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Zum Verhältnis Machnowschtschina – Mennoniten während des Bürgerkrieges 1917-1921

Posted by entdinglichung - 27. Mai 2011

Ein Entwurf eines Artikels zu einem von der anarchistischen Historiographie bisher vernachlässigten Themas, gefunden auf LibCom, aus der Einleitung:

The Makhnovists and the Mennonites: war and peace in the Ukrainian Civil War

This is a story about massacres that occurred in Southern Ukraine between 26th October and 7th December, 1919. The victims, avowedly-pacifist German Mennonites, included several women and elderly people; in Eichenfeld, almost one third of the village population was killed, including a 65 year-old blind woman. All the massacres occurred in the vicinity of the Makhnovist army. And then, after six weeks, they stopped. [NB: this is a draft version. Comments and corrections will be greatly appreciated]

This is also the story of an émigré community whose members invented an anarchist bogeyman to justify having betrayed their pacifist principles. It’s about estate owners who earned 3000 times what they paid their labourers, landlords who conscripted soldiers to protect their wealth, and pacifists who fought for an army that killed tens of thousands of Jews. This is about myth and history, and the possibility of rapprochement between two versions of the past. Most of all, perhaps, this is a reminder that those who wish for peace tomorrow must work for equality today.

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