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Zur Wirtschaftspolitik der Religious Right in den USA

Posted by entdinglichung - 20. November 2012

gefunden auf Talk to Action: Christians and Laissez-Faire Economics, ein Auszug:

„The new and growing wing of the Religious Right has emerged with an economic agenda. Some trace the roots of the movement to Civil Rights rejection in the nation. Many used the fear of government restrictions in the work place as a reason to reject Affirmative Action. This theory might help explain the natural roots the Religious Right would have in laissez-faire economic beliefs. The connection goes much further than a theory on race. It is rooted deeply in the new concerns of the movement. With renewed accusations that the nation is turning socialist, free market adherents find new fodder for the fires of the movement. The most popular Religious Right voter guide in Texas is a voter guide aptly named, the Free Market Voter guide. „

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Auch in manchen Gegenden Chinas nicht beliebt: Die (Volks-)Polizei

Posted by entdinglichung - 20. November 2012

gefunden auf Le Jura Libertaire:

„Thousands of residents protested in a southeastern Chinese city after a traffic accident, smashing police cars and overturning three police vans, police and residents said.

The reason for the protest in Fuan city in Fujian province was unclear. Police said it was instigated by “a handful of lawless people.” One resident said people became angry because police and paramedics took nearly an hour to arrive to help the injured, while a Hong Kong-based human rights group said it was to do with corruption.

But such protests have become increasingly common in China, and Saturday’s violence is another reminder that the country’s new leadership has to deal with underlying social discontent that often boils over. People are fed up with corruption and high-handed officialdom, pensions that have not kept pace with inflation, and families being forced from their homes to make way for developments.“

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