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Sylvin Rubinstein (1913-2011)

Posted by entdinglichung - 5. Mai 2011

In der Nacht zum 30. April starb in Hamburg im Alter von 98 Jahren Sylvin Rubinstein: Flamenco-Tänzer, antifaschistischer Widerstandskämpfer, Internationalist und Überlebender der Shoah:

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Ein Lesehinweis zu den Perspektiven des antifaschistischen Kampfes in Britannien

Posted by entdinglichung - 5. Mai 2011

Fascism, fundamentalism, and the left von Phil Dickens, gefunden auf LibCom, hier ein Auszug:

„Since the May General Election, we have been witnessing the slow demise of British fascism as we know it. The British National Party’s spectacular failure tore open divisions and animosities that had been long brewing below the surface. Resignations, sackings, splits, and general disorder have turned the party in on itself. At the same time, the new government’s austerity measures and the fight back they have provoked has pushed racial politics to the sidelines, as people once more awaken to the realities of class war.

And yet, the English Defence League continues to grow. Part of this is down to the unique position it finds itself in. Not being a political party, it cannot suffer a decline in electoral fortune. Not being a social movement, they needn’t worry about grassroots organising. All they have to do is call demonstrations, and people will come. They offer an outlet for neo-Nazis, football hooligans, loyalists, and others just looking for a fight and a flash point, and as long as that is the limit of their ambitions they remain immune to the political factors which brought down the BNP.
The other side of the EDL’s success is down to political Islam.

I was tempted to say the “rise” of political Islam, but that wouldn’t be strictly true. Being an extreme minority position whose ideals are alien to most people on this island, it has no base with which to build a broad-based movement for political reform, nor to galvanise the populace into revolution. It will remain the preserve of a tiny band of lunatics espousing abhorrent views, and all that will change is how much attention they are given.“

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