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Einige Lesehinweise zu den Kämpfen in Griechenland

Posted by entdinglichung - 6. November 2011

* den kürzlich hier in englischer Sprache dokumentierten Text von Pandelis Afthinos und Andreas Kloke zum Generalstreik am 19./20. Oktober gibt es in deutscher Sprache hier auf der Webseite des RSB.

* Zwei Texte auf der Webseite der RSO: Griechenland: Was nun? und Die Hetze gegen die griechischen KollegInnen stoppen!

* Artikel mit Beispielen zu Basisinitiativen und Selbstorganisation: Greece & the crisis: Seeds of Hope von Kostas Avramides auf anarkismo.net, Ordinary Greeks are taking matters into their own hands von Hara Kouki und Antonis Vradis (Guardian) sowie zwei Artikel auf Contra Info: Athens: Social space for health operates in Ano Petralona und Thessaloniki: Solidarity medical practice will operate in a few days

* ReformistInnen machen das, was sie am besten können, gefunden auf der Webseite der maoistischen Gruppe KOE (noch Teil von SYRIZA):

„On our turn, we fully dissociate ourselves from the unacceptable declarations of Mr Papadimoulis, MP of SYRIZA, who very correctly pointed out that the citizen who physically aggressed an MP of PASOK in the city of Trikala was not member of SYRIZA – the problem is that Mr Papadimoulis did not stop there: He felt obliged to add that this citizen “must be punished according the law” (!), and this while the people of Trikala liberated the citizen just minutes after his arrest by the police.“

* gefunden in einem Artikel auf der Webseite der AWL:

„While a re-run of 1917 is not inevitable, a number of mainstream Greek politicians privately view revolution as a distinct possibility, and some figures in both governing centre-left Pasok and centre-right opposition New Democracy have even said so in public. Even if things don’t go the whole nine yards, revolutionaries could hardly ask for circumstances more conducive to growth.

Meanwhile, the very rich are voting with their feet and setting up bolt holes should their worst fears be confirmed by events. If you have ever considered opening a Greek delicatessen in Mayfair, Knightsbridge or St John’s Wood, now could be the time to act.“

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