… alle Verhältnisse umzuwerfen, in denen der Mensch ein erniedrigtes, ein geknechtetes, ein verlassenes, ein verächtliches Wesen ist … (Marx)


Posted by entdinglichung - 16. Februar 2012

Nach dem Bankrott im Dezember wird die linksliberale Tageszeitung Eleftherotypia aus Athen nun unter Regie der ArbeiterInnen (zunächst wöchentlich) produziert, mehr dazu in der taz, auf ESSF, LibCom und Athens News … vielleicht auch eine Perspektive für Il Manifesto und die junge welt:

aus einem Interview mit Moissis Litsis von der selbstverwalteten Eleftherotypia im Socialist Worker:

„… We have been on strike since 22 December, and we haven’t been paid since last August. That is not unusual. Many industries leave workers unpaid. The law here is that companies near bankruptcy can stop paying workers the money they owe them.

Eleftherotypia is the second largest newspaper in Greece, and it has a radical reputation. But now its workers are set to launch our own newspaper, called The Workers in Eleftherotypia, on Wednesday.

This is part of a new wave of radicalism in the workers’ movement in Greece. We have seen many ups and downs in the movement, but now people know they need to go further.

At first workers here at Eleftherotypia were very hesitant to strike, partly because we are a left wing paper with a “different” kind of boss. But we were left unpaid and facing massive layoffs. We face a court decision on Wednesday over the future of the newspaper. Maybe we will be sold to creditors.

Since we went on strike, people have wanted a strike paper. People called it a utopian idea, but now we will make a newspaper not just for workers here but for the whole of society.

It will be produced by our 800-strong workforce. We will start with a 50,000 print run. Our usual print run is a maximum of 30,000. We want to publish our ideas. But we also need to make earnings, to try to help our strike fund.

That’s why the owner of the newspaper wants to open a new front in the war against us. He has tried cutting off our access to facilities in the office. We are not formally in occupation, but we have access to our offices and printers. And the unions are giving us money to help with the printing, so we can use a different printer if we can’t use Eleftherotypia’s. Readers have a strong connection to Eleftherotypia. They read about the opposition to the troika here. It’s time to take our newspaper into workers’ hands. …“

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