… alle Verhältnisse umzuwerfen, in denen der Mensch ein erniedrigtes, ein geknechtetes, ein verlassenes, ein verächtliches Wesen ist … (Marx)

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Lange Haare und trotzkistische Musik

Posted by entdinglichung - 9. Juli 2012

mehr aus der Serie Trotzkistische Musik: Nicht nur die KPD/ML hatte Probleme mit Langhaarigen, wie dem unbedingt lesenswerten Artikel Cannonite Bohemians After World War II (als erweiterte pdf-Fassung hier) von Alan Wald in der aktuellen Against the Current zu entnehmen ist, gab es eine vergleichbare Herangehensweise in der trotzkistischen SWP, deren Mitglieder auf Grund ihres dezent-konservativen Outfits zuweilen auch heute noch mit Mormonen-Missionaren verwechselt werden:

„An example of the SWP’s earlier concern about the danger of alienating potential workers can be found in the 1940 book The History of American Trotskyism, which became required reading for members and sympathizers. In a noted passage, party leader James P. Cannon (1890-1974) describes how he opposed admission to the SWP of a long-haired man who walked around Greenwich Village with unusual clothes and a curious mustache: “I said, people of this type are not going to be suitable for approaching the ordinary American worker. They are going to mark our organization as something freakish, abnormal, exotic: something that has nothing to do with the normal life of the American worker.”

SWP members, like participants in most organized socialist groups, became known for a conservative appearance and a “clean-cut” look, reflected in the photographs of activists as well as cartoon drawings of the “working man” that appeared in its press. Yet as this essay will show, conventional behavior in one’s personal life, or in artistic and cultural affinities, was an entirely different matter.“

dennoch gelang es der SWP auch Persönlichkeiten der künstlerischen Avantgarde anzuziehen, der Artikel von Wald nennt hier Laura Slobe, Peter Rafael Bloch und George Perle, von letzterem einige Kompositionen:

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Syrien: Freiheit für Ahmad Al Israwi!

Posted by entdinglichung - 9. Juli 2012

nachfolgend dokumentierte Meldung stammt von Support Kurds in Syria, beim NCB handelt es sich um ein Zusammenschluss linker, liberaler und kurdischer Oppositionsgruppen, welche nicht Teil des SNC sind:

Statement regarding the detention of Ahmad Al Israwi, member of the NCB

The Press Office of the National Coordination Body for Democratic Change has released the following statement: Statement regarding the detention of Ahmad Al Israwi, member of the NCB

Syrian security forces have done the cowardly act of arbitrarily detaining our colleague Ahmad Al Israwi this afternoon, Sunday 8/7/2012. Ahmad is a member of National Coordination Body for Democratic Change’s Executive Bureau. He was taken away from the architect’s union in Reef Dimashq. Mr. Al Israwi was part of the NCB delegation to the conference of the Syrian opposition in Cairo a few days ago, his efforts were crucial for the success of the conference.

We at the National Coordination Body for Democratic Chance strongly condone this cowardly act by the Syrian regime, we hold the regime full responsibility for his mental and physical wellbeing.

We condemn the arrest of Ahmad Al Israwi and hold the Syrian authorities fully responsible for his physical and mental. We demand the disclosure of his fate. We demand he be released immediately.

We at the National Coordination Body condone the inhuman and irresponsible acts of the security services. We respond to their actions by saying: Arresting our members and threatening us will not hinder our work for the Syrian people’s revolution for freedom and dignity.

Freedom For Ahmad Al Israwi! Freedom for all political prisoners detained by this oppressive regime! Freedom for Syria!

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