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Coordinating Committee to Help Form Workers‘ Organizations zur Festnahmewelle vom 15. Juni

Posted by entdinglichung - 21. Juni 2012

Quelle: Webseite des Auslandskomitees der Kommunistischen Partei Iran

Free the members of the Coordinating Committee arrested in City of Karaj!

Workers, honorable and free people,

As we have mentioned in earlier announcements, on Friday 15th of June 2012, a group of members of the `Coordinating Committee to Help Form Workers‘ organizations´ in the city of Karaj were attacked by security forces. These workers and labor activists were beaten by armed security guards while holding our annual general meeting. According to the latest news most of those arrested have been released, but Cyrus Fathi, Alireza Asgari, Jalil Mohammadi, Saeed Marzban, Masoud salimpour, Maziar Mehrpour, Reyhaneh Ansari, Faramarz Fetradnejad and Mitra Homayooni are still in detention in Karaj City Prison.

Although this is not the first time that members of the Coordinating Committee were being arrested, as in recent years many of our members in different cities have been detained and convicted for defending workers’ rights- our members have been sentenced to prison, fined and flogged numerous times in the past. However, what happened last Friday, while residents of the neighborhood were witnessing, was an assault by armed security and intelligence forces on workers, which included beating and opening fire in the air, all of which without providing an official order. This happened while workers were discussing problems facing them and the working class as a whole. The beatings were so severe that some of them as: Mohammad Molanai, Hasan Ezati, Rahman Ebrahim-Zadeh, Ghaleb Hosseini, Khaled Hosseini and Nezam Sadegi are still suffering from injury and soreness.

The attack happened after the labour activists had arrived in Karaj following a hard working week to meet friends and attend the annual general meeting. These pioneers of workers‘ movement who are a part of the working class as the main producer and creator of everything in our society, do not deserve such a violent confrontation. What have they done except expressing the workers‘ demands and announcing their claims from the owners of capital. The attack at the annual general meeting of the „Coordinating Committee to Help Form Workers‘ organizations“ happened while workers in Iran are suffering from mass dismissals, unpaid wages, lack of the right to form independent organizations and other social problems. Don’t the labor activists have any right to defend their legitimate rights against the capitalist onslaught and exploitation? How is that all capitalists without any constraint can exploit workers but workers do not have the right to fight against this inequality?

This is undoubtedly the duty of members of the Coordinating Committee to support workers right to organize and unite against the capitalist discrimination despite police repression.

We once again condemn the attack and arrest of 60 of the members of the Coordinating Committee. We call on all workers, labor organizations, domestic and international human rights organizations to take all necessary measures to support the release of the members of the Coordinating Committee arrested in City of Karaj. Workers and labour activists do not deserve to be in prison. Police suppression towards workers and workers organizations will not prevent working class struggles for a world without inequality and discrimination.

Coordinating Committee to Help Form Workers‘ organizations
17th of June 2012


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