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Reza Shahabi zu sechs Jahren Knast verurteilt

Posted by entdinglichung - 17. April 2012

Das islamistische Regime hat Reza Shahabi, Aktivist der Gewerkschaft der BusfahrerInnen Tehrans, zu einer Haftstrafe von sechs Jahren und einem zusätzlichen fünfjährigen Betätigungsverbot verurteilt, nachfolgend dokumentiert die Erklärung des Solidaritätskomitees, gefunden auf der Webseite von IASWI … wie Ali Schirasi berichtet, hat währenddessen das Regime dieses Jahr eine Kundgebung zum 1. Mai genehmigt: 45 km von Tehran entfernt und in der Wüste:

26th Communiqué from the Reza Shahabi Defence Committee

Reza Shahabi sentenced to six years imprisonment and torture and five years of silence

Reza Shahabi has now been sentenced to 6 years imprisonment by Judge Salavati in Branch 15 of Tehran’s “Islamic Revolutionary Court“, after being incarcerated and persecuted for more than 22 months.

This sentence includes a year’s prison sentence on charges of “propaganda activities against the system” and five years in prison on false charges of “conspiracy with the intention of acting against national security”. The false accusations under which Shahabi has been sentenced demonstrate the anti-working class nature of the judicial system. Reza Shahabi’s only crime is defending the rights of workers and his colleagues. Given the very serious situation, even the prison official’s coroner has prompted protests and warnings; every day of incarceration for Reza Shahabi is nothing but physical torture.

Also in this Judgment, Reza Shahabi, a bus worker, Executive Board member and Treasurer of the Syndicate of Workers of Tehran Vahed Bus Company, has been prohibited from all union activities for five years, which simply means an attempt to silence this active and noble human being.

Adding insult to injury to this anti-worker sentence, Reza Shahabi has also been sentenced to pay a fine of seven million Tomans into the state coffers. This is the sum of money collected from many workers (whose names are documented on websites), which was given by Reza, as a trustee to the families of imprisoned workers.

In these circumstances where such outrageous inhuman sentences are carried out against workers and labour activists, the Iranian government still acts in the context of international bodies, including the International Labour Organisation, as if no workers or labour activists in Iran are incarcerated in gaol!

The Reza Shahabi Defence Committee, while condemning this latest anti-worker pronouncement, representing its 500 members, including Reza Shahabi’s family members, fellow workers and labour activists, calls on all workers, labour activists, local and international labour organisations and institutions to carry out a united and coordinated protest campaign against these sentences and asks them to inform this committee of their proposed action plans in order to assist bringing about a coordinated set of actions.

Reza Shahabi Defence Committee

Committee Spokesperson: Mahmoud Salehi: +

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