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Freiheit für Nawzad Baban, Moayad Ahmad, Shakhawan Nasih und Khalid Majid!

Posted by entdinglichung - 1. März 2011

Auch im Irak und in Irakisch-Kuridstan häufen sich die Proteste und auch hier begegnen die Herrschenden diesen mit Repression, vier Mitglieder und Sympathisanten der Worker-communist Party of Kurdistan wurden nach einer Demonstration in Sulaimanyah am 25. Februar von den bewaffneten Kräften der PUK verschleppt, nachfolgend dokumentiert das Statement der Worker-communist Party of Kurdistan:

The local authorities have abducted 4 activists after taking part in a mass demonstration in Sulaimanyah -Iraqi Kurdistan

On 25 February 2011, the masses of Sulaimanyah city in Kurdistan-Iraq held a large demonstration as part of peaceful and civilized demonstrations which have been taking place since 17th February 2011 for a better life and against oppression committed by the two ruling parties of Kurdistan, the KDP and PUK.

Recently and precisely in the demonstration of 17th February the militias of the KDP shot the demonstrators and killed 3 people and wounded many others.

The people of Kurdistan and specially Sulaimanyah city would not accept such a despotic act and started every-day demonstrations. The KDP forces and the Asaiysh (security forces) of both the ruling parties arrested and abducted those who were active in organizing mass rallies and demonstrations.

After today’s demonstration in Maidani Azadi (Freedom Square) in Sulaimanyah city which is controlled by Talabani’s militias, four members and supporters of our party by the names of (Nawzad Baban, Moayad Ahmad, Shakhawan Nasih and Khalid Majid), who actively took part in the demonstration, were kidnapped. There is no information about their whereabouts. Abduction and arresting people is a model carried out by the authorities in Kurdistan and other groups and militias. Therefore, the lives of these people are in danger.

We ask all freedom-loving people and human right’s activists to protest against this coward action of the Kurdistan ruling parties’ militias by circulating this news as wide as possible and sending protest letters to the PUK.

Worker-communist Party of Kurdistan/The Abroad Organization, 25/02/2011

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