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Schulden? Streichen!

Posted by entdinglichung - 12. Februar 2012

OKDE-Spartakos: Restructure, audit or cancel the debt? (International Viewpoint)

„Our disagreement with both the Audit Commission and the various left debt restructuring programs is strategic, but at the same time it involves out immediate priorities in the mass movement. We shouldn’t accept that we are all facing a problem that could be resolved in favor of the nation as a whole, no matter how “progressive” would be the solution promoted. The working class’s and the deprived strata’s primary task is not to convince the rest of the nation, but to blackmail it with struggles, general strikes, production blockings etc, in order to impose the debt cancellation – whether it is illegal, illegitimate, odious or not. They are not afraid of our arguments. They are afraid of our power to threaten the bourgeois class’s domination.“

mehr zu den derzeitigen Kämpfen auf From the Greek Streets, auf Contra Info (EN/DE) und auf Indymedia Athen:

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