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Internationaler Frauentag 2011 im Iran

Posted by entdinglichung - 8. März 2011

Liveberichterstattung zum 8. März 2011 in Tehran und anderen Orten bei Street Journalist

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Kommunistische Partei Iran zum Internationalen Frauentag 2011

Posted by entdinglichung - 8. März 2011

Quelle: Webseite des Auslandskomitees der Kommunistischen Partei Iran:

Communiqué by the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Iran on the Occasion of March 8th International Women’s Day (2011)

This year’s celebrations of March 8th International Women’s Day coincide with the waves of revolutionary and mass struggles that have unfurled over the Middle East and North Africa. The spreading mass uprisings, after toppling two dictators in Tunisia and Egypt, have taken on the other dictatorships of the old continent and are advancing to overthrow these dictator regimes as well. People’s uprisings in this region once again proved the neoliberal plans of free-market democracy to be a failure and showed that the structural reform plans dictated by the International financial institutions for the countries of this region have been executed through the most brutal dictatorships. Implementation of neoliberal economic policies coupled with increased political tyranny and social injustice and driving millions of people below the line of poverty were the real reasons behind these revolutionary uprisings. Women and especially the working and toiling women as the main victims of the economic austerity policies and victims of legal, political and social inequalities, played a strong role in these revolutionary developments in these societies.

The women’s movement in Iran during the recent decades has shown significant roles in the political developments and in the struggles against the misogyny of the Islamic Republic. In the light of the current developments and by relying on the past experiences and learning from the experiences of the recent revolutions and riots by the deprived people of the region, the movement can advance with more strength and more confidence.

Whether in the street protests, in the labor struggles, among the militant and equality-seeking students, or along with the mothers of the political prisoners and the mothers of those killed by the regime as well as in the revolutionary movement of Kurdistan, women in Iran have been always facing brutal crackdown by the regime. The women’s emancipation movement has no other way ahead than relying on the enormous forces of the working and toiling women and adopting a revolutionary form for its struggles. The experiences of the past three decades under the Islamic rule and the new experiences from the recent revolutions in the countries of the region indicate that it is not more than an illusion to think that women’s demands and expectations could be met within the limits of the Islamic constitution and by reforms within the regime or by adopting soft and velvet revolutions as are claimed by the liberal feminism and bourgeois liberalism in Iran.

Currently due to the fact that the majority of the oppressed women in Iran are from the working and toiling class and because the demand for regime overthrow has become a common demand by the majority of the Iranian people and as we have witnessed the strategy of the liberal trends for meeting women’s demands through change within the regime reaching a deadlock, the material grounds for advancing with a socialist alternative is set for the women’s movement more than any other time in the past.

In order to advance and involve millions of Iranian working and toiling women in the struggles, it is important to lay stress on women’s demands and welfare needs as well as the vital significance of women’s economic independence. The socialist activists in the Iranian women’s movement must focus their activities on these huge masses of working and toiling women. They should show these women that the gender inequalities in the society and in the family are linked to the production relations governing the society and that providing the material and economic grounds for women’s true emancipation and gender equality on all bases requires direct attack on the private property and the overthrow of capitalism.

It is for this reason that the Iranian bourgeois liberalism and other bourgeois opposition parties and forces that cherish private property and favor the existing productions systems are not even capable of realizing the legal equalities that they articulate here and there in their programs and platforms. It is these material realities of the capitalist system that drive the women’s movement to unite with the workers’ movement, which due to the nature of its demands has no other way but to attack the capitalist system and wrap up all its rotten and cruel relations. In unity and cohesion with the workers’ movement, women’s movement can realize its demands and eradicate the roots of gender-based inequality and oppression on women.

With the deepening economic crisis, the increasing poverty and unemployment that is pressing the working and poor layers of the Iranian society, the continuing political crisis and people’s common demand for regime change, women’s movement also should not stay in the shadow of reformists. They should lead their own campaigns for the overthrow of the regime and show their strong presence in the struggles against the Islamic Republic independent of government reformers. Women must appear with their own clear demands for freedom, equality and welfare in the street protests and during the rallies and actions of the 8th of March.

As the overthrow of Shah’s regime during the 1979 revolution and end of Hossni Mobarak’s regime following the recent revolution in Egypt was not alone enough for the revolution to achieve its goals, the mere slogans of ‘Down with Dictator’ and ‘Down with Khamenei’ are not alone enough either to win a revolution and make people stop at that. The overthrow of a regime makes only half of the mission. A revolution must be continued until the realization of people’s demands such as unconditional political liberties, complete equality of men and women in all areas of political, social and family life, providing the working class demands, separation of religion and state, ending injustice and repression against the Kurdish people and recognizing the right of nations to determine their destiny. This approach can ensure that the opportunists and hypocrites will not be able to steal the revolution and change its direction the way they want.

During the past three decades the celebrations and actions of the 8th of March International Women’s Day have been strong demonstrations of Iranian women’s protests against the misogyny and dictatorship of the Islamic Republic. The liberal trends have been to drag the women behind the Green Movement of the government reformers. In this situation, raising the human and freedom-seeking demands of the women on this year’s 8th of March will be a strong answer to the anti-women policies and actions of both conservative and reformist wings of the regime. The government reformists have repeatedly stated that the women’s rights and liberties are only legitimate within the limits of the Islamic laws. They have openly shown their hostile towards and disapproval of women’s human and just demands.

The communist activists and militant women who during the past one and half year have had an active and strong role in the street protests against the Iranian regime, now with the new rounds of mass protests, need to honor the 8th of March through glorious celebrations and strong demonstrations in the heart of the Iranian cities. It is essential that leaders and activists of radical and socialist women’s movement and labor movement, despite their differences, go hand in hand and work together in order to have victorious celebrations and actions on the 8th of March.

Long Live the 8th of March International Women’s Day!
Down With the Islamic Republic!
Long Live Freedom, Equality and Workers’ Government!
Long Live Socialism!

Central Committee of the Communist Party of Iran, March 2011

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Radical Women zum Internationalen Frauentag 2011

Posted by entdinglichung - 8. März 2011

Der nachfolgend dokumentierte Aufruf ging per e-mail ein:

International Women’s Day 2011:

Women and revolution — alive and inseparable!

March 7, 2011

Dear Friend,

One hundred years ago, female workers and socialists first observed a holiday that honored courageous battles by and for working women: International Women’s Day. Then, as now, the questions of women and revolution were tightly interwoven. Initially marking heroic strikes by New York textile workers, March 8 has been the occasion of female-sparked revolutions and uprisings from Russia 1917 to the present day.

Sisters rise up globally

Around the world, women are part of grassroots revolts against poverty and fear. In numerous Arab nations, women are instrumental to electrifying mobilizations against oppressive regimes. They have led marches, cared for the injured, defended other women, and stood their ground against government thugs. Strikes and rallies led by female workers in Egypt were pivotal to toppling the despised Mubarak regime.

These struggles are far from over. Feminists must stand in solidarity with our sisters by opposing threatened U.S. military intervention in the Middle East and North Africa, especially if the Pentagon tries to justify occupation by manufacturing panic about „defending women“ against Islamic fundamentalism.

In the United States, „union maids“ are key to mass actions and occupations by public workers defending living standards and collective bargaining rights in Wisconsin, Ohio and Indiana. As a legacy of affirmative action, the majority of public workers are women and people of color-including teachers, nurses, office staff, and social workers. National Nurses United and others are boldly standing firm against concessions. They ask why the poor and workers are expected to „share the sacrifice“ while last year Corporate America raked in record profits and Wall Street paid average bonuses of $128,530. Instead of slashing social services and workers‘ pay and benefits, elected officials should balance government budgets by ending give-aways to big business and the rich.

In all these battles for justice, women are proving themselves militant fighters for liberation. This is no surprise. The worldwide exploitation of women has created a specially oppressed sex whose potential for revolt and capacity for leadership is second to none. Their contributions and particular needs must be recognized.

All the way to liberation

In the past, some revolutionary movements have failed when they refused to deal with women’s oppression or take on capitalism. Under the guise of „unity,“ women in El Salvador, Guatemala and Iran were told they must wait until some distant point in the future for an end to their oppression. The chance for progress passed and conservative regimes consolidated their hold. To avoid a repeat of this history, Hoda Badran, Egyptian activist and chairperson for the Cairo-based Alliance for Arab Women, says, „We have to demand our rights. I myself am optimistic but we cannot just sit around and do nothing.“

Social and economic revolution are needed to win female liberation because the insatiable capitalist thirst for profits relies on inequality and the unpaid and underpaid labor of the female sex. Women, and their allies among queers, immigrants, youth and the entire working class, have the need and the strength to build a planned, collective socialist economy to feed, house, educate, and nurture all humanity.

Celebrate the revolutionary leadership of women by getting involved with Radical Women. Check us out at http://www.radicalwomen.org/. There you can learn more about our socialist feminist ideas and organizing efforts, and order a copy of The Radical Women Manifesto.

Donations are also tremendously helpful. As a community-based group, Radical Women is sustained by support from people like you. Please contribute online or mail a check, payable to „National Radical Women“ to 5018 Rainier Ave. S., Seattle, WA 98118.

Viva the revolutionary force of women!

In struggle,

Anne Slater
National Organizer
Radical Women, U.S. Section

P.S. This just out — a sign that Radical Women’s doing the right thing is our mention by name, with a quote from our website mission statement, by notorious far-right media demagogue Glenn Beck, in an outrageous smear attack on unions, radicals and the activists targeted by grand juries in Minneapolis and Chicago. See Beck’s March 3 Fox News tirade at http://mediamatters.org/mmtv/201103030046. We’re proud to be in such distinguished company!

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Zum Internationalen Frauentag 2011

Posted by entdinglichung - 8. März 2011

„But feminists take heart. There is going to be a new global upsurge of women like you have never seen, one that will engulf every economic relationship, every institution, every government. The second sex can no longer tolerate, whether they know it or not, the shackles and brainwashing and outrages visited upon them by the male establishment and its yuppie ore scaredy-cat female enablers.

It is time for swift-striking gender insurgency. Time for woman guerrillas, 20th century Amazons, mad shrieks of protest, and careful mobilization of political battalions. Goddammit sisters: Let’s get revolutionary. Let’s understand that the private profit system is at the bottom of all this horror, and let’s catapult ourselves to the mainstage of history. The world is waiting for the sunrise.“

Clara Fraser: Thelma ans Louise „R“ Us, 1992

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