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Lesehinweis zur Geschichte von Rapa Nui/“Osterinsel“

Posted by entdinglichung - 16. November 2011

Rapa Nui/Easter Island: Blaming the victims — Jared Diamond’s myth of ‘ecocide’ von Coral Winter auf Links – international journal of socialist renewal:

„Jared Diamond makes a slight mention of the rats, the Peruvian slave trade, the sheep and the smallpox epidemics, but no mention of Jean-Baptiste Dutrou-Bornier, Enrique Merlet, nor the Maison Brander Company. He selects a few facts and so distorts the history of Rapa Nui to fit his thesis. This is very dishonest, completely removed from any historical context, and without any consideration of the activities of brutal colonial rule up to 1966. Without examining these factors, no real understanding of the devastation that took place can be discussed rationally.

An unlikely and incredible civilisation thrived on Rapa Nui for at least 500 years. Despite limited resources, a few thousand islanders carved and transported more than 8000 tons of massive stone sculptures across a hilly landscape and have left us an incredible, historical legacy. The victims of cultural and physical extermination by imperialism and its megalomaniacs have been turned into the perpetrators of their own demise, according to Diamond.“


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