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Nicht nur von der Zerstörungswut der Taliban sondern auch vom Kapitalismus bedroht:

Posted by entdinglichung - 25. März 2013

Salvage Excavations at Buddhist Monastery in Afghanistan (Archaeology News)

„Filmmaker Brent Huffman wants to document the historic significance of the Buddhist monastery site at Mes Aynak, which sits on top of massive copper reserves, in an attempt to save it—or at least record what happens to it. Afghanistan’s Ministry of Mines sold the rights to the copper to the China Metallurgical Group four years ago, but time is running out and archaeologists could be forced to leave the site as early as June.“

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Biji Newroz! Newroz Piroz Be!

Posted by entdinglichung - 20. März 2013

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Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan (RAWA) zum internationalen Frauentag 2013

Posted by entdinglichung - 14. März 2013

Quelle: RAWA

Afghan women burn in the fire of the oppression of the occupiers and fundamentalists
Long live the struggle of the women and men of Afghanistan for independence, democracy, and social justice!

RAWA statement on 8 March 2013

It has been twelve years since the US started its ‘war on terror’ with claims of securing ‘women’s rights’, ‘human rights’, ‘justice’ and ‘stability’ in Afghanistan; and that too by relying on fundamentalists such as Sayyaf, Qanouni, Fahim, Khalili, Abdullah, Mohaqiq, Atta, Ismail, Khuram, Almas, Rabbani, Dostum, Sherzoy, Farooq Wardak, Arghandiwal, and others, who are misogynist in nature and the most brutal and corrupt creatures in the world. In this period of occupation by more than forty plunderer countries and dominance of vicious fundamentalists, contrary to the claims of the bogus propaganda by the Western media, Afghan women have not been able to achieve even the most basic rights. Rather, their sufferings and hardships have been treacherously misused for promoting the colonial policies of the US and West.

The Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan (RAWA) declared in a statement a few months after the occupation of Afghanistan by the US and western countries:

“Afghan women have not been liberated… RAWA has emphasized repeatedly that no power can or will help us, except for our own people. History has not shown us a country that has freed a nation, especially if that country was responsible for the misfortune of (the invaded country’s) people at the hands of the fundamentalists.” – (March 8, 2001)

The last decade proves the truth in our prediction. Today Jehadi criminals, overindulged in Dollars and power given to them by their US masters, rape, insult, threaten, commit violence, sexually assault, and even kill women like ownerless property, and are not held accountable, prosecuted, or punished, according to the ‘law’ set by B-52. The dominant patriarchal culture which is promoted and supported by the puppet government and its fundamentalist-blighted bodies, endorses women as half of men and worthless creatures, and discriminates against them. Unfortunately, our oppressed women get no justice in the face of all this.

While Afghan women are already burning in a blazing inferno, the US and Karzai’s obedient puppet apparatus have rolled their sleeves in a bid to give a share of power to the acid-throwing Gulbuddin who has a long history of misogyny, and Mullah Omar who is an emblem of misogyny. They even want to hand over the Ministry of Justice and the Supreme Court to them. The US is sacrificing our women once more for furthering its colonial policies. For the US what only matters is that these cancerous, traitorous and mercenary tumors, pave the way for the hegemony of the US and its allies. Indeed, these looter countries are in critically need such reactionary and treacherous elements and forces to maintain their bases.

A few dolled-up showpiece women in the government, parliament, and other official bodies, like Fawzia Koofi, Sima Samar, Shukria Barikzai, Zahra Nadiri, Hassan Bano Ghazanfar, Shinkai Karrokhail, Fawzia Sadaat, Fatima Gilani, Amina Afzali, Wazhma Forough, and others, whose mouths have been sweetened with money, luxuries and foreign that come with their official posts, do not want to speak a word about the bitter truth of the situation of women, let alone stand up against, stop and prosecute, the real perpetrators of the ongoing disaster in support of their fellow women. This handful of women who have found a position thanks to the occupation, are themselves the enemies of our women in their unison with the killers in power. Therefore, we cannot possibly view their presence in important posts as the cementing of the deserving position women are supposed to have.

These women, who can be regarded as prepared nutriment to feed the US propaganda, realize that the end of the current colonial system and the puppet Karzai regime means the end of their pompous lives. This is why they themselves back the current deplorable and tragic situation. Most of these women who are slaves of the reactionary elements and occupiers, are in the service of war criminals, and in the best-case scenario, just want a few useless reforms in the rotten Karzai apparatus. For this reason, intentionally or unintentionally, these women are at the service of and among the enemies of the women of Afghanistan. These women can never represent the majority women, who have been charred in Afghanistan’s hell.

We wrote on March 8, 2005:

“The persistence of the current instability and the West’s support of the „Northern Alliance“ terrorists in Afghanistan proves that the US and her allies pay no attention to human rights and women rights, but seek only their political and economical interests.”

Today, even the most optimistic people in our country, confess that Afghan women have not been liberated, and have become a commodity for the Western propaganda. Thanks to the presence of the US, women are gang-raped by warlords, are flogged in many Taliban-controlled areas, are preys of acid attaks, or are mercilessly stoned to death. But the US and its tail-wagging servants still show them a green signal and want them to join the puppet government. A considerable number of our women are forced into prostitution of beggary due to poverty and unemployment; the maternal and infant mortality rate of Afghanistan is the highest in the world.

In this country, laws are just pieces of paper that aid only in deceiving people, and are never practically applied. The law of Elimination of Violence Against Women (EVAW) made by Karzai is a commendable document which has been set aside with no use. When criminal husbands, fathers, or brothers kill women under different contexts, they are never punished. In many cases, women are convicted by the judicial bodies and thrown into jails for the crime of ‘running away from home’, where they are further raped by the jail keepers.

In such a hostile situation, most women find self-immolation the only solution to free them from a slow torturous death. The suicide rates among our women has risen in an unprecedented manner. Here, blooming flowers like Sanobars, Saimas, Anisas, Zar Bibis, Gul Afrozes, Shakeelas, Nafeesas , Azizas, and hundreds of other innocent girls, have been blown to pieces by the filthy and blood-dripping hands of the fundamentalists. This is the agonizing reality of the life of a woman in Afghanistan, not the distorted image the false propaganda machine of the US gives to the people of the world to deceive them.

Women can never have even their basic rights in a country which is not independent, and whose people are captives in the chains of colonialism and despotism. The exit of foreign troops and our country’s independence, can be the first step in the path of the realization of values such as freedom and democracy, which are vital conditions for the emancipation of women. Our people might be able to breathe with relief without foreign troops, and their aid for fundamentalist criminals, and then labor for values like freedom, democracy with secularism, social justice and their prosperity. In the current situation, the US and NATO and its Afghan agents have suppressed the advocates of such values, and cannot indulge in their activities, as they would want to.

The women of Afghanistan should know that until they do not recognize that their rights have to be snatched with their own hands, they will not witness a better day with the slightest improvements in their condition. We women should get united and instead of burning ourselves, burn the very roots of oppression. Women in no country in the world have attained their rights with the blessings of others, without struggling themselves. We have been experiencing the gifted rights of the US and NATO for the past twelve years, and it has been nothing but enslavement and deception.

The Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan (RAWA) congratulates all the justice-seeking and fighting women of the world on the International Women’s Day. We hope Afghan women will also celebrate this day in the near future in an Afghanistan free from the claws of the misogynist fundamentalists and occupiers, and on the path towards democracy and prosperity. Members and activists of RAWA pledge to fight tirelessly in this endeavor to achieve these great values.

Emancipation of women is only attainable through their own struggle!

Long live the struggle of the women and men of Afghanistan for independence, democracy, and social justice!

Down with fundamentalists, religious and non-religious criminals, and their foreign backers!

Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan
March 8, 2013

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Bilder und Berichte zum Internationalen Frauentag 2013

Posted by entdinglichung - 10. März 2013

auf Solidarité Ouvrière u.a. Bilder und Berichte von Demos aus Kabul, Tunis, Soulemaniyeh, Barcelona, Buenos Aires, etc.

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The Weekly Archive Worker: Els aventurers de la revolució

Posted by entdinglichung - 8. November 2012

das IISG plant ein ambitioniertes Digitalisierungsprojekt: 168 Regalmeter Marx, Engels, Nettlau, Michel, Trotzki, etc., Materialien aus der Geschichte der anarchistischen und syndikalistischen Bewegung in Neuseeland präsentiert Red Ruffians, greetings to Poumista:

auf der Webseite der Fundación Andreu Nin:

* Joaquim Maurin: Els aventurers de la revolució (1931)
* Andreu Nin: La revolució democràtica i el bolxevisme (1931)
* Narcis Molins i Fàbrega: Sandino (1931)

auf LibCom:

* Subversion, Nr. 23, 1997
* Wendy Brown: States of Injury: Power and Freedom in Late Modernity (1995)
* Richard Boyden: The Oakland General Strike (?)
* Stan Weir’s Oral History of the 1946 Oakland General Strike (2007)
* Confédération Générale du Travail: The Charter of Amiens (1906)
* David Marson: Children’s strikes in 1911 (1973)

im Marxists Internet Archive:

* Otto Rühle: Moscow and Ourselves (1920)
* Isaac Deutscher: Maoism – Its Origins and Outlook (1964)
* Benjamin Peret: Lettera a Andrè Breton (1936)
* Benjamin Peret: Libertà è una parola vietnamita (1947)
* Benjamin Peret: Alta frequenza (1951)
* Benjamin Peret: Una protesta giustificata (1951)
* Benjamin Peret: I sindacati contro la rivoluzione (1952)
* Benjamin Peret: Per il quarantesimo anniversario della rivoluzione d’ottobre (1957)
* Ernest Mandel: Den alliansfria rörelsen (1979)
* Victor Serge: Vladimir Korolenko (1922)
* Jules Humbert-Droz: Syndicalistes et communistes en France (1922)
* Lew Kamenew: Joseph Petrovitch Goldenberg (Mechkovski) (1922)
* Leon Delsinne: De Belgische Omwenteling (1923)
* Ex-PWOC Members: The PWOC: Degeneration into Ultra-Leftism (1981)
* An Open Letter To The Party Building Movement (1980)
* Southern California Local Center/OCIC: Letter to the Party Building Movement (1981)
* Barry Weisberg: The Fascist Menace in the United States and How to Fight It (1981)
* Paul Mattick: El nuevo capitalismo y  la vieja lucha de clases (1976)
* Paul Mattick: Introducción a Capitalismo  Anti-Bolchevique (1978)
* George Novack: La ley del desarrollo desigual y combinado de la sociedad (1957)
* Siraj Sikder: Theses of the East Bengal Workers Movement (1967)
* Siraj Sikder: The difference of Marxist-Leninist-Mao Thought follower proletarian revolutionaries of East Bengal with Huq-Toha neo revisionists, Deben-Motin Trotskyte-Guevarist and the conspirator traitor Kaji-Rono clique on determining principal contradiction at the present stage of social development of East Bengal (1970)
* Siraj Sikder: Exposure of the draft strategy and program of the so called East Bengal Communist Party (1972)
* Wladimir Iljitsch Lenin: A Era das Reformas (1903)

auf Collectif Smolny:

* Karl Korsch/David Rjasanow: Correspondance – Sur Hegel – Sur le « Capital » (1932)
* Bollettino Interno della Frazione di Sinistra, 1931-1932
** Februar 1931 (pdf-Datei)
** April 1931 (pdf-Datei)
** Mai 1931 (pdf-Datei)
** Juni 1931 (pdf-Datei)
** September 1931 (pdf-Datei)
** Januar 1932 (pdf-Datei)
** Frazione di Sinistra: La necessità del bollettino (1931)
* Fraction de Gauche Italienne: Pourquoi le Bulletin (1931)

auf archive.org:

* Terry Eagleton: Terry Eagleton – Ideology an Introduction (1991)
* George Allan England: Socialism and the law : the basis and practice of modern legal procedure and its relation to the working class (1913)
* Johannes Agnoli: 1968 und die Folgen (1998)
* Johannes Agnoli: Politik und Geschichte (2001)
* Socialist Labor Party: Socialism today. A reply to Time magazine (1978)

auf Materialien zur Analyse von Opposition:

* Betriebsräte-Veranstaltung: Gegen kapitalistische Krisenpolitik – die Einheit verstärken!, Hamburg 6. Dezember 1975
* Berlin: Sozialistisches Maikomitee Friedenau / Basisgruppe Friedenau
* 1. Mai in Berlin bis einschließlich 1968
* 1. Mai 1969 in Berlin
* Commune – Frankfurter Stadtzeitung des Kommunistischen Bundes
** Commune – Frankfurter Stadtzeitung des Kommunistischen Bundes, Jg. 1, Nr. 1, Feb. 1975
** Commune – Frankfurter Stadtzeitung des Kommunistischen Bundes, Jg. 1, Nr. 4, Mai 1975
** Commune – Frankfurter Stadtzeitung des Kommunistischen Bundes, Jg. 1, Nr. 5, Juni/Juli 1975
** Commune – Frankfurter Stadtzeitung des Kommunistischen Bundes, Jg. 1, Extra Erfahrungen des ‚Fahrpreiskampfes‘, Aug. 1975
** Commune – Frankfurter Stadtzeitung des Kommunistischen Bundes, Jg. 1, Nr. 6, Sept. 1975
* Der Hessische Landbote – Regionalzeitung des Kommunistischen Bundes für Südhessen
** Der hessische Landbote – Regionalzeitung des Kommunistischen Bundes für Südhessen, Jg. 1, Nr. 1, Sept. 1976
** Der hessische Landbote – Regionalzeitung des Kommunistischen Bundes für Südhessen, Jg. 1, Nr. 2, Nov. 1976
** Der Hessische Landbote – Regionalzeitung des Kommunistischen Bundes für Südhessen, Jg. 3, Nr. 3, Feb. 1977
* Frankfurt: Adler-Werke
* Frankfurt: Messer Griesheim
* Frankfurt: Naxos-Union
* Frankfurt: Samson AG
* Die ‚October‘-Gruppe
* Frankfurt: Rote Garde Gagern – Kritik zur antiautoritären Bewegung und Beiträge zur revolutionären Organisation
* Lollar: Buderus
* Westberlin: Kommunistische Arbeiterpresse – Ausgabe KWU
* Afghanischer Studentenverein an der Universität Hamburg: Afghanistan. Führt dieser Weg zur Revolution?
* Generalunion Afghanischer Studenten im Ausland (GUAfS): Der Militärputsch in Afghanistan. Seine Ursachen und Folgen
* Marxistisch-leninistischer Studienkreis (MLSK) der Marxistisch-leninistischen Partei Österreichs (MLPÖ). Dokumente der KP Afghanistans/ML (Aufbauorganisation). Theorie und Praxis des Marxismus-Leninismus Nr. 32 / 1981
* Generalunion Afghanischer Studenten im Ausland (GUAfS): Der Befreiungskampf in Afghanistan

auf Syndikalismus:

* Wayne Price: Was ist Klassenkampfanarchismus? (2007)

auf trend:

* Lucien Sève: Über den Strukturalismus: Zu einem Aspekt des ideologischen Lebens in Frankreich (1971)

auf Cedar Lounge Revolution:

* Socialist Republic – Paper of People’s Democracy, Vol. 2, No. 1, 1979

auf Francis King’s translation site:

* Maxim Gorki/Wladimir Majakowski/Anatoli Lunatcharski: Speeches at the 2nd Congress of the League of the (Militant) Godless, Moscow, 10-15 June 1929


* Frente Sandinista de Liberación Nacional (FSLN): De la Dirección Nacional y Estados Mayores del FSLN (1978)

auf arbeiter.innen.kampf:

* Arbeitsgruppe Marxismus: Franz Drexler (1912-2005) (2005)

beim Luxemburger Anarchist:

* Albert Camus: Lettre à un désespéré (1939)

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Farooq Tariq zum Islamismus

Posted by entdinglichung - 13. September 2012

aus einem Interview mit Farooq Tariq auf International Viewpoint, ein Auszug:

Q: Some people on the left who are argue that fundamentalists are also part of the working class because most of them come from the poorer sections of society.

Farooq: I’ve heard this argument several times, claiming they are from the working class. It’s a working class movement, and that we must be for them, we must join them in order to expose the idea of fundamentalism, the class basis of fundamentalism is a reason for the left to go with them and so on. I think these are all wrong notions. The class composition of religious fundamentalism is mainly middle class, upper middle class and it’s not a class-based movement, it’s a religious based movement. They want Muslims to join, they’ don’t want workers to join them. They don’t want any sort of class contradiction within their own ranks. In Pakistan these mistaken ideas are often promoted by some left groups who say that the Pashtun working class has gone to the Taliban and all that, but I think it’s wrong and also in Indonesia. Thinking that because the class nature of the fundamentalist we should have a very different attitude, even be positive a towards them and that we should try to work with them is a mistake; It would mean a complete collaps of the left if the left went along with the fundamentalist groups.

I know the case of Dita Sari very well, we had a debate with her urging her not to to election on the list of an islamic party, even though that party was not a fundamentalist party, just a religious party. There’s a very thin line between religious parties and fundamentalist parties. Because religious parties are the basis for fundamentalist parties, they are the home ground on which fundamentalists can play easily. The rest of the leadership PRD (People’s Democratic Parti-Indonesia) chose the wrong strategy of working with this religious party. I had a debate with Dita Sari in 2007 on this issue but she thought they could enter parliament and do anything they wanted. And I asked; ’what parliament?’ This parliament will not really help your party to grow, it’s only the class struggle, it’s only the struggle on the street, the mass movement, people’s struggle, the struggle against fundamentalism that will pave the way for the success of PRD. And now we see the total collapse of that party, very unfortunate. I had a lot of respect for Dita Sari and her sacrifice, and the whole party was really like a shining example for the parties in Asia who fought against dictatorship, who fought for workers rights. PRD was the example of the kind of party that we wanted to build in Pakistan. When we started the LPP we always had this idea of PRD, who can grow and make sacrifices. And when Soeharto was defeated we hoped this party would grow tremendously, and it happened to some degree, the PRD did grow and attrack a lot of people. But unfortunately wrong choices can mean disaster. It was a crime, of the PRD leadership [3]. But I think even ignoring fundamentalism is also a crime. If you take them lightly, you will pay the price in the future.

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Posted by entdinglichung - 16. Juli 2012

* Schwarz-Roter Ticker (82) [7 Meldungen] (Syndikalismus)

* Guatemala: rising tide of violence (ITUC)

* Mauritanie : Répression policière contre les ouvriers en grève (Solidarité Ouvrière)

* Des milliers d’ouvriers en grève dans une usine textile d’Egypte (Solidarité Ouvrière)

* Racisme du régime islamique contre les immigrés afghans en Iran (Solidarité Ouvrière)

* Mali : Manifestation anti-islamiste dans la ville de Goundam (Solidarité Ouvrière)

* Communiqué du CTEA: démenti de l’abandon de l’indépendance de l’Azawad (Toumast Press)

* L’état terroriste Algérien continue de financer et d’armer les groupes terroristes dans l’Azawad (Toumast Press)

* Nazis überfallen Kunstausstellung – kein rechtsextremes Motiv? (Publikative)

* Narco-terrorism & Taliban (ESSF)

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Lesehinweis zum Verhältnis Sowjetunion-Afghanistan

Posted by entdinglichung - 25. April 2012

Ideology and Electricity: The Soviet Experience in Afghanistan von Christian Parenti (ESSF), ein kurzer Auszug:

„In the teahouses and street stalls of Kabul, one sometimes sees the portrait of a stern, round-faced man with dark hair and a mustache. It is the visage of Muhammad Najibullah, the last president of communist Afghanistan. Najibullah joined the People’s Democratic Party of Afghanistan (PDPA) in the late 1960s, ran Afghanistan’s highly organized secret police, the KHAD, and then became the country’s president in 1986. After the Soviet withdrawal from Afghanistan, Najibullah hung on to power for another three years. Taliban fighters eventually killed him in 1996.

On occasions when I have asked Afghans in Kabul about the Najibullah posters and postcards, their replies have ranged from “He was a strong president—we had a strong army then” to “Everything worked well and Kabul was clean.” One teahouse proprietor, using the familiar form of the name, stated simply that “Najib fought Pakistan.” In other words, he is remembered not so much as a socialist—a vague term for many in Afghanistan—but as a modernizer and a patriot.“

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The Commune, April 2012

Posted by entdinglichung - 3. April 2012

Die neue The Commune, als pdf-Datei hier:

Die Artikel im Einzelnen:

Den Rest des Beitrags lesen »

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Biji Newroz! Newroz Piroz Be!

Posted by entdinglichung - 20. März 2012

Newroz lässt sich nicht verbieten!

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Die Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan (RAWA) zum internationalen Frauentag 2012

Posted by entdinglichung - 12. März 2012

Nachfolgend dokumentiert ein aus gegebenem Anlass wichtiges Dokument der RAWA, welches darlegt, dass es kein Bündnis mit den beiden reaktionären Seiten des Konfliktes in Afghanistan geben kann:

Afghan women’s freedom from the clutch of fundamentalism, occupation and patriarchy is only possible with their own struggle!

RAWA’s statement on the International Women’s Day

Afghanistan’s women spent another year under the burden of occupiers, dominance of a Jehadi-Mafia government and terror of the Taliban, the result of which was an increase in poverty, homelessness, immigration, loss of dear ones, domestic violence, rape, self-immolation, a high maternal and infant mortality rate and thousand other miseries.

According to figures from the UN, almost 5000 cases of violence against women were recorded last year, though the actual figure is several time higher than this. The last ten years of US and NATO occupied Afghanistan has been a burning hell for women and young girls who have been raped or gang-raped. According to a report of the European Union there are tens of women in jails who are rape victims but are imprisoned for being a “criminal”; rapists are high-ranked government officials or people related to them and Afghanistan’s corrupt judiciary made up of a number of stone-aged clerics can’t deal with or prosecute them. According to the State of the World’s Mothers 2011 report fifty mothers die every day in Afghanistan while giving birth, something that doesn’t hold the slightest importance in the eyes of the treacherous Afghan government officials, minister and ministry of women’s affairs, decoration pieces in the parliament, NGOs and finally the US and west, that occupied Afghanistan under the pretext of women’s rights.

US and its allies occupied Afghanistan ten years back under the excuse of uprooting terrorism, Al-Qaeda and Taliban. According to data collected by Professor Marc Herold, US took its revenge on Afghan civilians by bombarding and killing about the same number of civilians killed in the September 11th attacks in New York in just the first few months of Afghanistan’s occupation. Most of our people wanted the obliteration of the barbarous and criminal Talib regime but not at the cost of losing their independence. RAWA, just a few days after the start of the US attacks, said in a statement, “The actual issue our people face is the eradication of the plague of Taliban and Al Qaeda -though they (our people) didn’t have any part in its cultivation and germination- and the establishment of a government based on democratic values… Our compatriots, therefore, must rise up for a thorough demolition of Taliban and their Osamas…” RAWA’s demand along with the people of Afghanistan’s was that the Taliban dominance be abloshed by the uprisings and struggles of the people of Afghanistan and not by invasion of foreign aggressors.

The US government and NATO who were looking to invade and stay in Afghanistan for their own military, economic and strategic aims, misused the troubles and miseries of our women and have been busy playing a cat and mouse game with the Taliban for the past ten years. After shedding the blood of thousands of innocent women and children, young and old, they have now started another treacherous game of “peace and negotiations” with the Taliban. First they divided the sanguinary Taliban into “moderate“ and “extremist” and have now gone so far that Joe Biden, the vice president of US, announced that “Taliban are not our enemies”! This is true, the Taliban were a project of the US that was run by ISI, they can never be their enemies, they are the deadly enemies of our people, freedom, women, democracy and justice.

The first victims of a deal with the bloodthirsty Taliban will be the women of our country. By endorsing medieval laws for women, Karzai’s mafia-puppet regime wants to pave the way for association with the Taliban, these lackeys of Pakistan. The most recent example of these inhumane laws is the statement of a stooge government body called the Ulema Council of Afghanistan, which is a copy of the laws of the Taliban era of ignorance and terror. Karzai also shamelessly backed the statement.

The US aggressors proved RAWA’s perpetual claim that this country is always at war with the Afghan people and at peace with criminals. The US’s dark and blood-stained history shows that they have always collaborated with the most treacherous regimes, elements and bodies and conspired for the annihilation of governments and movements of the people. The US doesn’t care about the kind of government that takes power in Afghanistan, what only matters is that the regime should be made up of traitors who they reign, which doesn’t oppose their permanent military bases, allows them to use this land for threatening and controlling Russia, China, Iran, Pakistan and India; allows Afghanistan to become a place where the US and other imperialists use it to suppress every kind of revolutionary movements of the people in the region, and in general a government that protects the interests of the US and its allies. Now it’s of least importance to the US and NATO if that government is headed by a Talib or a Northern Alliance criminal, or some other criminal which oppresses the Afghan people.

Like every puppet ruler, Karzai uses all his power and abilities to serve the aims and policies of his foreign masters, especially the US, so he looks more useful to them and his corrupt regime can stay in power longer. The Traditional Jirga, which was a gathering of spies and traitors who do not have a speck of honour or patriotism, for agreeing to and legalizing the long-term presence of the US and its bases, was another effort in the same matter.

The limitless and boundless costs of the wars in Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya, the deep economic crisis in the capitalist societies and the huge anti-war, anti-capitalist system movements of the people in the western countries, has forced the US and other imperialists to deceive their people and reduce their military forces in some places and attack other nations instead and allow their plunder. The most recent example we saw was Libya, where the country was destructed and a fundamentalist regime of the kind of the savage Taliban was implemented upon its poor people.

Although the US and NATO talk about the exit of their forces in 2014, this is just a reduction and not a complete withdrawal. The US, now busy signing the agreement of building their permanent bases with their Afghan stooges, will in no way leave Afghanistan due to its important strategic position in Asia, unless they are driven away humiliatingly by our nation like the English and Russians.

After ten years of killing and destruction, the US and NATO leave a government to our people which is occupied by Northern Alliance, Taliban and Gulbuddini criminals and spies of foreign countries at every level; a country that is second in corruption in the world; a country that is the biggest producer of drugs in the world with two million addicts despite the influx of millions of dollars; a country that has half a million internally displaced persons and largest number of refugees in the world; a country whose 7 million out of 27 million people suffer from hunger; a country whose most important posts are occupied by the most infamous and traitorous people like Fahim, Khalili, Atta, Farooq Wardak, Rahim Wardak, Ismail Khan, Anwar-ul-Haq Ahadi, Spanta, Karim Khuram, Hadi Arghandiwal, Dostum and countless other murderers and plunderers.

Despite all the treacheries of the US and west, a handful of stooge intellectuals and so-called analysts without a conscience, tirelessly propagate for the permanent presence of the US through the government media every day, as if the fortune and prosperity of our country is tied to this military agreement, as if peace, stability and comfort of our people and women is only attainable if the US permanent bases exist. These intellectuals who have sold their souls and are blinded by the dollars the US pays them, cannot or do not want to see the extensive damage and crimes the US and its Afghan accomplices have committed. Maybe they will come to at a time when their own loved ones are killed by the ruthless NATO and US soldiers and then urinated upon or their fingers are cut and kept as trophies. They try to act stupid and ignore this important historical lesson that no nation can prosper by linking itself to an alien nation, and that like the US which has a history marked by the blood of countless, unless its people unite and make sacrifices for gaining grand values like democracy and their rights.

The Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan (RAWA) on the International Women’s Day announces to all the women in Afghanistan that our freedom from the grasp of foreign occupiers, Northern Alliance mafia, vicious Taliban and other anti-women elements, is only achievable by our unity and struggle. It is impossible that domestic violence, rape, beating and self-immolation among women be ended by seminars or some discussions of the NGOs. It is only attainable by the organization of women of all ethnic backgrounds and tribes into an anti-fundamentalist movement against the occupation.

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Vermischtes: Naher Osten (ergänzt)

Posted by entdinglichung - 7. März 2012

Linkenkritik aus dem Libanon (Kalima):

„Wenn die Linke einerseits als Ergebnis ihrer Fehler und andererseits wegen des umsichgreifenden Drucks ihr materielles Rückgrat verliert, verbleibt sie mit nichts als einem politisch-moralischen Diskurs als allgemeinen Standpunkt auf dem sie kämpfen. Schließlich, um ein Linker zu sein muss man sich an der Seite der Gerechtigkeit gegen Unterdrückung stellen, mit dem Opfer gegen den Täter, mit den Ausgebeuteten gegen die Ausbeuter. Das ist der ethische Standpunkt, der uns nach dem beinahe ereilten Ableben der libanesischen Linke noch als politische Bewegung leben lässt.“

– Vijay Prashad: Arab Spring, Syria and the left: ‚No support for authoritarian regimes, no support for imperialism‘ (Links)

Kurdish Opposition of Syria speaks up (Support Kurds in Syria)

Solidarität mit der syrischen Revolution: Erklärung des Internationalen Komitees der Vierten Internationale (ISL)

– Yacov Ben Efrat: The Syrian nation is victim of the Cold War (Challenge)

– Assaf Adiv: The crisis of violence in the Arab street (Challenge)

Hundreds protest living costs across West Bank (Ma’an News Agency)

– Parti Communiste-Ouvrier d’Iran: Journée Internationale des Femmes 2012 (Révolution en Iran)

Unemployment Doubled in the Course of the Year (iran labor report)

600 Metal Industries Workers Close Down the Street (iran labor report)

– eine Reihe von Artikeln zu den Parlamentswahlen im Iran (Ali Schirasi)

– Yanar Mohammed: Campaign of Iraqi gay killings by smashing skulls with concrete blocks (Organisation of Women’s Freedom in Iraq)

Ägypten: Urteil gegen Kamal Abbas aufheben! (LabourStart)

Hamid Karzai backs clerics‘ move to limit Afghan women’s rights (Guardian)

Erklärung zur Solidarität mit den Frauen im revolutionären Prozess in der arabischen Region des Internationalen Komitees der Vierten Internationale (ISL)

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Back in town … einige Weblinks, welche sich in der Zwischenzeit aufgetan haben!

1.) Deutsche Polizisten, …!: Pressemitteilung der Initiative in Gedenken an Oury Jalloh: Brutale Polizeigewalt bei Demo gegen rassistische Polizeigewalt – Mouctar Bah bewusstlos ins Krankenhaus eingeliefert

2.) Flüchtlingsrat Hamburg: 14.01.2012: Solidarität mit den Menschen im Lager Horst!

3.) Out of the red closet: Gay and Lesbian experiences in the previous communist movement (Kasama)

4.) Empfehlenswert: die Broschüre zur Untersuchung und Organisierung am Jobcenter Neukoelln (pdf-Datei) auf zusammendagegen.blogsport.de

5.) Happy Birthday USTKE! … zum 30. Geburtstag einer klassenkämpferischen Gewerkschaft in Kanaky/“Neukaledonien“ (ESSF)

6.) Sarwar Beena: Pakistan – Zarteef Khan Afridi: The tribesman who showed the way (ESSF)

7.) Der Luxemburger Anarchist zur Zuneigung der Zeitung vum lëtzebuerger Vollek der KP Luxemburg gegenüber Ron Paul

8.) Tendance Coatesy rezensiert Radical Gardening: Politics, Idealism and Rebellion in the Garden. A Socialist Appreciation

9.) Big cat may prowl Gloucestershire wood, says National Trust: Evidence of big cats at large grows as charity investigates killing of roe deer at Woodchester Park near Stroud (Guardian)

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Posted by entdinglichung - 26. Dezember 2011

1.) Die grosse Cesária Évora ist tot

2.) Lesenswertes zu Krise und Klassenkampf: die aktuelle Wildcat und die aktuelle Arbeiterpolitik

3.) Mehr zur Krise: “The result of a long and general crisis is often to clarify the map of the world” von François Sabado auf International Viewpoint

4.) einige neue Texte auf ESSF:

Pakistan Afghanistan Progressive parties conference joint declaration
– Post Bahadur Basnet: The radicals in the Maoists (zur faktischen Spaltung der UCPN(M) in Nepal)
– Ursula Hews/Ed Lewis: The Crisis and the Left – Crisis as Capitalist Opportunity

5.) einiges Neues von Exit!

– Claus Peter Ortlieb: Lohndumping, Hightech und Krise
– Anselm Jappe: Ist das Geld obsolet geworden?
– Robert Kurz: Kapitalismus wiederholt sich nicht

6.) Vermischtes von Bob from Brockley

7.) auf The Commune: workers’ control in the health-care system von Mike Levine

8.) auf LibCom: Militant anti-fascism and the Occupy movement

9.) Die unendliche Geschichte, Teil 2871

10.) 100 Jahre Fantômas:

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WLUML zur Bonner Afghanistan-Konferenz

Posted by entdinglichung - 26. November 2011

Quelle: Women Living Under Muslim Law:

WLUML Statement on Afghan women’s exclusion from participation at Bonn

In wake of the exclusion of Afghan women from the ‘peace process’ at the Bonn Conference taking place on the 5th of December 2011,

WLUML vigorously denounces:
•the ethical incoherence of States that engaged in a devastating war in Afghanistan under the fallacious pretext to protect ‘poor oppressed Muslim women living under the burqa’, and now prevent them from participating as full-fledged citizens in the peace process in their country, all while engaging with their oppressors
•the moral responsibility of these States, which are delivering Afghan women, bound and gagged, to the very same Taliban and warlords they pretended to save them from, just a few years ago.
•the political short-sightedness of alliances, such as with Taliban and war lords, which fearfully remind us of other past historical compromises that cost so many lives
•the fallacy of the so-called ‘democratic’ process taking place in Germany, but without the ‘untermensch’ of the day: Afghan women

WLUML urges women and progressive forces everywhere:
•to take immediate public stands using all possible media avenues, in support of Afghan women’s claim to full participation in the negotiation
•to send delegations to all concerned representatives of these states in their own countries, protesting the above, and urging concerned States to come to their senses






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