… alle Verhältnisse umzuwerfen, in denen der Mensch ein erniedrigtes, ein geknechtetes, ein verlassenes, ein verächtliches Wesen ist … (Marx)

Aufruf der Kommunistischen Partei Iran zum internationalen Aktionstag für die Freiheit der politischen Gefangenen im Iran am 20. Juni

Posted by entdinglichung - 1. Juni 2011

gefunden auf komalah.org, mehr zum Aktionstag hier und hier:


Join Us on 20th June 2011 Global Action Day in Support of Political Prisoners in Iran

The Islamic regime in Iran has again started detention, trial, imprisonment and even execution of social movement activists at an appalling rate. Though this is part of the project accepted July 2010 by Larijani, President of the regime’s judiciary, according to which 1120 prisoners are to be executed and more activists in the labor, women’s, student and other social movements to be detained, tried and sentenced in an attempt to make the Iranian people submissive and silenced, but the ongoing developments in Middle East and North Africa and the growing wave of mass protests and revolutions in those regions have forced the unleashed Islamic and capitalist regime in Iran to implement this project at a faster rate.

The continuation and spread of labor struggles, the efforts and perseverance of the militant women against gender apartheid, the growing demands of the freedom-loving students, the persistence of the youth as well as the growing dissatisfaction by the majority of the people’s masses all indicate that the policy of oppression and crackdown by the regime cannot ensure success for its wicked and inhumane intentions.

Workers, freedom-loving men and women, political prisoner support associations, communist parties and organizations!

There is a need for much stronger movements and more widespread protests to prevent the Islamic regime from attacking the life of the political prisoners. This year, together and in a coordinated act we organized January 29th Global Day of Action against execution and in support of the Iranian political prisoners as well as April 22nd global protest against death penalty in over forty capitals and largest cities around the world simultaneously. In these protests we could show the world the heinous face of the Islamic regime in Iran. We could also show the world that there is no difference between the different cliques within the regime and that for the Iranian militant people the reformists as a part of the whole system have been for many years taking part in the regime’s crimes against the Iranian people. On these days we could also see the great potential of the leftist and socialist forces in mobilizing the Iranians abroad.

Support for the Iranian political prisoners by the freedom-loving and revolutionary people must be continued until the total elimination of the political crimes and till the release of all political prisoners from the Iranian prisons. After the successful global protests of January 29th and April 22nd, once again all the progressive and leftist forces have marked June 20th the Global Day of Action in support of Iranian political prisoners.

We the Abroad Committee and all the members and supporters of the Communist Party of Iran try our best to reveal the crimes of the Islamic capitalist regime in Iran against the political prisoners and social movement activists around the globe and in every country where we are and bring more disgrace for this criminal regime.

We ask all the progressive and revolutionary associations, groups, parties and organizations to join the campaign of June 20th in any way possible for them and support the political prisoners in the prisons of the Islamic regime.

Only the will and determination of the people’s masses inside and large support from outside for these political prisoners can set a retreat on the Islamic regime and stop it from committing more crimes.

Free All Political Prisoners Immediately!
Death Penalty Must Be Abolished!
Down With the Islamic Regime in Iran!
Long Live Freedom, Equality and Workers‘ Government!

Abroad Committee of the Communist Party of Iran, April 23rd 2011

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