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Kein verfrühtes Silvester-Feuerwerk …

Posted by entdinglichung - 14. Juni 2012

… sondern BergarbeiterInnen in Asturien, welchen die drohende Schliessung vieler Minen keine andere Wahl mehr lässt:

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The Weekly Archive Worker – Quickborn: Maulkorb für die demokratische Jugend?

Posted by entdinglichung - 14. Juni 2012

weitere Hinweise bei Poumista … der Wiesbadener Kurier widmet sich Rudolf Rocker, im Guardian ein biographisches Interview mit Selma James, auf irishanarchisthistory der Artikel Belfast Anarchist Group and the long march to Derry (1969), die Fundación Andreu Nin erinnert an die stalinistische Ermordung von Andreu Nin und Camillo Berneri vor 75 Jahren in Barcelona und auf Syndikalismus.tk eine weitere Seidman-Kritik … eine wahre Fundgrube ist die Seite Les Classiques des sciences sociales, hat tip to Espace contre Ciment:

auf ESSF:

* Paul M. Sweezy: Capitalism and the Environment (1989)
* Harry Magdoff/Fred Magdoff: Approaching Socialism (2005)

auf archive.org:

* August Bebel: Unsere Ziele. Eine Streitschrift gegen die „Demokratische Korrespondenz“ (1872)

auf irishanarchisthistory:

* Dublin Anarchist Group: Resistance!, no.1, Mai 1980
* Dublin Anarchist Group: Resistance!, no.2, 1980

auf Materialien zur Analyse von Opposition:

* Quickborn (1971-1977, Beitrag ergänzt)
* Ellerau (1973-1976)
* Hamburg: Druckerei Gebrüder Sülter (1973-1976)
* Rote Hilfe Stuttgart: Ist die RAF kriminell? (1973)
* Rote Hilfe Stuttgart: Die Bombe vom 2. Juni 1972 – Dokumentation (1973)
* Rote Hilfe Stuttgart (1972-1974)
* Böblingen: Albert Einstein Gymnasium (1970-1975)
* Landkreis Böblingen: Schülerbewegung (1970-1977)
* Herrenberg: Die Erschießung von Richard Epple am 1.3.1972 (1972-1974, Beitrag ergänzt)
* Stuttgart: Die Erschießung von Ian McLeod am 25. Juni 1972 (1972-1977, Beitrag ergänzt)

im Marxists Internet Archive:

* Avetis Sultanzade: Chronique internationale – Perse (1921)
* Umberto Terracini: Le prolétariat italien et le mouvement fasciste (1921)
* Sen Katayama: Tendances révolutionnaires au Japon (1921)
* Amédée Dunois: A propos de Vera Zassoulitch (1921)
* Amédée Dunois: Jaurès et le jauressisme (1921)
* Anatoli Lunatscharski: La 3e Internationale et les intellectuels (1921)
* Karl Radek: Clara Zetkin (1921)
* Jules Destrée: De achturendag (1907)
* Séance d’ouverture du 3e Congrès, Internationale Communiste, 22 juin 1921
* Karl Marx/Friedrich Engels: Les prétendues scissions dans l’Internationale
* James P. Cannon: Perspectivas de la lucha (1953)
* James P. Cannon: Trabajo de masas y lucha fraccional: Algunos ejemplos históricos (1953)
* James P. Cannon: Sindicalistas y revolucionarios (1953)
* James P. Cannon: Carta abierta a los trotskistas de todo el mundo (1953)
* James P. Cannon: La Revolución Rusa y el movimiento negro estadounidense (1959)
* Communist Party of the USA: The Southern Worker, 1930-1937
* The Workers Monthly, 1926-1927
* Communist Workers’ Movement: Why Paul Foot Should Be A Socialist. The case against the Socialist Workers’ Party (1978)
* The Militant, 1951
* The Militant, 1952

auf LibCom:

* The Finnish Class War 1918 (1993)
* Carolyn A. Brown: The dialectics of colonial labour control: class struggle in the Nigerian coal industry, 1914-1949 (1988)
* The Young Lords Party: examining its deficit of democracy and decline
* The 1946 General Strike of Rochester, New York (2007)
* The occupation of the factories: Paris 1936, Flint 1937 (1999)
* Emma Goldman: The Social Importance of the Modern School (19??)
* Emma Goldman: The Philosophy of Atheism (1916)

auf La Bataille Socialiste:

* Marthe Bigot: Rosa Luxembourg et le militarisme (1921)

auf Association R.a.D.A.R.:

* Masses, Februar 1939
* Clarté, 1. Dezember 1922
* Secours ouvrier international (SOI): La reconstruction économique de la Russie et le secours ouvrier international (1924)
* Ligue communiste révolutionnaire (LCR): La révolution arabe : problèmes, état-présent, perspectives (1974)


* Fernando Reinares Nestares: Orígenes y efectos de la violencia independentista en el proceso político puertorriqueño (1995)
* Movimiento Revolucionario Oriental-Fuerzas Armadas Revolucionarias Orientales (MRO-FARO): Comunicado Interno Nº 24 (1970)
* Juventudes Argentinas para la Emancipación Nacional (JAEN): Mártires y verdugos (1969)

auf Irish Election Literature:

* The Workers Party: Leaflet from Martin O’Regan – 1994 European Elections Munster (1994)
* Sinn Fein The Workers Party: Leaflet from Paddy Gallagher – 1981 General Election -Waterford (1981)

auf Cedar Lounge Revolution:

* Tomás MacGiolla: Óráid an Uachtaráin, Sinn Féin 1969 Ard Fheis (Held January 1970)

im Anti-Fascist Archive:

* K. Bullstreet: Bash the Fash: Anti-Fascist Recollections, 1984-1993 (199?)
* London Anti-Fascist Action: Filling the Vacuum (1995)
* Newspaper Articles on Red Action and Anti-Fascist Action from The Guardian (1983-1996)

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Weitere Angriffe von EDL & Co. auf Linke

Posted by entdinglichung - 14. Juni 2012

aus dem Artikel EDL and Casuals move to smaller-scale, more violent attacks von Ketlan Oslowski auf der Webseite von Searchlight:

This seems to have been the beginning of a disturbing trend where small and less-defendable targets are chosen either as a diversion from a larger event or as a target in itself. The Jubilee weekend saw at least two attacks by Infidels or Casuals (both more violent offshoots of the EDL) and past weeks have seen attacks on people selling the Socialist Worker newspaper, folk running pro-Palestine stalls and, on one occasion last week, even saw an anti-royal protestor set on fire.

Following the Rochdale piss-up and firework-throwing frenzy, a bunch of people from the EDL made their way to Hebden Bridge, a tiny town in Calderdale, West Yorkshire, which is some 14 miles from Rochdale. Hebden Bridge’s only real claim to fame is that it has become something of a hippy enclave over the past few years – a bit like Brighton but with less political activism.

For some reason, around thirty EDL louts, male and female, parked themselves outside the Shoulder of Mutton pub and began shouting anti-Muslim abuse. Curious, because as far as anyone local knows, there are no Muslims in Hebden Bridge and certainly no mosques, with or without a ‚radical‘ cleric.

According to a report posted on Indymedia, when confronted by local anti-fascists the EDL became aggressive, with one supporter punching an anti-fascist and receiving a caution from the useless local police.

Locals saw this as an attack on anti-fascists rather than any kind of opposition to radical Islam particularly as the anti-fascists were constantly verbally abused from the moment they arrived, and referred to as ‚traitors‘, a favourite insult of everyone on the far-right towards anyone they perceive as slightly to the left of Genghis Khan.

At the same time as this was going on, a group of EDL activists also attacked a Socialist Worker stall in Nottingham, hurling abuse at the SWP and throwing bottles at them until the police moved them on.

With ever-dwindling numbers demoralising the thugs on the streets, it’s my belief that the organisers of the EDL and its allied groups are being led into attacking smaller and easier targets, thus requiring smaller groups which can be gathered together quickly and quietly – what the EDL refers to as flash-mobs. The police find these more difficult to handle as they can appear, do some damage, then race off to the nearest pub or hop on the next train home.

irgendwie haben EDL, Infidels und Salafisten doch viel gemeinsam, oder?

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