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Aktionswoche für die Freiheit inhaftierter AktivistInnen der ArbeiterInnenbewegung im Iran

Posted by entdinglichung - 21. Oktober 2012

Quelle des nachfolgend dokumentierten Aufrufes: Webseite des Auslandskomitees der Kommunistischen Partei Iran:

October 20.-27.2012, International Campaign Week to Free Detained Labor Activists in Iran

A call by the Council of Representatives of the Left and Communist Forces

Despite wide internal and international efforts and demands to free all the detained labor activists in Iran, the capitalistic Islamic regime in Iran still holds a big number of well-known Iranian labor activists in prisons like medieval times. These honest and brave people are arrested, jailed and physically and mentally tortured just for defending and demanding their own just rights. Right now Reza Shahabi, the Treasurer of the Union of Workers of the Tehran and Suburbs Bus Company (Sherkat-e Vahed), has been held in prison while suffering from a deteriorating physical condition due to injuries suffered during his interrogation and without receiving any medical treatment. Shahrokh Zamani, a member of the Council Representatives of Labour Organizations and a member of the Painters Union, Mohammad Jarahi and Behnam Ebrahimzadeh, members of the „Coordinating Committee to Help Form Workers‘ Organizations, Mehdi Farahi Shandiz and many other labor activists are still held in the Islamic Republic’s prisons. Pedram Nasrollahi, a labor activist and a member of the Coordinating Committee who had been earlier released after paying heavy bails has been again sentenced to three years’ imprisonment. Rayhaneh Ansari, Alireza Asgari and Jalil Mohammadi, labor activists and members of the Coordinating Committee to Help Form Workers‘ Organizations have been sentenced to one year’s conditional suspended imprisonment (having to introduce themselves to the security forces once every third month).

Adela Cheraghi, Alireza Asgari’s wife was arrested at her workplace right after her husband’s release and is still detained. Sharif Saed Panah and Mozafar Salehnia, memebers of the managing board of Free Workers Union of Iran who had been earlier released on bail, have been ordered to appear in court again. These arbitrary arrests and detentions are not limited to labor activists only. Other social activists are also constantly harrassed and prosecuted. Fariborz Raisdana, economic analyst, former university professor, a member of the Iranian Writers’ Association, and known for his support for the Iranian workers is still in prison facing a deterioration of his health condition. During the last few weeks, the Islamic republic has called or detained tens of childrens‘ rights activits, women rights activists and student activists.

Iranian workers have been fighting over their delayed salaries, for pay rise and against their difficult working and living conditions in different ways. Lately they put a huge pressure on the Islamic Republic by writing a scroll that was signed by 20 thousand workers, an action that startled all those close to the system including Workers‘ House and Labor Commission in the parliament, both close to the state. In the scroll, the workers had threatened if the government and the employers did not meet their demands this time, they would expand their protests.

On one hand, this situation besides the economic crisis, looting by the government and the upper class of what belongs to the people as well as the international economic embargoes have worsened the living conditions for the workers and the majority of the Iranian people. Moreover, the deepening economic crisis, bankruptcy of many businesses and factory closures have caused a high wave of layoffs and unemployment among the workers. On the other hand, the wide political and social violations and limitations on people’s rights have made life impossible for the society. Thus the only way left for the Iranian workers, women and youth is to fight this regime and topple down the capitalistic Islamic Republic in Iran in order to have a free and decent life. In this situation, we all the labor activists, communists, leftists and socialists, whether as individuals or as parties and organizations need to take up a united front and stop the Iranian regime’s apparatus of oppression.

The Council of Representatives of the Left and Communist Forces, made up of different Iranian leftist and communist parties and organizations, has set October 20 to 27 the solidarity week to demand freedom for all the detained Iranian labor activists. During this week, we try to bring wide international support for the Iranian labor activists and their struggles and reveal the anti-human and anti-woker nature of the Islamic Republic. The campaign starts with a wide range of possible political and support actions on Saturday October 20 and ends with simultaneous protests and demonstrarions around the world on Saturday October 27. Thus we call all labor activists, communist, leftist and revolutionary parties and organizations to join the campaing and take an active part in its events so that we can bring about international support for the Iranian workers in their demands, to show our solidarity with them, and demand the immediate release of all labor activists and political prisoners in Iran.

Freedom For All Labor Activists And Political Prisoners in Iran!
Long Live Workers’ International Solidarity!

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Europaweiter Generalstreik am 14. November

Posted by entdinglichung - 21. Oktober 2012

mehr auf LabourNet.de … warum nur am 14.? … und warum nur in (Süd)Europa?

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