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Reza Shahabi seit mehr als zwei Wochen im Hungerstreik

Posted by entdinglichung - 7. Dezember 2011

Quelle des nachfolgend dokumentierten Textes ist die Webseite des Iranian Workers‘ Solidarity Network (IWSN), weitere Infos bei Ali Schirasi:

Reza Shahabi

Reza Shahabi’s hunger strike enters third week

Reza Shahabi, a leading member of the Trade Union of the Tehran and Suburbs Vahed Bus Company, was arrested on June 12 2010. After 18 months in Evin prison he went on hunger strike on November 20 in order to force the Iranian regime’s authorities to resolve his case.

Now, after two weeks of his hunger strike, Zahra Shahabi, Mr. Shahabi’s sister, is very concerned about her brother’s physical condition. She told the BBC Persian service: „On Sunday, December 4 we phoned my brother, but he could hardly speak and physical condition was not good. The coroner confirmed that my brother needs surgery.“

It has now been five months since Reza Shahabi’s last hearing. All of his sister’s letters to the officials about his status have been ineffective in bringing about a resolution to this case. He has formally been charged with „contact with foreigners“.

According to the Reza Shahabi Defence Committee Reza is suffering from damage to his liver, kidney and four of his vertebrae. He is in distress and the left half his body is numb. The doctors have warned that there is a risk of him becoming paralysed. He has had to be rushed to accident and emergency several times.

We strongly condemn the way that the Iranian regime continues to detain and torture labour activists like Reza Shahabi. We ask all trade unionists, labour activists and others concerned about the plight of Iranian workers to send a protest letter to the Iranian regime’s President. Please begin by sending a letter or email (based on the model letter) about Reza Shahabi worsening situation.

Iranian Workers‘ Solidarity Network
6 December 2010

For further news on Reza Shahabi and the Vahed Bus Company drivers‘ struggles, and how you can help, see the special section.
IWSN home


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