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Freiheit für die Faisalabad Six!

Posted by entdinglichung - 3. Dezember 2011

Quelle des nachfolgend dokumentierten Textes: LabourStart, dort kann auch eine Petition unterschrieben werden, mehr zum Thema hier.

Pakistan: Release trade union leaders now

In July 2010 the Labour Quami Movement (LQM) began negotiating with employers to implement a 17% wage increase adopted by Government. Following 3 weeks of negotiations employers refused to pass on the pay increase. Subsequently 100,000 workers in Faisalabad and surrounding areas came out on strike to protest. It was during this strike that LQM trade union leaders were labelled as terrorists by the employers and they were arrested at a local police station. In early November 2011 the Anti Terrorism Court of Pakistan sentenced 6 union leaders to 490 years in jail for terrorism offences, despite the lack of any legitimate evidence to justify their arrest and sentencing. It is clear that the employers and judiciary aligned to silence the fundamental right of the workers to organise and bargain collectively as prescribed in ILO coventions 87 and 98.

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Posted by entdinglichung - 3. Dezember 2011

1.) Hillel Ticktin im neuen Weekly Worker:

„The logical outcome of the present impasse is that the rightwing parties in government will lose their majorities. In a relatively short time we may expect that so-called centre-left parties will be in government in Italy, Germany and France. The Greek and Spanish ‘socialist’ parties’ willingness to accept the instructions to go for austerity sets the pattern for all such parties. Their discrediting, en masse as it were, will deepen the general dissatisfaction with the parliamentary-style democratic process, given that existing alternative parties will have cut the standard of living, supported by the media. There are already a number of countries with substantial far-right parties and no doubt there will be more.

Unfortunately, the left has not been able to establish itself anywhere, thus far. In Portugal, where it made a substantial breakthrough in previous elections, its vote halved in the middle of 2011, during the general elections. The attempt by the Revolutionary Communist League (LCR) in France and also the United Secretariat to dissolve itself as a Trotskyist formation and form an anti-capitalist left has failed in France and Portugal. They have, no doubt, learned their lesson.

It is clear that the ruling class has no strategy for the maintenance of the capitalist system. It is not able to rule in the old way. The first condition for revolution, as enunciated by Lenin, is in place.“

2.) Benghazi workers release pent-up anger (Magharebia)

„Healthcare, media and naval employees mount protests against what they describe as state neglect and endemic corruption.“

3.) Kalima zu den ersten Ergebnissen der Wahlen in Ägypten und den Problemen bürgerlicher Journalisten mit den Grundrechenarten.

4.) Von Andreas Kloke auf der Webseite des RSB: Bemerkungen zum Kleinbürgertum und Faschismus in Griechenland

5.) Mehr zur unendlichen Geschichte um die Rechte an den Werken von Rudolf Rocker auf Syndikalismus.tk und Syndikalismusforschung

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