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Zu den staatenlosen KurdInnen in Syrien

Posted by entdinglichung - 4. Oktober 2011

ein Artikel auf Support Kurds in Syria: The Stateless Kurds of Syria


„… In 1962, the then Syrian government executed an irregular, single-day census in al-Hassake – the province with the highest concentration of Kurdish inhabitants. The purported purpose of the census was to identity those who had entered Syria illegally since 1945. However, implementation was inconsistent. Many in the largely agricultural community were simply unaware that a census was taking place; others were unable – at short notice – to present documentation to substantiate claims dating back more than seventeen years. Additionally, some were suspicious of intentions behind the census and refused to hand over documentation when the outcome of doing so was unclear.

As such, the status of individuals was determined somewhat arbitrarily, with members of the same family often recognized differently. ‘My grandfather and all his siblings’ explains our informant ‘were born in Syria. While some of his brothers and sisters kept their nationality, my grandfather and a further two brothers were working in the fields and did not attend.’

Almost half a century on, the impact of the census in Syria is no less significant. For, statelessness – just like nationality in Syria – is hereditary via the father. The problem is further exacerbated by the discretionary bias implicit within the stratified structure of Syria’s stateless population …“


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  1. […] ein Artikel auf Support Kurds in Syria: The Stateless Kurds of Syria […]

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