… alle Verhältnisse umzuwerfen, in denen der Mensch ein erniedrigtes, ein geknechtetes, ein verlassenes, ein verächtliches Wesen ist … (Marx)

Lesehinweis zum publizistischen Netzwerk der „Neuen“ Rechten

Posted by entdinglichung - 14. März 2012

gefunden auf der Webseite von Searchlight, Packaging hate – the New Right publishing networks von Adam Carter, nachfolgend ein kurzer Auszug:

„However, in addition to the face-to-face meetings, there is a complex cultural ecosystem of blogs, websites, magazines, book publishers, radio stations and even music companies, operating on an international scale, which exist solely to support the New Right worldview. This should be no surprise as the New Right ideological struggle is primarily a cultural one – the belief that by influencing culture, one can later shape politics – so one would expect the movement to be extremely active in transmitting and disseminating propaganda via a variety of media. In this strategy, publishing activities, such as books, CDs, magazines and online postings, play a crucial role in spreading the anti-egalitarian, antisemitic and racist message of the New Right and are vital to the wider political and intellectual objectives of shaping social values and reframing the mainstream discussion of issues such as race, immigration, identity and equality.“

mehr hier

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