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Gewerkschaftliche Stellenausschreibung: „NichtakademikerInnen brauchen sich nicht bewerben“

Posted by entdinglichung - 11. Dezember 2012

offenbar hat der britische Gewerkschaftsdachverband TUC gemerkt, dass er einen Griff ins Klo gemacht hat und die Stellenausschreibung zurück gezogen, der Guardian berichtet:

„The Trades Union Congress has scrapped the search for a deputy general secretary, after a controversial start when the organisation demanded a candidate with a university degree.

The umbrella organisation for six million trade unionists was criticised by members, and the reference to a degree was removed following protests from some members of the executive committee, who include union general secretaries and officials.

However, in a „shot across the bows“ of the TUC leadership, the committee has now decided to replace the post with an assistant general secretary role.

According to an internal TUC document, seen by the Guardian: „It is proposed that the current vacant post of deputy general secretary be replaced by a new post of assistant general secretary. The new post would be similar, but „without an explicit role in deputising for the general secretary“. The move came during a week of changes in the upper echelons of the trade union movement, with the head of Unite, Len McCluskey, announcing that he will stand for re-election next year despite promising in 2010 to seek one term only. His counterpart at the GMB, Paul Kenny, announced that he will step down next year.

Sources close to the TUC process said senior union figures were concerned that the TUC’s general secretary-designate, Frances O’Grady, would effectively be choosing her own successor if she presided over the selection of a new deputy. O’Grady is deputy to the current general secretary, Brendan Barber, who was also deputy to his predecessor, John Monks.

According to a union source, the internal furore over the call for a deputy with a university degree stoked concerns among TUC affiliates about a lack of on-the-ground industrial experience at the TUC – such as handling disputes and organising in workplaces. „The job spec ruffled a lot of feathers,“ said the source, adding that the executive committee decision to scrap the post was a „shot across the bows“. The source said: „This is the logical conclusion to a build-up of tension that has centred on the TUC’s own perception of what the organisation should be like, and the different perception of some of its member unions.“

Another source said there had been disquiet over the TUC’s stance during last year’s public sector pension dispute, when the organisation agreed to re-enter talks with the government soon after a mass strike on 30 November.“

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