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Interview mit Abdalaziz al-Khair zur Lage in Syrien

Posted by entdinglichung - 25. Mai 2012

Interview with Abdalaziz al-Khair, leading figure of the National Coordination Body for Democratic Change, Syria, gefunden auf Support Kurds in Syria, hier ein Auszug:

Abdulaziz al-Khair was a leading member of the Communist Action Party. He was persecuted and had to live underground for more than ten years. He was arrested and tortured in 1992, sentenced to 22 years and released in 2005. In 2007 he participated in founding the “Left Assembly”, which included the Communist Action Party, the Kurdish Left Party, the Body of Syrian Communists, the Marxist Democratic Assembly and the Coordination Committee of the Members of the Syrian Communist Party – Politburo.

„The true left in the region and the world has been with the Syrian people and their interests all along. The problem were always Stalinist parties or Soviet satellites. For them, the main criterion is the regime’s position on international conflicts. Whereas leftist principles say that the priority in defining the position towards states and parties should be according to their policies towards their own peoples. We have our critical historic view of this “leftist” deformation. We consider it to be one of the causes for the defeat of the international left which had been established according to the Soviet model while others unfortunately consider it “political realism”. In terms of its emergence, the CWP belongs to the New Left. This left, critical to Stalinism, appeared at a decisive moment in the late sixties of the last century. We remain faithful to this project.

The Syrian regime was actually to the left of the Arab regimes in general, concerning the national issue as well as in some social issues. But often this was only the surface of politics but not in depth. Although being very pragmatic, the regime for its own benefit was eager to remain in this position within the official Arab range. As the whole Arab scene shifted to the right, the Syrian regime without hesitation shifted with it, but was keen to stay on the left wing at the same time. It made continuous efforts to maintain good relations with Latin America, China and other Asian countries to use these relations when it needed them.

This situation changed with the beginning of the current popular revolution, especially when the repressive practices of the regime became obvious. What we see is the core of the regime’s policy which it has been practicing secretly for decades. Its foreign policy, admired by some leftists and patriots, was used as a cover. They were deceived, but as the truth comes to the light of day, the regimes looses its friends and allies one after the other. They are joining the ranks of those who see the necessity to respond to the people’s demands.


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Ein Stolperstein für Karl Ziemssen

Posted by entdinglichung - 25. Mai 2012

Am Sonnabend den 26.05. wird am Ipernweg 11 in Hamburg-Fuhlsbüttel ein Stolperstein für Karl Ziemssen (1903-1942) eingeweiht. Das KPD-Mitglied Ziemssen war seit 1933 mehrfach in verschiedenen Gefängnissen und Konzentrationslagern inhaftiert gewesen, 1941 wurde er „Beleidigung der Wehrmacht“ erneut inhaftiert und verurteilt und nach der Verbüssung der Haftstrafe in das KZ Buchenwald, dann in das KZ Groß Rosen verschleppt, wo er am 4. Oktober 1942 ermordet wurde. Weitere Informationen zu Karl Ziemssen und zur Stolperstein-Einweihung findet mensch auf den Webseiten des Infoarchivs Norderstedt sowie der Willy-Bredel-Gesellschaft:

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