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Brecht zum Sonntag

Posted by entdinglichung - 16. Oktober 2011

angeregt durch Rustbelt Radical:

David Bowie singt den Choral des grossen Baal:

Dead Can Dance: Der Salomon-Song aus Mutter Courage

Cathy BerberianSurabaya-Johnny

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Lesehinweise zur Occupy-Bewegung in den USA

Posted by entdinglichung - 16. Oktober 2011

Nach dem Statement der Insurgent Notes einige weitere Flugis:

* von einigen SozialistInnen aus Nashville/Tennessee, gefunden auf der Webseite von Solidarity: Ten Points for the Occupied Movement

„10.We must oppose all appeals to nationalism and social chauvinism in whatever form they are presented whether it is “buy America,” “rebuild the American Dream” or “take our country back”; all of these formulations—nationalist/protectionist, white supremacist and populist demagogic, respectively—are dead ends that will alienate masses of people and tend to attract the wrong kind of support.“

* Kasama: It is five minutes to dawn and the wind smells like freedom (wunderbarer Titel für ein Flugblatt, als pdf-Datei hier)

„We no longer need assume that there is no time to stop the world going to shit. There is an opening and we are flooding into it.“

* gefunden auf Anarkismo, ein gemeinsames Statement der First of May Anarchist Alliance und von The Utopian: A Journal of Anarchism and Libertarian Socialism: Build on the Anarchist and Revolutionary Potentialities of the Occupy Wall Street Movement:

„Finally, we should strive to convince the movement that the problem in the US today is not just Wall Street or the corporations or the fact that the economic system is somehow being „gamed“ or „rigged“ by tricky selfish individuals. We need to explain that the cause of the crisis is the capitalist system itself, a system in which production is carried on only when it results in profits, the vast majority of which go to the tiny elite that runs the country.“

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