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Arbeiterkommunistische Partei Iran: Gegen Krieg und Sanktionen, für die Revolution gegen das islamistische Regime!

Posted by entdinglichung - 22. Februar 2012

gefunden auf dem Blog von Maryam Namazie, ein Statement der Arbeiterkommunistische Partei Irans vom 26. Januar 2012:

Nachtrag 23.02.: International Alliance in Support of Workers in Iran (IASWI) – Resolution against the economic sanctions and threat of war on Iran (pdf-Datei)

No to economic sanctions, war threats, and war! Revolution against the Islamic regime of Iran!

The conflict escalation between Western governments and the Islamic regime of Iran is unprecedented. With the decline of the power of political Islam, whose backbone is the Islamic regime, in the wake of the revolution of 2009 in Iran as well as the recent revolutions in the Middle East, the West is now attempting to impose to the Islamic regime a new balance of power. Sanctions against the Central Bank of Iran and oil purchase from the country, cutting off its access to the global market and the official economy along with diplomatic pressures, war of words, and war threats are meant to bring the Islamic regime to its knees and take it to the negotiation table from a weak position. The Islamic regime is resisting this policy of the West and considers that giving up its anti-western slogans and policies is tantamount to losing its regional position and is a crushing blow to its political-ideological coherence and to its ability to repress in its confrontation with the people in Iran.

Parallel to this conflict, the Iranian bourgeois opposition is more or less divided in two parts: one mainly supporting the western governments and their policies and the other partly, whether explicitly or implicitly, aligned with the Islamic regime.

The recent sanctions have intensified economic impasses of the Islamic regime to the degree of collapse of the whole economic system. It is obvious that the vast masses of workers and people are the main victims of this situation who are contending with skyrocketing inflation, severe decrease of purchasing power, dramatic fall of standard of living, non payment of their low wages, massive unemployment and social consequences of this situation such as drug abuse and prostitution. The conflict between Western governments and the Islamic regime and the sanctions that have endangered the social life in Iran are a reactionary act of inhumanity.

This situation has at the same time intensified the dead ends of and the conflicts within the Islamic regime in such a way that a fear of people’s rise and a repetition of the recent revolutions in the region against the regime is daily expressed by its head. On the other hand, the people of Iran, who drove the Islamic regime to the verge of downfall by their revolution in 2009 and who follow with enthusiasm the revolutions of the people of Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, and Syria as well as the movement of Occupy, are not going to be just passive onlookers and victims of this scene.

The real way to fight poverty, misery, threat of war, and the whole present hazardous situation is the expansion of the struggle against the Islamic regime in all arenas, as well as overthrowing the regime by the people’s revolution and overtaking the running of society by the workers and people themselvs. With all its might, the Worker-communist Party of Iran fights for realizing this. WPI will firmly stand against all attempts to support the Islamic regime on the pretext of economic sanctions and war, or to legitimize the Western governments’ scenarios of a change from above.

The Party calls on workers, teachers, nurses, and students, all freedom-loving youth, women, and men to enter the scene against poverty and misery, against the Islamic regime, and for freedom, equality, and socialism.

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