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TextilarbeiterInnenstreik in Bangladesh

Posted by entdinglichung - 19. Juni 2012

Zwei Lesehinweise: Resistance is high; garment workers force shutdown in 350 factories auf LibCom und Colère ouvrière au Bangladesh auf Solidarité Ouvrière:

The main costs of living for garment workers are food and rent; both are rising much faster than wages. The overall inflation level is around 10%. So workers are demanding pay increases of up to 50% and are calling for rent controls to be implemented. These are the main demands of the recent struggles which began in mid-May (see earlier report) and have now exploded again to new levels. Though there has been also been trouble at nearby Naragayanj, the unrest is centred on Ashulia where about 500,000 garment workers are employed in 350 factories.

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