order to fund its daily paper, Newsline, the WRP took money from Libya, Iraq and other vicious dictatorships, rewarding its paymasters with anti-Jewish propaganda and support for those regimes, dressed up as “anti-imperialism”.

In 1981, actress Vanessa Redgrave, the WRP’s best known member, sued our comrades John Bloxam and Sean Matgamna for libel for comparing the WRP to the Moonie sect and the Scientologists, and for reporting that the WRP used systematic emotional and physical violence against vulnerable young people.

The WRP tied us up us in an expensive legal case for four years, although they never took the case to court. In response, we launched a campaign for a labour movement inquiry.

We wrote in our paper that there was “circumstantial evidence” the WRP was getting money from one or more Arab governments. We challenged them to sue us on that. They never did. Their paper spoke glowingly of the Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein and the Libyan despot Qaddafi.

The WRP ran a heresy hunt against us because we told the truth about them. They were able to make some headway. Sizeable numbers on the left accepted the WRP’s public enthusiasm for the Libyan regime as “anti-imperialism”. A WRP-run broad paper, Labour Herald (1981-5), was able to get articles, and speakers for its meetings, from Labour Party dignitaries such as Ken Livingstone, Ted Knight, David Blunkett and even Margaret Hodge.

We were vindicated in 1985 when the WRP expelled its 72-year-old leader Gerry Healy, accusing him of sexually abusing young women members. As the fall-out increased, Healy’s associates admitted that the organisation had, in return for money, spied on Arab dissidents and prominent Jews in Britain. Most shamefully of all they helped to get a number of Iraqi Communist Party members shot by Saddam Hussein.

We were right to stand up for honesty and clean political hands in the labour movement. We were right to stand up against people who had sold themselves and become the mouthpieces for vicious despots. And we were right to say that anti-semitism and self-serving Arab nationalism, dressed up as “anti-Zionism” and “anti-imperialism”, is political poison.

• More: http://bit.ly/e6BZzs


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