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Posted by entdinglichung - 1. April 2012

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Sexistischer Rollback in Schweden

Posted by entdinglichung - 1. April 2012

gefunden auf Europe Solidaire Sans Frontières (ESSF):

„… There has been an increase in threats directed against feminists and women who publicly display their aversion towards gender norms in Sweden, according to many feminist writers and activists. This targets the rights of feminists to exist in a democratic society, according to Anna-Klara Bratt, chief editor of the newly started feminist internet newspaper, Feministiskt Perspektiv. In a context of growing racism and xenophobia, most clearly expressed in the 2010 elections where the racist party the Swedish Democrats won parliamentary seats for the first time, feminists are also singled out for threats and ridicule.

In late 2011 the SCUM Manifesto, written by Valerie Solanas in 1967, was performed in front of several audiences, including school students, in Stockholm. Expressing violent and patronizing attitudes towards [women?], anti-feminist bloggers, conservative men’s groups and fathers’ rights-groups condemned the performance and arranged a protest demonstration.

The hype around the play soon got out of hand: the women involved were threatened with rape and murder on at least one blog, received numerous threatening e-mails, and had their full names and addresses posted on the internet. An American anti-feminist newspaper followed suit and offered 1000 US dollars to anyone who would reveal the identities of the ensemble (this after having misread the situation and thinking that the women were creating an actual organization based on the Manifesto). The police considered the threats so serious that they decided to keep the theatre under surveillance.

In early 2012 a young woman in the audience of a popular singing contest was caught on TV as she cheered with her arms in the air. A young man noticed she had not shaved the hair under her arms; he quickly took a snapshot of the woman and spread the photograph across social networks. Body hair on women has been taboo in Sweden for a couple of decades; within hours the photograph spread further and further, until over a thousand demeaning, threatening and derogatory comments had been directed against the woman.


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