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Sozial.Geschichte Online, 7/2012

Posted by entdinglichung - 14. Mai 2012

die aktuelle Ausgabe der Sozial.Geschichte Online, Nachfolgezeitschrift der 1999. Zeitschrift für Sozialgeschichte des 20. und 21. Jahrhunderts, als pdf-Datei (1,43 mb) hier, die Artikel im Einzelnen:

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Einige Lesehinweise zu den derzeitigen Kämpfen in Griechenland

Posted by entdinglichung - 17. Februar 2012

einige Artikel der letzten Wochen:

* Athen: Streik im Stahlwerk (Wildcat)

* Pavlos Hatzopoulos/Ilias Marmaras/Dimitris Parsanoglou: An absolute refusal? Notes on the 12 February demonstration in Athens (UniNomade)

* Greek hospital now under workers‘ control (LibCom)

* Mouvement Communiste: State fiscal crises and the Greek example (LibCom)

* Eddie Ford: Danger of default catastrophe remains (CPGB/Weekly Worker)

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Die neue The Commune

Posted by entdinglichung - 13. Januar 2012

die Januarausgabe von The Commune, als pdf-Datei hier:

Die Artikel im Einzelnen:


* cops back bosses bullying cleaners – Siobhan Breathnach reports on Guildhall cleaners standing up against management bullying

* wukan peasant victory sets stage for chinese turmoil – Adam Ford reports on the Wukan rebellion and asks what it means for the future of social struggles in China

* reza shahabi must be free! – Omid Rezai looks at the case of a jailed militant on hunger strike in Iran

* the woolf that didn’t bark: the LSE-libya inquiry – Jack Staunton, a student at the London School of Economics (LSE) looks at Lord Woolf’s inquiry into the School’s ties to the Gaddafi régime

* thatcher and liverpool thirty years on – Adam Ford writes on revelations that the Thatcher Government discussed a ‘managed decline’ of Liverpool.

* news in brief… – suicide threat at foxconn; la senza occupation; G4S asylum-seeker homes deal


* the n30 strike and a 2012 of struggle – Steve Ryan, a PCS activist in Wrexham, looks at the aftermath of the 30th November national pensions strike and the opportunities for struggle in 2012

* faith in the government or unity on strike? – Clifford Biddulph comments on the GMB union’s announcement on the Government’s pensions deal in the wake of the 30th November strike

* unions not up to the challenge – A Unison branch secretary replies to Clifford’s article

* taking control of our struggle – A college worker who struck on 30th November reports on the mood in her workplace six weeks later

* an alternative for the here and now – the editorial argues that communism isn’t just some dream for the future: it’s about how we organise today

working life

* death by a thousand (paper) cuts – Taimour Lay reports on the crisis in the print-media from a journalist’s perspective

* workers’ control in the health-care system – Mike Levine discusses how we can go beyond the hierarchical form of the National Health Service.

* self-managed socialism: possible, urgent, necessary – Henrique T. Novaes looks at advantages and limitations of the Latin American experience of workers trying to overcome capitalist work relations through their control of their workplaces

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„Alles Kranke ist Last…“ – Die Kirchen und die „Vernichtung lebensunwerten Lebens“ (1988)

Posted by entdinglichung - 13. Oktober 2011

ein Dokumentarfilm von Ernst Klee und Gunnar Petrich zur Involvierung der evangelischen und der katholischen Kirchen in die Zwangssterilisierung und Ermordung von Menschen mit Behinderungen in Nazi-Deutschland 1933-1945, … einen herzlichen Dank und liebe rote Grüsse an womuell für das Online-stellen des Filmes:

lesenswerte Bcher von Ernst Klee: „Die SA Jesu Christi“. Die Kirchen im Banne Hitlers (1990) und Persilscheine und falsche Pässe. Wie die Kirchen den Nazis halfen (1991)

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The Commune Nr 22, Mai 2011

Posted by entdinglichung - 28. April 2011

Die neue The Commune, als pdf-Datei hier:

Die Artikel im Einzelnen:

* 30th june: the next step – editorial of The Commune

* ‘no to tesco’: the first funky riot in bristol – Oleg Resin reports on the 21st April ‘riot’ in Bristol

* diverse, colourful, joyful, but angry! – Alice Robson writes on her experience teaching, and campaigning in defence of, English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL)

* long live the free hetherington! – Liam T. of Scottish Socialist Youth reports on a stunning success for occupiers at Glasgow Uni

* how can we beat austerity? – strikes and other action must be controlled by workers themselves, argues Tom Denning

* disempowerment in front of the black bloc – Ellie Schling was concerned by the behaviour of the Black Bloc at the 26th March TUC demo

* military intervention in libya: a debate – an online debate between Commune members about our attitude to the rebels and the ‘no-fly-zone’ in Libya, from late March

* from social rebellion to tribal civil war- Mark Ellingsen analyses the composition and aims of the Libyan rebel movements

* the NHS plays but a part in the health of the nation – East London GP Jonathon Tomlinson looks at the government’s attacks on the health care and the ever-increasing pressures on the NHS

* from recession to (clinical) depression – Adam Ford writes on the social causes of depression

* “our time is coming again” – Sheila Cohen reviews New Trade Union Activism: Class Consciousness or Social Identity? Sian Moore, Palgrave Macmillan, 2011.

* taking a step forward – David Broder explains our plans to increase our voice and the help we need from our supporters

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Aufruf der Labour Relief Campaign zur Unterstüzung der Flutopfer in Pakistan

Posted by entdinglichung - 9. August 2010

Quelle des nachfolgend dokumentierten Aufrufes: ESSF

Urgent Appeal: More than 12 million people suffering from floods in Pakistan – Please donate to Labour Relief Campaign

This solidarity appeal is supported by our association Europe solidaire sans frontières (Europe in solidarity without borders (ESSF).

Appeal issued on August 7, 2010

More than 12 million people suffering from floods in Pakistan

Please donate to Labour Relief Campaign to help people of Pakistan

Pakistan is facing worst ever floods of its history. Torrential rains have unleashed flash floods in different parts of the country since last three weeks. Water levies broke leaving the people exposed to flood water. More than 12 million people have suffered due to these floods. More than 650,000 houses have collapsed, mainly in villages. Thousands of acres of crops have been destroyed due to flood water. Houses, live-stock such as cattle’s and goats, household goods, clothes, shoes and other items have been destroyed. Residents of villages are currently without drinkable water, food, shelter and in need of clothes. In particular, the situation is dire for children and women and they are in desperate need of food and clothing. Disease is spreading fast in the areas affected due to lack of drinkable water. In particular, flu, fever, diarrhea, cholera have been noted and are spreading.

The government’s response has made matters worse. They failed to act immediately, leaving tens of thousands of people unaided. They came after twenty four hours to the make-shift camps with paltry amount of food bags to distribute. The gap between the food being distributed and the large number of people desperate to eat led to fighting breaking out making matters even worse for these desperate people.

Despite the fact that there is very little coverage in the media, the fact remains that the situation in Balochistan is just as bad as in Khyber-Pakhtoonkhwa and western and southern Punjab. As usual, also, they are not at the top of the government’s priority list.

Situation is turning out to be worse with heavy rains started since last night in Khyber-Pakhtoonkhwa province.

The Labour Education Foundation, Labour Party of Pakistan, National Trade Union Federation, Women Workers Help Line and Progressive Youth Front have set up Labour Flood Relief Camps in Lahore and so far have collected more than 300,000 rupees. Rs. 110,000 have already been sent to Baloachistan and more than 200,000 are on way to Southern Punjab to help flood victims.

We appeal our friends and organizations in Pakistan and abroad for donations of a monetary kind or in the form of drinking water, clothes (new), shoes, medicine.

For further information please contact:

Khalid Mahmood
Labour Education Foundation
Ground Floor, 25-A Davis Road,
Lahore, Pakistan.
Email: khalid@lef.org.pk
Tel: 0092 42 6303808, 0092 42 6315162, Fax: 0092 42 6271149
Mobile: 0092 321 9402322

If you wish to transfer funds, below are details of the account for sending money to the LRC either directly or through ESSF.


A/C Title: Labour Education Foundation

A/C Number: 01801876


Please advise and pay to Citi Bank, New York, USA Swift CITI US 33 for onward transfer to BANK ALFALAH LTD., KARACHI, PAKISTAN A/C No. 36087144 and for final transfer to BANK ALFALAH LTD., LDA PLAZA, KASHMIR ROAD, LAHORE, PAKISTAN Swift: ALFHPKKALDA for A/C No. 01801876 OF LABOUR EDUCATION FOUNDATION.


If it is more convenient for you, you can also send funds through ESSF account (cheques to ESSF in euros only):

Bank Account:
Crédit lyonnais
Agence de la Croix-de-Chavaux (00525)
10 boulevard Chanzy
93100 Montreuil
ESSF, account number 445757C

International bank account details :
IBAN : FR85 3000 2005 2500 0044 5757 C12
BIC / SWIFT : CRLYFRPP _Account holder : ESSF

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Neues aus den Archiven der radikalen (und nicht so radikalen) Linken

Posted by entdinglichung - 4. Mai 2010

ältere Archiv-Updates und Hinweise zu weiteren linken Archivalien unter „Sozialistika“ und im Download-Archiv … auf Poumista Informationen zur Poale Zion in Griechenland und einige historische 1. Mai-Plakate:

Agis Stinas:

Eine verdienstvolles Projekt, welches es sich zur Aufgabe gemacht hat, die Autobiographie des revolutionären Kommunisten Agis Stinas (Spiros Priftis, 1900-1987) aus Griechenland online zu stellen, hat tip to Ofenschlot

* Der Aufbruch der Massen – The Awakening of the Popular Masses III (1977)
* Der Aufbruch der Massen – The Awakening of the Popular Masses IV (1977)


Der Beginn einer Reihe zum Thema: 100 Jahre CNT

* Der Syndikalist: Unsere spanische Bewegung: Die größte Organisation der IAA – im Brennpunkt des Kampfes für die Zukunft (1931)
* Ein historisches Dokument: Filmaufnahmen vom IAA-Kongress 1931 in Madrid

AustriaN Newspapers Online (ANNO):

* Verband der Arbeiter-Radfahrvereine Oesterreichs: Reichs-Organ der Arbeiter-Radfahrer/Der Arbeiter-Rad- und Kraftfahrer (1923-1934)


* Revolutionary Socialist League (RSL): What We Stand For (1984)
* Will Shatter: Letter to Fifth Estate’ on punk (1978)

Rassembler, diffuser les archives des révolutionnaires (RaDAR, ehemals ASMSFQI):

* Opposition communiste: Contre le courant, 20. November 1927
* IVe internationale: IVe internationale, Juni 1942 (Untergrundzeitung)
* Parti communiste internationaliste (PCI) : La Vérité des travailleurs, Mai 1958
* Parti communiste internationaliste (PCI): La Vérité des travailleurs, März 1954
* Parti communiste internationaliste (PCI): Pourquoi Staline veut écraser Tito
* Parti communiste internationaliste (PCI): Seule la grève génerale imposera au gouvernement de vie chère le véritable minimum vital, garantira un pouvoir d’achat aux masses par l’échelle mobile et le contrôle ouvrier (~1948)
* Parti communiste internationaliste (PCI): Aux métallos de la région parisienne (~1947)
* Parti communiste internationaliste (PCI): Travailler ? Produire ? (1946)

La Bataille Socialiste:

* Karl Marx: La lutte pour la journée de travail normale (1867, Auszug aus Das Kapital)
* Keith Scholey: La parole socialiste en plein air à Londre (2004)
* A. Buick: Pannekoek vs Bordiga: Plus ou moins de Lénine ? (2004)
* Gegenstandpunkt: La semaine des 35 heures à la française (2000)

Marxists Internet Archive (MIA):

* Raya Dunayevskaya: Production Statistics and the Devaluation of the Ruble (1948)
* Henk Sneevliet: Met en bij Soen Yat Sen (1926)
* Rudolf Sprenger (Helmut Wagner): Bolsjevismen (1939)
* Leon Blum: On Andre Gide (1897)
* Charles Gagnon: For the Proletarian Party (1975)
* Jacques Hebert: Deputy Procurator of the Commune, to his Fellow Citizens (1793)
* Fuerzas Armadas Revolucionarias (FAR): Expropriation of Arms from a Truck of the Gorilla Army (1971)
* Revolutionära Marxister (RM): Fjärde internationalens 2/1969
* Världssocialistiska häften, Nr. 1 (1979)
* Världssocialistiska häften, Nr. 2 (1980)
* Världssocialistiska häften, Nr. 3 (1983)
* Theoretical Review: Editorial Statement on Poland (1982)

Materialien zur Analyse von Opposition (MAO):

* Bangladesh (kein Ruhmesblatt der deutschen ML-Szene)
* Würzburg
* Irland

Collectif Smolny:

* Octobre: Manifeste du Bureau International des Fractions de la Gauche Communiste (1938)


* Mouvement Communiste: May-June 1968 – A Situation Lacking in Workers‘ Autonomy (2006)
* Fuel of the future: New Zealand reactions to the Haymarket Martyrs
* Bricianer, Serge, 1923-1997 (2001)
* Informations Ouvrieres: Interview with Jean Malaquais (1996)
* Processed World #20 (1987)

Centro de Documentación de los Movimientos Armados (CeDeMA):

* Movimiento Revolucionario Tupac Amaru (MRTA): Semana del heroico combatiente (2001)
* Montoneras Patria Libre (MPL): Gran Minga por la Unidad Patriótica y Revolucionaria (1987)
* Coordinadora Guerrillera Simón Bolívar (CGSB): Irrupción en la Embajada venezolana en Colombia (1991)

Workers‘ Liberty:

* Gery Lawless/Rachel Lever/Eamonn Mc Cann/Sean Matgamna: Ireland and Permanent Revolution: A Discussion 1966/7 (1966/1967)
* Workers‘ Fight: France 1968: When ten million workers had capitalism by the throat (2005)
* Sean Matgamna/Martin Thomas: The miners‘ strike, 1984-5: 12 months that shook Britain (part one) (2005)
* Sean Matgamna/Martin Thomas: The miners‘ strike, 1984-5: 12 months that shook Britain (part two) (2005)

The Irish Election Literature Blog:

* Democratic Left: ‘Euro-Dub’ -Des Geraghty freesheet, Sommer 1993 (1993)
* Connolly Association and Irish Self-Determination League -Membership Form (196?)
* Socialist Party: Clare Daly Flyer – 2007 General Election Dublin North (2007)
* Out of The Ashes Arose The Provisionals -Republican Christmas Card (~ 1980)

The Militant:

* 25, 50 and 75 years ago (1935/1960/1985)
* Che Guevara: Proletarian internationalism is a necessity (1965)

Espace contre ciment:

* Benjamin Péret: Je ne mange pas de ce pain-là (?)
* Robert Paris: Les dictionnaires [biographiques du mouvement ouvrier] d’Amérique latine : entre mouvement ouvrier et classes subalternes (1994)
* Robert Paris: Les lettres de prison de Gramsci (1968)
* Gustav Landauer: Meister Eckharts mystische Schriften. In unsere Sprache übertragen von Gustav Landauer (1903, Vorwort)
* Der Sozialist 1891 – Programm (Red. Hermann Teisler)
* Der Sozialist 1895 – Programm (Red. Gustav Landauer)
* Der arme Konrad 1896 – Programm (Red. Albert Weidner)


* Alexander Berkman: ABC of Anarchism (1929)
* International Socialist Review, Juli 1900-Juni 1901
* International Socialist Review, Juli 1905-Juni 1906
* International Socialist Review, Juli 1906-Juni 1907
* International Socialist Review, Juli 1908-Juni 1909
* International Socialist Review, Juli 1912-Juni 1913
* International Socialist Review, Juli 1913-Juni 1914
* Socialist Labor Party (SLP): Thirtieth National Convention May 28 – June 1, 1977 Minutes, Reports, Proceedings, Etc, (1977)
* Across Three Decades of Anarchism (?)
* An Anarchist Attack on Global Governance (200?)
* Jonathan Simcock: An Anarchist’s Manifesto (?)
* East Midlands Anarchists: An Anarchist Perspective on Economics (?)
* Revolutionary Anti-Authoritarians of Color (RACE): An Anarchist Introduction to Critical Race Theory (?)
* Andrew X/J. Kellstadt/Sasha K.: A Critical Discussion on the Role of Activism (?)
* A Great Plains Association for Anarchy (2002)
* Jim Robertson/Communist Cadre: What the Spartacist League Really Stand For: a self exposure by James Robertson (1977)

Rustbelt Radical:

* Eugene Debs: Eugene Debs On Immigration: ‘Yours Without Compromise’ (1910)

ICL-FI (Spadtakist):

* Spartacist Canada: Abolish the War Measures Act! (1980)

Luxemburger Anarchist:

* Ixigrec (Robert Collinos): Savoir (1934, Auszug aus der Encyclopédie Anarchiste)

Dublin Opinion:

* Ripening of Time: Introductory notes on dominated Ireland (1976)

International Bolshevik Tendency (IBT):

* Leo Trotzki: The Transitional Program. The Death Agony of Capitalism and the Tasks of the Fourth International (1938, ausgabe der IBT von 1998)


* Amadeo Bordiga: » … ferner bestätige ich, niemals flexibel gewesen zu sein … « (1970)

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The Commune Nr. 13, April 2010

Posted by entdinglichung - 18. April 2010

hier die neue Commune, als pdf-Datei hier:

Die Artikel im einzelnen:

* striking against labour’s budget – by Steve Ryan

* recession and solidarity in france – by Ramate Keita

* anarcha-fems meet – by Bahar Mustafa

* royal mail deal: a post mortem – by ‘Postman Pat’

* BA strike: against the race to the bottom – by Gregor Gall

* obamacare: the nuns strike back – by Ernie Haberkern

* ESOL students and staff defend childcare – by Sally Haywill

* 20 years of namibian independence – by Jade McClune

* terre’blanche, ‘black boers’ and the class war – by Adam Ford

* gender, nation, class and the first intifada – by Aitemad Muhannah

* the deficit! the deficit! but what about unemployment? – by Oisín Mac Giollamóir

* ‘blair plus’: a future fair for all? – by David Broder

* flying the flag for socialism in scotland – by Ewan Robertson and Angela Gorrie

* anna walentynowicz: an inspiring class fighter – by Chris Ford

* questions of communist recomposition – by Ed Griffiths

* for a league of communists – by Allan Armstrong

* political platform of our communist network

* upcoming events

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Neues aus den Archiven der radikalen (und nicht so radikalen) Linken

Posted by entdinglichung - 11. Dezember 2009

ältere Archiv-Updates und Hinweise zu weiteren linken Archivalien unter „Sozialistika“ und im Download-Archiv:


* Herbert Marcuse: Negations: Essays in Critical Theory (1968, pdf-Datei)

Big Flame 1970-1984:

* EPISODES IN BIG FLAME HISTORY: No 25. State Collectivism
** Century of the Unexpected: A New Analysis of Soviet Type Societies (1979)
*** Century of the Unexpected front-p12 (pdf-Datei)
*** Century of the Unexpected p13- back (pdf-Datei)
** The Nature of So-Called Socialist Societies (1980)
*** Some Notes on Big Flame’s Contribution to the Discussion of Soviet-Type Societies (pdf-Datei)
*** The Failure of So-Called Socialism (pdf-Datei)
*** The Origins and Basis of State Collectivism (pdf-Datei)
** Motion on BF’s Analysis of the USSR, other Comecon Countries and China (1980, pdf-Datei)
* INTERNATIONAL SOCIALIST ALLIANCE [ISA] (Groups who joined Big Flame [or in this case didn’t] no3)
** Big Flame contribution to the ISA post-conference bulletin (1979, pdf-Datei)

Rassembler, diffuser les archives des révolutionnaires (RaDAR, ehemals ASMSFQI):

* Parti communiste internationaliste (PCI): La Vérité des travailleurs, November 1954
* Comité français pour la IVe internationale: La Vérité, 15. November 1940 (Untergrundzeitung)
* Ligue communiste (LC): L’agonie du capitalisme et le tâche de la IVe internationale. Programme de transition (1973)
* IVe Internationale: Service de presse international (SIP), 10. Oktober 1938
* Jeunesse communiste révolutionnaire (JCR): L’étincelle, Dezember 1966
* Parti communiste internationaliste (PCI): Bulletin intérieur, 1964

La Bataille Socialiste:

* Bert Hogenkamp: Marceau Pivert et le service du film de la Fédération de la Seine (2008, Auszug aus Une histoire mondiale des cinémas de propagande)
* Pierre Monatte: Préface à Socialisme et liberté (1954)
* Tim Mason: The Workers Opposition in Nazi Germany (1981)
* René Le Bras: Un ouvrier parle du système Bedaux (1948)
* Angelo Tasca: La guerre de Finlande (1951, Auszug aus Les communistes français pendant la drôle de guerre 1939-1940)

Marxists Internet Archive (MIA):

* Eleanor Marx-Aveling: Exchange with Bax (1895)
* Eleanor Marx-Aveling: The Proletarian in the Home (1896)
* Critical Chronicle — Socialism and “Free Love” (1895)
* Herbert Burrows: Bax And The Woman Question (1907)
* Balfort Bax: “Free Love” and Socialism – A Criticism (1895)
* T.J. Wooler: Prospectus for the Black Dwarf (1817)
* Leo Trotzki: Alta marea (1921)
* Leo Trotzki: Prospettive per la ripresa (1932)
* Artikel von Daniel De Leon, Januar 1908 (pdf-Dateien)
** 1908, January 2 – Massachusetts a Sample
** 1908, January 3 – An Innocent Altrurian
** 1908, January 4 – A Chiel Taking Notes
** 1908, January 6 – Thieves Falling Out
** 1908, January 7 – A Whipt Conspiracy
** 1908, January 8 – „Un-con-sti-tu-tion-al“ Again
** 1908, January 9 – „Exceptional Ability,“ Etc.
** 1908, January 10 – A Gem
** 1908, January 11 – The Evil of „Sentiment“
** 1908, January 13 – Butcher Workers and the „Times“
** 1908, January 14 – No Class Distinction, Eh?
** 1908, January 15 – Gov. Sparks a Witness
** 1908, January 16 – A Novel Proletariat
** 1908, January 17 – They Learned Nothing
** 1908, January 18 – „Diamond“ or „Swine“?
** 1908, January 19 – His Nose Against the Wall
** 1908, January 20 – What of the Children?
** 1908, January 21 – Specimen John R. Walsh
** 1908, January 22 – Not Three but Many
** 1908, January 23 – Modern „Candides“ and „Ingenus“
** 1908, January 24 – Totally Unnecessary
** 1908, January 26 – Prof. Paul Milyukov’s Address
** 1908, January 27 – A Question of Spectacles
** 1908, January 28 – Modern Dispossessment
** 1908, January 29 – Class Blindness, or What?
** 1908, January 31 – Modern Malaprops
* Ted Grant: Left must fight for socialist alternative – Cuts in health, housing and education, handouts to Leyland/BMC, Lairds/Vickers and steel bosses (1968)
* Pieter Lawrence: The Bishop of Woolwich Squares the Circle (1963)
* Pieter Lawrence: Dimensions of Alienation (1978)
* Pieter Lawrence: The Death of Ideas? (2001)
* Pieter Lawrence: Socialism, Sudden and Gradual Change (2002)
* Pieter Lawrence: The Fetishism of Money (2002)
* Pieter Lawrence: Ken’s (Capitalist) Plan for London (2002)
* Pieter Lawrence: Britain Is Not a Classless Society (2002)
* Socialist Standard: Obituary Pieter Lawrence (2007)
* Chris Harman: Crisis of the European Revolutionary Left (1979)
* Chris Harman: Afghanistan – Only a Pawn in Their Game (1980)
* Chris Harman: Marxism and the Missiles (1980)
* Chris Harman: 1984 and the shape of things to come (1985)
* Chris Harman: Imperialism – East and West (1986)
* Chris Harman: The Market and the Future of Eastern Europe (1989)
* Chris Harman: The Storm Breaks – The Crisis in the Eastern Bloc (1990)
* Chris Harman: The state and capitalism today (1991)
* Chris Harman: The Return of the National Question (1992)
* Chris Harman: Globalisation – A Critique of a New Orthodoxy (1996)
* Chris Harman: Movie with an Open Ending (2000)
* Chris Harman: Anti-capitalism – Theory and Practice (2000)
* Chris Harman: Argentina – Swimming with the Tide of Revolt (2002)
* Chris Harman: To vote or not to vote? (2002)
* Chris Harman: Philosophy and Revolution (1983)
* Chris Harman: Islamism – An Analysis (1994)
* Chris Harman: Blood Sacrifice (2002)
* Chris Harman: The Working Class or the Multitude (2003)
* Chris Harman: The Outbreak of the 2007 Crisis (2007)
* Chris Harman: Chris Wickham, Feudalism and Forces of Production (2008)

Materialien zur Analyse von Opposition (MAO):

* Göttingen: Georg-August-Universität – Psychologisches Institut

Theorie als Praxis:

* Konvergenzen des wissenschaftstheoretischen Relativismus (Ergänzungen)

Collectif Smolny:

* La Révolution prolétarienne: Albert Camus et nous (1960)
* BILAN: M. Albert Sarraut, symbole de la cohérence capitaliste (1936)
* Iosif Solomonovich Bleikhman ( 1868 – 1921 )


* May Hobbs: Housing and cleaners‘ struggles in London in the 1960s-70s (1973)
* Russell Jacoby: The Politics of Subjectivity (1977)
* Class War Nr. 73 (1997, die letzte Ausgabe der Alten Folge)
** Introduction
** An Open Letter to Revolutionaries
** Preaching to the Converted?
** A Rose By Any Other Name?
** Middle Class? Fuck Off!
** Peace Off!
** Class War and the Media
** The Party’s Over: The State of the Left in the 1990s
** Make Your Own Tea: Women’s Realm and Other Recipes and Patterns
** Getting Organised
** Beyond the Bullshit: In A Galaxy Far, Far Away…
** Postscript
* Tiqqun: What is Metaphysical Criticism? (1999)
* Tiqqun: The Conquerors had Conquered Without Trouble … (2001)

The Cedar Lounge Revolution:

* Official Republican Movement: United Irishman, Januar 2000
* Brendan Ryan, Left Independent 1989

Centro de Documentación de los Movimientos Armados (CeDeMA):

* Ximena Vanessa Goecke Saavedra: Juventud y política revolucionaria en Chile en los sesenta (2005, pdf-Datei)
* Frente Sandinista de Liberación Nacional (FSLN): Comunicado unitario de las tres tendencias del FSLN (1978)
* Frente Farabundo Martí para la Liberación Nacional (FMLN): Comunicado de la DRU anunciando la incorporación del PRTC al FMLN (1980)
* Comando Santiago Pampillón: Castigo a un delator de la empresa IPAKO (1970)
* Bandera Roja (BR): Comunicado sobre la muerte de Jóvito Faustino Lugo (1980)

Europe Solidaire Sans Frontières (ESSF):

* Daniel Bensaïd: Marxisme contre totalitarisme (1984)
* Michaël Löwy: Nationalismes du Sud (1995)
* Houshang Sepehr: Sur la nature du régime iranien (2007)
* Democracia Socialista/PT: Un débat sur l’internationalisme d’aujourd’hui (2006)

Workers‘ Liberty:

* Sean Matgamna: Why Lenin got Ireland wrong (1995)

The Irish Election Literature Blog:

* Donegal Labour /Labour Youth -1985 LE
* Emmet Stagg- “Cuts Kill, defend your right to Health”- 1989 GE Kildare
* Brendan Ryan – “A Voice for the Voiceless” NUI Seanad 1989
* Jimmy Hogan -Workers Party -Greystones TC 1985
* Richard Boyd-Barrett -People Before Profit- Dun Laoghaire 2007
* Paddy Gallagher, Tony Wright – Workers Party 1987 Waterford
* “Party Pizzas! -The Election Selection” -John O’Neill -Irish Socialist Network 2007

The Anarchist Library:

* Jacques Camatte: Against Domestication (1973)
* Nachie: Anarcho-Sceneism: What it is and how to fight it (2003)
* Lance Klafeta: Ayn Rand and the perversion of libertarianism (?)
* Gary Elkin: Capitalism, Right Libertarianism and the problem of “externalities?” (?)
* Jacques Camatte: Democratic Mystification (1969)
* Iain MacSaorsa: Ideas of Lysander Spooner — Libertarian or libertarian socialist? (?)
* Iain MacSaorsa: Is “anarcho” capitalism against the state? (?)
* Dave Antagonism: Jacques Camatte And the New Politics of Liberation (2004/2005)
* Peter Sabatini: Libertarianism: Bogus Anarchy (1994/1995)
* Iain MacSaorsa: (The) Myths of “Libertarian” economics (?)
* John Connor: Rise of the West: A Brief Outline of the Last Thousand Years (2005)
* Jacques Camatte: Wandering of Humanity (1973)
* David Watson: We All Live in Bhopal (1985?)

The Militant:

* 25, 50 and 75 years ago (1934/1959/1984)

Espace contre ciment:

* Die roten Kämpfer – Zur Geschichte einer linken Widerstandsgruppe (1959)
* Bernhard Reichenbach: Begegnung mit Lenin (1970)
* Michael Löwy: Consumé par le feu de la nuit – Le romantisme noir de Guy Debord (1997)
* Guy Debord: In girum imus nocte et consumimur igni (1978)
* Joseph Déjacque: De l’être-humain mâle et femelle – Lettre à P.J. Proudhon (1857)
* Fredy Perlman: La reproduction de la vie quotidienne (1969)
* Fredy Perlman: Antisémitisme et pogrome de Beyrouth (1982)
* Kommunismus: Eine Mauer fällt und das Elend geht weiter! (1989)
* À bas le prolétariat – Vive le communisme ! (1979)
* Abolition du travail salarié (?)
* La Java des Bons-Enfants (1974)


* Karl Kautsky: Communism in central Europe in the time of the reformation (1897)
* Pavel Axelrod: Observations sur la tactique des soci­alistes dans la lutte contre le bolchevisme (extraits d’une lettre a Martov) (1921)
* Victor Prosper Considerant: Destinée sociale, Vol. I (1837)
* Victor Prosper Considerant: Destinée sociale, Vol. II (1837)
* Victor Prosper Considerant: Destinée sociale, Vol. III (1837)
* Rudolf Hermann Meyer: Der Emancipationskampf des vierten Standes (1875)
* Wilhelm Cohnstaedt: Die Agrarfrage in der deutschen Sozialdemokratie von Karl Marx bis zum Breslauer Parteitag (1903)

International Viewpoint:

* Fourth International: Link up the struggle against HIV globally (2003, Auszug aus On Lesbian/Gay Liberation)

The Commune:

* Richard Hyman: The politics of workplace trade unionism: recent tendencies and some problems for theory (1979)

Luxemburger Anarchist:

* Han Ryner: Scepticisme (1934, aus der von Sébastien Faure herausgegebenen Encyclopédie Anarchiste aus dem Anlass des 148. Geburtstag von Han Ryner/Henri Ner)

Radical Socialist:

* OKDE-Spartakos: The Fourth International in Mortal Danger (2007)


* David James Fisher: Zum psychoanalytischen Verständnis von Faschismus und Antisemitismus (2003)
* David James Fisher: Towards a Psychoanalytic Understanding of Fascism and Anti-Semitism: Perceptions From the 1940’s (2003)

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Neues aus den Archiven der radikalen (und nicht so radikalen) Linken

Posted by entdinglichung - 27. November 2009

ältere Archiv-Updates und Hinweise zu weiteren linken Archivalien unter „Sozialistika“ und im Download-Archiv:


* Anthony McElligott: Street politics in Hamburg, 1932-3 (1983)
* Elisabeth Behrens: Workers‘ Struggles And The Capitalist Counter-Offensive Under National Socialism (1974)
* Paper Boys: One Man’s Account of Picketing at Wapping (1987)
* Blaumachen: 2005-06 The rebellion of young proletarians in France – interview (2007)

La Bataille Socialiste:

* 4 meetings SIA à Paris en 1938
* Le papier-monnaie en Catalogne en 1936-37
* Wilebaldo Solano: Le PSOP dans le sauvetage du POUM en 1939 (1989)
* Benjamin Péret: Lettre à “Noir & Rouge” (1957)
* Maurice Dommanget: Jean Colly (1858-1929) (1967)
* Socialist Party of Great Britain (SPGB): Marx & Keynes (1971)
* Alfred Rosmer: La conférence de Berlin (1922, pdf-Datei)
* Jean-Jacques Soudeille: La politique de l’I.C. aux Indes (1931, pdf-Datei)
* PSOP: Pour un nouveau juin 36 (1938, pdf-Datei)
* Natalia Sedova-TrotskyLettre sur la question russe (1944, pdf-Datei)
* Jaime Balius: Recordando Julio de 1936 (1971, pdf-Datei)
Pierre Broué: Spartakisme, bolchevisme, gauchisme face aux problèmes de la Révolution prolétarienne en Allemagne (1973, pdf-Datei)
* Pablo Ruiz: Elogio póstumo de Jaime Balius (1981, pdf-Datei)
* Éric Nadaud: Le renouvellement des pratiques militantes de la S.F.I.O. au début du Front populaire (1934-36) (1990, pdf-Datei)
Giorgio Amico: Alle origini del socialismo italiano (1879-1892) (2000, pdf-Datei)

Rassembler, diffuser les archives des révolutionnaires (RaDAR, ehemals ASMSFQI):

* Comité français pour la IVe internationale: La Vérité, 15. Oktober 1940
* Parti communiste internationaliste (PCI): La Vérité des travailleurs, September 1954
* Ligue communiste (LC): Les chants de la Commune (1971)
* Parti communiste internationaliste (PCI): L’internationale, April-Mai 1963
* Parti communiste internationaliste (PCI): Aux ouvriers, aux militants, exprimez par votre vote, votre opposition au capitalisme (1958)
* Parti communiste internationaliste (PCI): Camarades typos, canardiers et rotatives (zwischen 1948 und 1952)
* Parti communiste internationaliste (PCI): Travailleurs, travailleuses ! (1962)
* Parti communiste internationaliste (PCI): Bulletin intérieur „La Vérité“, 15. Mai 1950
* Parti communiste internationaliste (PCI): Bulletin intérieur, 1946
* Parti communiste internationaliste (PCI): Débrayez ! Elisez démocratiquement vos comités de grèves ! Formez un comité central de grève de la région parisienne ! (1947)

Big Flame 1970-1984:

** Health, Revolutionary Socialism, no4 Winter 1979-80 (pdf-Datei)
** Hospitals: our health is not for sale, Big Flame Journal, no2 Winter 1975-76 (pdf-Datei)
** London Hospitals Report (1976, pdf-Datei)

Marxists Internet Archive (MIA):

* Ernest Mandel: The Colonial Revolution and The National Bourgeoisie (The Latin American Stalinists in the Footsteps of the Mensheviks) (1959)
* Maxime Rodinson: The Arabs in the Greco-Roman World (1966)
* Chris Harman: Rußland, wie die Revolution scheiterte! (1967)
* Chris Harman: Partei und Klasse (1968)
* Chris Harman: Gramsci gegen Reformismus (1977)
* Chris Harman: Stalin: Totengräber der Revolution (1983)
* Chris Harman: Basis und Überbau (1986)
* Chris Harman: Globalisierung: Kritik einer neuen Orthodoxie (1996)
* Chris Harman: Antikapitalismus – Theorie und Praxis (2000)
* Chris Harman: Vor 40 Jahren – Die Kämpfe von 1968 (2008)
* Chris Harman: Imperialism – East and West (1986)
* Chris Harman: The state and capitalism today (1991)
* Chris Harman: The Return of the National Question (1992)
* Chris Harman: Engels and the Origins of Human Society (1994)
* Ernst Fischer: Vad Marx verkligen sagt (1968)
* Address on the Granting of Civil Rights to Jews (1790)
* Wladimir Iljitsch Lenin: Rede op het Eerste Congres voor geheel Rusland van Arbeidsters
* Wladimir Iljitsch Lenin: De taken van de jeugdbonden
* Wladimir Iljitsch Lenin: Over de betekenis van het strijdbare materialisme
* Paul Lafargue: Proprietatea: Origine şi evoluţie (1890)
* Karl Marx: Ke kritice politické ekonomie (1859)

Materialien zur Analyse von Opposition (MAO):

* Bürgerinitiativen gegen eine WAA und ein Atommüllendlager im Landkreis Celle (pdf-Datei, BUHA-Archiv)
* Die Proteste gegen das „Stahlhelm“-Bundestreffen in Celle 1983 (pdf-Datei, BUHA-Archiv)
* Hochsicherheitstrakt Celle (1) „Die Zellentüren sind luftdicht. Die Zelle ist still.“ (pdf-Datei, BUHA-Archiv)
* Hochsicherheitstrakt und Solidarität mit politischen Gefangenen (2) (pdf-Datei, BUHA-Archiv)
* Schülerprotest 1969 (pdf-Datei, BUHA-Archiv)
* Einschüchterung und Zensur: Das Verbot der Schülerzeitung „bi“ 1971 (pdf-Datei, BUHA-Archiv)
* Die Hausbesetzung im Jahr 1981 (pdf-Datei, BUHA-Archiv)
* Das Unabhängige Jugendzentrum in Celle (pdf-Datei, BUHA-Archiv)
* „Die Herren machen das selber, dass ihnen der arme Mann Feyndt wird.“ Der Gorleben-Treck 1979 kommt durch Hermannsburg und Celle (pdf-Datei, BUHA-Archiv)
* „Advent, Advent – die TeNo brennt.“ Zur Kampagne gegen die Wehrsportgruppe Jürgens in den 1980er Jahren (pdf-Datei, BUHA-Archiv)
* Orden fürs Morden? Eine Kampagne gegen das Treffen der Ritterkreuzträger in Celle 1993 (pdf-Datei, BUHA-Archiv)
* 1989/1990 – Nie wieder Deutschland (pdf-Datei, BUHA-Archiv)
* Schülerbewegung in Baden-Württemberg
* Schülerbewegung in Freiburg

The Cedar Lounge Revolution:

* The Socialist Party of Ireland 1971 – 1982
* Sinn Féin: United Irishman (incorporating Resistance), November 1969

Centro de Documentación de los Movimientos Armados (CeDeMA):

* Frente Sandinista de Liberación Nacional (FSLN): Entrevista a Jaime Wheelock, miembro de la Comisión Política del FSLN-Proletario (1978)
* Movimiento Revolucionario Tupac Amaru (MRTA): Carta abierta de Miguel Wenceslao Rincón Rincón (2003)
* Descamisados: 1845 – 20 de noviembre – 1970. Día de la Soberanía (1970)
* Frente Sandinista de Liberación Nacional (FSLN): Parte de guerra Nº 10 (1978)
* Frente Farabundo Martí para la Liberación Nacional (FMLN): Declaración del FMLN acerca de la conversión de sus fuerzas en el Ejército Nacional para la Democracia (1990)

Europe Solidaire Sans Frontières (ESSF):

* Phil Hearse: 2007 – Year of Climate Change Catastrophe (2007)
* Vinoj Kumar: The Cobra Fields (2006)

The Irish Election Literature Blog:

* Joan Collins -Anti Bin Tax 2004
* Workers Party Youth – 1991
* Eddie Collins-Hughes -Carlow-Kilkenny 2002 GE
* Micheal O’Muireagain -Sinn Fein- Dublin South East 1992
* Pat Rabbitte – Workers Party – Dublin South West 1987
* Lisa Maher -Socialist Party -Dundrum 2004 Local Elections

The Anarchist Library:

* Willful Disobedience Volume 4, number 3-4 (2003)
* Willful Disobedience Volume 4, number 2 (2003)
* Willful Disobedience Volume 4, number 1 (2003)
* Willful Disobedience Volume 3, number 5 (2002)
* Willful Disobedience Volume 3, number 4 (2002)
* Willful Disobedience Volume 3, number 3 (2002)
* Willful Disobedience Volume 3, number 2 (2002)
* Willful Disobedience Volume 3, number 1 (2002)
* Willful Disobedience Volume 2, number 12 (2001)
* Willful Disobedience Volume 2, number 11 (2001)
* Willful Disobedience Volume 2, number 10 (2001)
* Willful Disobedience Volume 2, number 9 (2001)
* Willful Disobedience Volume 2, number 8 (2001)
* Willful Disobedience Volume 2, number 7 (2001)
* Willful Disobedience Volume 2, number 6 (2001)
* Essays from Willful Disobedience Volume 1-2 (2000/2001)
* Devin Burke: Building a “Canadian” Decolonization Movement: Fighting the Occupation at “Home” (2004)
* Insurgent-S: Colonization, Self-Government and Self-Determination in British Columbia (2003)
* Jamie Heckert: Maintaining the Borders: identity & politics (2002)
* Mia X. Kursions: Meditation on Mediation: Direct Experience as Spirituality (2005)
* Native Youth Movement Communications: On Rumors Gossip, Lies, and Snitch-Jacketing of Native Warriorz (2007)
* Luigi Galleani: (The) Principal of Organization to the Light of Anarchism (19??)
* Paul Avrich: Review of Luigi Galleani’s “The End of Anarchism?” (1983)
* P. Milstein: (The) Southern Poverty Law Center “Bad Jackets” Anarchists (~ 2001)

The Militant:

* 25, 50 and 75 years ago (1934/1959/1984)

Espace contre ciment:

* Mike Davis: Planet der Slums. Urbanisierung ohne Urbanität (2006)
* Amadeo Bordiga: Über die Frage des Par­la­men­ta­ris­mus/Das de­mo­kra­ti­sche Prin­zip (1920/1922)
* William S. Burroughs: A Thanksgiving Prayer (1986/1991)


* William Alfred Hinds: American communities : brief sketches of Economy, Zoar, Bethel, Aurora, Amana, Icaria, the Shakers, Oneida, Wallingford, and the Brotherhood of the new life (1878)
* Isador Ladoff: The passing of capitalism, and the mission of socialism (1901)
* Proceedings: Socialist Party – Emergency National Convention at St. Louis, 1917 (1917)
* Harold Laski: Karl Marx; an essay (1922)
* Ramsay MacDonald: Socialism and society (1906)

Fundación Andreu Nin:

* Wilebaldo Solano: El hospital proletario/ La organización sanitaria de la comuna asturiana (1935, pdf-Datei)
* Wilebaldo Solano: El recuerdo de la comuna de Asturias (2004, pdf-Datei)
* Emilio García García: secretario local del Sindicato de la construcción de la CNT y militante del POUM (1941, pdf-Datei)
* Carta de José Luis Arenillas a Juan de Ajuariaguerra, horas antes de ser fusilado (1938)

Radical Socialist:

* Soma Marik: Feminism and Marxism (2005)


* Workers Vanguard: Maos „Sozialismus“: Weder Elektrifizierung noch Sowjets (1976)

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Neues aus den Archiven der radikalen (und nicht so radikalen) Linken

Posted by entdinglichung - 23. Oktober 2009

ältere Archiv-Updates und Hinweise zu weiteren linken Archivalien unter „Sozialistika“ und im Download-Archiv:

Rassembler, diffuser les archives des révolutionnaires (RaDAR, ehemals ASMSFQI):

* Comité communiste internationaliste (CCI): Le Soviet, Mai 1943 (Untergrundzeitung)
* Parti ouvrier internationaliste (POI): La Vérité, 31. März 1943 (Untergrundzeitung)
* IVe internationale: IVe internationale, Februar-April 1951
* Ligue communiste (LC): Engels, Lénine, Trotsky : La commune de Paris (1971)
* Parti communiste internationaliste (PCI): Bulletin intérieur, ~ September 1946
* Ligue communiste (LC): Bulletin intérieur, September 1933

Theorie als Praxis:

* Redaktionskollektiv Perspektiven – Zeitschrift für sozialistische Theorie: Auf zu neuen Ufern! (1988, pdf-Datei, eine Einleitung zur Problemstellung dieses und des folgenden Textes gibt es hier)
* Cornelia Eichhorn: Zwischen Dekonstruktion und Identitätspolitik. Eine Kritik zur feministischen Debatte um Judith Butler (1994, pdf-Datei)

Big Flame 1970-1984:

* EPISODES IN BIG FLAME HISTORY: No 18. Sexual Politics and Life
** Daily Life, Revolutionary Socialism no4 Winter 1979-80 (pdf-Datei, Einleitung von Lynne Segal)
** In a Barbed Wire Canoe (1978, pdf-Datei)
** Letter to the Editorial Collective of Women’s Struggle Notes (1977, pdf-Datei)
** Notes from Sexuality Workshop at Women’s Weekend (1981, pdf-Datei)

La Bataille Socialiste:

* Les Communistes Révolutionnaires (pour la nouvelle Internationale Communiste): Pétain à mort ! (1945, ein Text der Schwesterorganisation der Revolutionären Kommunisten Deutschlands (RKD))
* Carta de rupturacon la ICE de Fersen, Munis y otros (1935)
* Pierre Monatte: Réflexions sur l’avenir syndical (1917)
* Rosa Luxemburg: Intervention au congrès international de Stuttgart (1907)
* Paul Mattick: Le développement de la politique étrangère de la Russie soviétique (1936)
* L’Unité: Le procès de Paris (1980)
* Laín Díez: Préface à Pannekoek (1948)

Marxists Internet Archive (MIA):

* Leo Trotzki: The Tragedy of Spain (1939)
* Leo Trotzki: Spain, Stalin and Yezhov (1939)
* Ted Grant: Cousins calls for “£15 minimum and workers’ participation” – How? Take over the 380 monopolies, Socialist plan only answer (1966)
* Jean-Patrick Manchette: The Roman Noir and Terrorism (1982)
* Guy Cudel: Van de miljarden voor landsverdediging … naar de afschaffing van de verplichte militaire dienst (1959)
* Guy Cudel: De Belgische arbeidersbeweging gedurende de Eerste Wereldoorlog (1960)
* Jan Craeybeckx: Het Belgische socialisme in de periode van de stichting van de BWP (1960)
* Jan Craeybeckx: De Gentse socialistische arbeidersbeweging in de jaren vóór de stichting van de BWP (1885) (1959)

La Presse Anarchiste:

* Solidarité Ouvrière n°2, Mai 1971


* Federación Anarquista Uruguaya (FAU): Huerta Grande (1972)


* Situationist International: The Explosion Point of Ideology in China (1967)
* Heinrich Laufenberg: The Hamburg revolution (1919)
* Gilles Dauvé/Denis Authier: The Communist Left in Germany: 1918-1921 (1976)
** Translator’s note
** Introduction
** Chapter 1 – Germany in 1914
** Chapter 2 – Origins of the German workers‘ movement
** Chapter 3 – The German Left before 1914
** Chapter 4 – War and radicalisation
** Chapter 5 – The 1918 ‚November Revolution‘
** Chapter 6 – Before the confrontation: the relation of forces
** Chapter 7 – The confrontations: November 1918 to May 1919
** Chapter 8 – The international and domestic situations, May 1919 to March 1920
** Chapter 9 – Revolutionary syndicalism and unionism
** Chapter 10 – The KPD: January 1919 to March 1920
** Chapter 11 – Between the first and the second congresses of the Communist International
** Chapter 12 – The Kapp Putsch and the Ruhr insurrection
** Chapter 13 – The VKPD
** Chapter 14 – The KAPD and the AAUD-E
** Chapter 15 – The March Action (1921)
** Chapter 16 – The German left and the Third International
** Chapter 17 – The ‚International Communist Left‘
** Conclusion
* Julian: A view on „Class War“ by a former member (1986)
* A. Lehmann: The Economic, Political and Social Origins of Fascism (1933)
* What is Council Communism? (2000)
* Notes on capitalist globalization (2001)
* Notes on the Real Domination of Capital and State Capitalism (1994)
* Unions Narrowly Avert General Strike in British Columbia, Canada (2004)
* The Communist Left in Russia after 1920 (?)
* Herman Gorter: The Origins of Nationalism in the Proletariat (1915)
* Ben Goldacre: When hospital is a prison (2003)

The Cedar Lounge Revolution:

* Revolutionary Communist Tendancy (RCT): TUC Hands off Ireland! (~1981, die RCT war der Vorläufer von RCP/Living Marxism/Spiked!)

Centro de Documentación de los Movimientos Armados (CeDeMA):

* Marta Harnecker: El Salvador: Partido Comunista y guerra revolucionaria (1988, pdf-Datei)
* Movimiento Revolucionario Tupac Amaru (MRTA): El pueblo uniformado también protesta (1989)
* Ejército Popular Boricua – Macheteros (EPB): El Machete (Octubre-Diciembre de 1994) (1994)
* Fuerzas Populares de Liberación Farabundo Martí (FPL): Relato del Comandante Marcial (1981)
* Partido Comunista de El Salvador (PCS): Lineamientos básicos de la táctica del PCS (1970)
* Resistencia Nacional-Fuerzas Armadas de la Resistencia Nacional (RN-FARN): Comunicado de la RN-FARN saludando la formación del FMLN (1980)

Europe Solidaire Sans Frontières (ESSF):

* Union syndicale Solidaires: Femmes au travail : une égalité à construire (2006)
* Eric Toussaint: Sous la pression populaire, le président bolivien met fin à la présence de Suez en Bolivie (2005)
* Eric Toussaint: Bolivie : la lutte du peuple pour l’exercice de la souveraineté sur les ressources naturelles (2003)
* Eric Toussaint: CIRDI/Telecom Italie : Bas les pattes de Bolivie ! (2007)

Workers‘ Liberty:

* Workers‘ Liberty supplements

The Irish Election Literature Blog:

* Labour Party 1969 GE- ‘Instructions to drivers on polling day’
* Prionsias DeRossa – Workers Party Euro 89
* Liam MacElhinney – Sinn Fein Letterkenny 1985
* Catherine Murphy , Michael Enright -Workers Party- Leinster 1989 Euro Elections

The Militant:

* Art Preis: How miners won fight against WWII no-strike laws (1964)
* 25, 50 and 75 years ago (1934/1959/1984)

Espace contre ciment:

* Erich Mühsam: Der Revoluzzer (1907)
* Karl Kraus: Antwort an Rosa Luxemburg von einer Unsentimentalen (1920)
* Wilhelm Reich: Massenpsychologie des Faschismus (1933, Auszug)
* B. Traven: Das Totenschiff (1926, Auszug)
* Alphonse Barbé: A van der Lubbe assassiné (1934)
* André Prudhommeaux: L‘ordre règne en Allemagne – Le bilan de douze ans de « bolchévisation » du prolétariat allemand (1933)
* Tim Mason: Travailleurs sans syndicats Résistance de masse dans l’Italie fasciste et dans l’Allemagne nazie (1984)
* Tim Mason: Class Conflict and Scientific Management in American Industry: Guides to the Literature (1977)
* Henri Chazé: A propos de Lénine (1971)
* André Prudhommeaux: Lénine et la relativité (1949)


* Rosa Luxemburg: The crisis in the German Social-Democracy (The „Junius“ pamphlet) (1916)
* Bertram Wolfe: Revolution in Latin America (1928, der Autor wurde wenig später aus der CPUSA ausgeschlossen und gehörte in den 1930ern zu den leitenden Mitgliedern der „brandlerianischen“ Independent Communist Labor League/Independent Labor League of America um Jay Lovestone, in der Zeit des kalten Krieges entwickelte er sich zum Antikommunisten)
* Heinrich Ströbel: Socialisation in theory and practice (1922, weitere Informationen zum Autor hier)
* Max Shachtman: Socialism: the hope of humanity (1945)
* William Morris/Balfort Bax: Socialism, its growth and outcome (1893)
* Ferdinand Lassalle: Di arbeyṭer un di gezelshafṭlikhe ḳlasen iberzetsṭ fun Dayṭsh (?)
* Karl Kautsky: Terrorism and communism: a contribution to the natural history of revolution (1920)
* Ramsay MacDonald: Socialism and society (1907)
* Selected articles on modern industrial movements (1920)
* Louis Fraina: Revolutionary socialism, a study in socialist reconstruction (1918)
* Albert Rhys Williams: Through the Russian revolution (1921)
* Michael Harrington/James Cone: The Black church and Marxism: what do they have to say to each other (1980)

Projekt Gutenberg:

* Ferdinand Freiligrath: Englische Gedichte aus neuerer Zeit [II] (1846)
* Ferdinand Freiligrath: Englische Gedichte aus neuerer Zeit [I] (1846)

Rustbelt Radical:

* Frederick Douglass: “He Saw the Evil Through No Mist Or Haze” (1881)


* Luigi Fabbri: Bourgeois Influences on Anarchism (1917, pdf-Datei)
* Libertarian Socialist Organisation/Libertarian Workers for a Self-managed Society/Monash Anarchist Society/Adelaide Libertarian Socialists: You Can’t Blow Up a Social Relationship: The Anarchist Case Against Terrorism (1979, pdf-Datei)
* Petr Kropotkin: “Attentats” and Anarchist Practice (1906, pdf-Datei)

ICL-FI (Spadtakist):

* Franz Mehring: On Race as a Social Construct (1893)

Dublin Opinion:

* Red Mole, 15. Mai 1972 (Auszug)
* Cars, Beers and Socialism (~ 1967, Realsatire)

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Neues aus den Archiven der radikalen (und nicht so radikalen) Linken

Posted by entdinglichung - 2. Oktober 2009

ältere Archiv-Updates und Hinweise zu weiteren linken Archivalien unter „Sozialistika“ und im Download-Archiv … weitere Hinweise bei Poumista:

Projekt Gutenberg:

* Felix Fechenbach: Im Haus der Freudlosen. Bilder aus dem Zuchthaus (1925, Knasterfahrungen des linkssozialdemokratischen Journalisten Felix Fechenbach, der 1918/19 in Bayern Sekretär in der Staatskanzlei in der Regierung Kurt Eisners war. Auf Grund von Veröffentlichungen zur Schuld Deutschlands am Beginn des Ersten Weltkrieges wurde Fechenbach 1923 in einer Justizfarce in München zu elf Jahren Zuchthaus unter dem Vorwurf des „Landesverrates“ verurteilt, nach Protesten 1924 begnadigt. 1933 wurde Fechenbach, der als Jude, Sozialist und Pazifist bei den Nazis besonders verhasst war nach der Machtübertragung an die NSDAP im März 1933 inhaftiert und am 7. August 1933 während des Transports in das KZ Dachau ermordet)

Rassembler, diffuser les archives des révolutionnaires (RaDAR, ehemals ASMSFQI):

* Ligue des communistes: Bulletin intérieur, Juli 1933
* IVe Internationale: Bulletin intérieur du secrétariat internationale, Mai 1938 (Diskussionen zwischen Trotzki und Henk Sneevliet)
* Parti communiste internationaliste (PCI): Bulletin intérieur „La Vérité“, Mai 1949
* Parti ouvrier internationaliste (POI): Bulletin intérieur, Dezember 1938
* Ligue Communiste (LC): La santé malade du capital (1970)
* Jeunesse communiste révolutionnaire (JCR): L’étincelle, Juni 1966 (Special zum Juni 1936)

Theorie als Praxis:

* Etienne Balibar: Zur Kritik der libertären Ideologie vom „Streben nach Selbstverwaltung“, das allen ‚Subjekten‘ inhärent sei (1992, Auszug aus Die Krise der Parteiform in der Arbeiterbewegung)

Big Flame 1970-1984:

** Big Flame Newspaper May 1979 p1-p6 (pdf-Datei)
** Big Flame Newspaper May 1979 p7-p10 (pdf-Datei)
** Big Flame Newspaper May 1979 p11-p16< (pdf-Datei)
** How Often a Paper and for Whom? (1979, pdf-Datei)
** Propaganda and Consciousness (1975, pdf-Datei)
** Searching for a Perfect Paper (1981, pdf-Datei)
** The Future of the Newspaper (1983, pdf-Datei)

La Bataille Socialiste:

* Paul Levi: Brief an Loriot (1920)
* Max Seydewitz: Unser Kampfprogramm (1930)
* Victor Serge: Une réponse à Trotsky (1939)
* Lucien Laurat (Otto Maschl): Staline, la linguistique et l’impérialisme russe (1951)
* Gauche communiste: Rapport sur les relations entre l’Opposition de gauche et les partis staliniens (1933)
* Fomento Obrero Revolucionario (FOR): Bulletin spécial sur la guerre (2001)
* Marcel van der Linden: Socialisme ou Barbarie: A French Revolutionary Group 1949-1965 (1997)
* Paul Mattick: Qu’y a t-il derrière le “New Deal” ? (1934)
* Paresh Chattopadhyay: The Marxian Concept of Capital and the Soviet Experience (1994, Auszug)
* Desseaux: Si les CRS entrent dans l’usine, on détruit le stock ! (2002)
* Willy Huhn: Zur Theorie des „Arbeiterstaates“ in Rußland (1952)
* Stephen Coleman: Impossibilism (1987)
* Célian Faure: L’Insurgé : un mouvement socialiste sous l’occupation (2003, Auszug)
* Pierre Souyri: Marxisme et révolution russe (1979)
* B. Malon: 1871 La 3° défaite du prolétariat français (1871, pdf-Datei)
* Conférence internationale de la Jeunesse socialiste (1907, pdf-Datei)
* Marceau Pivert: Syndicalisme et unité (1926, pdf-Datei)
* Marceau Pivert: Analyse critique du projet de Monzie (1928, pdf-Datei)
* Marceau Pivert: Un mort: Robert Pellerin (1929, pdf-Datei)
* Marceau Pivert: 1929-03 Exposé sur l’école unique [Pivert] (1929, pdf-Datei)>
* Jean Zyromski: 1932-11 Les jeunes socialistes et le désarmement [Zyromski] (1932, pdf-Datei)
* Marceau Pivert: Il faudra choisir [Pivert] (1935, pdf-Datei)
* Maximilien Rubel: Robert Owen à Paris en 1848 (1960, pdf-Datei)
* Lucien Laugier 1974 Premiers pas de militantisme (1974, pdf-Datei)

Projet de scannerisation de la revue Socialisme ou Barbarie:

** ANNONCE: Réunion publique (pdf-Datei)
** Peregrinus: Le kolkohz pendant la guerre (traduit de l’allemand par P. Chaulieu) Teil 1 et Teil 2 (pdf-Dateien)
** Paul Chaulieu: L’exploitation de la paysannerie sous le capitalisme bureaucratique (pdf-Datei)
** Paul Romano L’ouvrier américain (IV) (pdf-Datei)
** Vue d’ensemble sur les événements (pdf-Datei)
** Les répercussions de l’explosion atomique russe (pdf-Datei)
** Dévaluation et vassalisation (pdf-Datei)
** Les luttes revendicatives (pdf-Datei)
** MONTAL, C. Le trotskisme au service du titisme (pdf-Datei)
** CORRESPONDANCE: Groupe trotskyste de Cuba (pdf-Datei)
** Nous invitons les lecteurs… 4
** SOMMAIRE (pdf-Datei)

Marxists Internet Archive (MIA):

* Alfred Rosmer: British Imperialism and French Imperialism After The London Conference (1924)
* Julius Jacobson/Gordon Haskell: Civil Liberties and the Philosopher of the Cold War (1955)
* Julius Jacobson: The Peters Case (1955)
* Julius Jacobson/Abe Stein: Magazine Chronicle review (1955)
* Julius Jacobson: Leninism, The Comintern and Putschism (1965)
* Julius Jacobson: Isaac Deutscher: The Anatomy of an Apologist (1965)
* Julius Jacobson: Reflections on Fascism and Communism (1983)
* Barry Finger: Standing Fast – Julius Jacobson (1922-2003) (2003)
* Shapurji Saklatvala: India and Britain (1927)
* Leo Trotzki: Il boom e la crisi (1921)
* Leo Trotzki: La curva dello sviluppo capitalista (1923)
* Ernest Mandel: Treinta preguntas y treinta respuestas en torno a la nueva „Historia del Partido Comunista de la Union Soviética“ (1960)
* Ernest Mandel: Waarom algemene werkstaking op 29 januari?
* Ernest Mandel: Solidariteit met de Borinage
* Ernest Mandel: De eerste regering van de republiek Congo
* Ernest Mandel: Diepe crisis in Congo: de achtergrond
* Ernest Mandel: De anarchie van de kapitalistische productie
* Ernest Mandel: De staking: balans en perspectieven
* Ted Grant: Wall Street slump (1962)
* Ted Grant: Railwaymen—Stand firm! (1962)
* Texte der Frente Farabundo Martí para la Liberación Nacional (FMLN)
** Comunicado del FMLN, 2 Noviember, 1989
** Comunicado de la Comandancia General del FMLN a todo el pueblo salvadoreño, 12 November, 1989
** Manifiesto a la nación, 13 November, 1989
** Parte de Guerra No. 3, 14 November, 1989
** Orientaciones de la Comandancia General del FMLN (21:00 hrs), 15 November, 1989
** Comunicado de la Comandancia General del FMLN, 16 November, 1989
** Sobre suspensión de concentración de fuerzas, 25 April, 1992
* Wladimir Iljitsch Lenin: I Congresso da Internacional Comunista – Teses e Relatório Sobre a Democracia Burguesa e a Ditadura do Proletariado (1919)
* Monty Johnstone: Review of Mandel’s “Revolutionary Marxism Today” (1980)
* Monty Johnstone: Is the Marxist Tradition Democratic? (1981)
* Monty Johnstone: The Polish Crisis (1982)
* Monty Johnstone: Gorbachev Ushers in a New Period (1985)
* Monty Johnstone: Will Gorbachev Shake the World?: A roundtable discussion (1986)
* Monty Johnstone: People Power (1989)
* Monty Johnstone: Marxism After Marx: Critical Condition (1990)
* Monty Johnstone: The Moment of Truth (1990)

Materialien zur Analyse von Opposition (MAO):

* Dortmund: Pädagogische Hochschule Ruhr
* Göttingen: Georg-August-Universität – Institut für Leibesübungen (IfL)
* Göttingen: Pädagogische Hochschule
* Ronnenberg
* Hannover: Westinghouse


* Gerhardt Wartenburg: The Nazis’ Political and Economic Goals (1932, Text eines FAUD-Mitgliedes)
* Luigi Fabbri: Bourgeois Influences on Anarchism (~ 1917)
* Luigi Fabbri: Influencias burguesas sobre el anarquismo (~ 1917)
* Santi Fedele: Giustizia e Libertà and the Anarchists prior to the Spanish Civil War (2001)
* Petr Kropotkin: „Attentats“ and anarchist practice (1906)
* Petr Kropotkin: Atentados y práctica anarquista (1906)
* Petr Kropotkin: Attentats et pratique anarchiste (1906)
* Petr Kropotkin: „Απόπειρες“ και αναρχική πρακτική (1906)

Collectif Smolny:

* Étincelles de la Gauche marxiste russe : 1881-1923. Cinquième partie – Le crash énigmatique : 1921-1923


* John Sullivan: As soon as this pub closes (198?, ein analytisch-humoristischer Rundumschlag zur radikalen Linken in Britannien)
* Luigi Fabbri: Bourgeois Influences on Anarchism (~ 1917)

The Cedar Lounge Revolution:

* Militant, Juni 1972
* TILT (The Irish Labour Tribune) from the Labour Party, Sommer/Herbst 1997

Centro de Documentación de los Movimientos Armados (CeDeMA):

* María Teresa Escalona Terrón: La radio como instrumento de lucha política: Experiencia de Radio Farabundo Martí (2003)
* Movimiento de Liberación Nacional – Tupamaros: Los Tupamaros y el movimiento estudiantil (1968)

Europe Solidaire Sans Frontières (ESSF):

* LCR/Robin Guébois: Guinée : Grève générale insurrectionnelle réprimée dans le sang (2007)

Workers‘ Liberty:

* Julius Jacobson (Julius Falk): Lenninism, The Comintern and Putschism (1959, pdf-Datei, 257 kb)

The Irish Election Literature Blog:

* All aboard “The Condom Train” – Workers Party Maynooth 1991
* Socialist Student (Workers Party) – 1991
* Ogra Sinn Fein -’Give Youth a Chance’ Leaflet (~ 1990)
* (Judge) Michael White- Workers Party- 1983 Dublin Central By-Election
* ‘Workers and Unemployed Movement’ Meeting Poster 1985
* Sinn Fein Cork 1995-”Peace Through British Withdrawal” leaflet
* Workers Party 1991 – ‘Do You Remember 1985?”
* The Winchester Three -No extradition Protest 1988

The Anarchist Library:

* Rob Sparrow: Anarchist Politics & Direct Action (1997)
* Héme: Critique of Half-Assed Radicalism (1990/91)
* Rob los Ricos: Empire for Beginners (?)
* Dina Fisher: FBI vs. the Branch Davidians: Assembling an alternative understanding (1993)
* For a World Without Morality (198?)
* Julius Lester: The Oppression of Whites (1968)
* Chris Dixon: Reflections on Privilege, Reformism, and Activism: A response to sasha k’s “‘Activism’ and ‘Anarcho-Purism’” (?)
* The Rising of the Barbarians: A Non-Primitivist Revolt Against Civilization (?)
* Renzo Novatore: Returning (1919)
* Renzo Novatore: Towards the Hurricane (1919)
* Renzo Novatore: Twilight Dance (?)
* Renzo Novatore: The Dream of My Adolescence (1921)

Fire on the Mountain:

* Missing Sully, Part 4–A Commie In-Joke (1980)


* Roter Morgen: Jetzt spricht die Arbeiterklasse (1969)

The Militant:

* 25, 50 and 75 years ago (1934, 1959, 1984)
* Speech at a Women’s Rally (1987)


* Porichoy Patrika, 1961-62, Issues 1,2 4-7

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Krisenprogramm der Freedom Socialist Party (USA)

Posted by entdinglichung - 30. September 2009

Quelle: Freedom Socialist, Oktober 2009

An answer to the crisis

10-point program of the Freedom Socialist Party

No more bailouts for bankers & speculators. Open the books. Nationalize the banking and insurance industries, under the control of workers! • Make public the results of worker audits of allegedly bankrupt and failing companies. • Send corporate crooks to jail, including predatory lenders.

Redirect war spending into social services. Redirect the Pentagon’s $500-plus billion budget into retraining soldiers and workers for peacetime production, and to providing for the public welfare. • Bring the troops home and close overseas military bases. • U.S. troops out of Iraq and Afghanistan now. • End U.S. military aid to Israel, Colombia, and other countries whose governments violate human rights.

Tax the rich & make corporations pay. Replace unfair, regressive taxes (such as sales taxes) with a steeply graduated tax on income and profits, putting the heaviest burden on the rich. • Tax all corporate and investment income, including capital gains and dividends. • Close tax loopholes and eliminate taxpayer subsidies for big business.

Guarantee the right to organize. Eliminate all bars to union organizing and the right to strike, regardless of immigrant status and type of employer (private or public). • Cancel anti-labor, racist and environment raping free trade agreements, including NAFTA and CAFTA.

Protect homes & create jobs. Put a moratorium on all home foreclosures. • Fund a mass public works program to create public-sector jobs at union-scale wages. • Provide training and apprenticeship programs for low-skilled workers, especially teens and young adults.

Provide universal employment & retirement security. Reduce the standard workweek to 30 hours with no cut in pay to instantly create more jobs. • Guarantee an annual minimum income for people who are unable to work. • Raise the minimum wage to union scale, with automatic COLA raises. • Raise Social Security benefits to cover actual living costs. • Create a federal, worker-controlled pension system to supplement Social Security. • Ban contracting-out of public services to the private sector.

Make quality healthcare & housing available for all. Provide low-cost, quality med¬ical care for all by nationalizing the healthcare industry, including pharmaceuticals, medical supply companies and hospitals, with control by healthcare workers in collaboration with users/patients. • Dramatically expand public housing and rent control to provide shelter for those in need.

Mandate an environmentally sustainable energy policy. Nationalize the energy industry, including oil and coal, under the control of energy-industry workers, and create jobs in the environmental sector. • Redirect auto bailout funds to reopen closed auto factories, under the control of auto workers and retooled to manufacture mass transit, including buses, subways, light rail and trains. • Redirect subsidies to agribusiness and the biofuels industry into building an integrated mass public transit system with service to rural and underserved urban areas. • Increase the use of public transit by making it free.

Improve women’s & children’s lives. Mandate employer-funded childcare. • Provide government-funded family-planning services, including abortion. • Ensure equal pay for equal work. • Restore Aid to Families with Dependent Children and social services for the elderly, disabled, sick and mentally ill. • Fund free, universal, public education through college.

Uphold civil liberties. Full civil rights for lesbians, gays, bisexuals and transgendered people. • End ICE raids and Border Patrol checkpoints. • Dismantle for-profit detention centers and prisons as well as the Department of Homeland Security. • Drastically reduce the prison population by ending racial profiling and the phony war on drugs. • Redirect funds into drug rehabilitation, job training, and after-school and summer youth programs.

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Radical Women zu Barack Obamas Rede zur Gesundheitsreform

Posted by entdinglichung - 13. September 2009

Quelle: http://socialism.com/whatsnew/obama_healthcare_statement.html

Obama’s healthcare speech sacrifices women and immigrants

„I am mad as hell at how President Obama is scapegoating women and immigrants in order to buy favor with rightwingers. He’s trying to appease forces who will only sabotage healthcare reform no matter what,“ says Radical Women National Organizer Anne Slater. Slater objects to Obama’s specific mention in his September 9 address that the plan he proposes will neither extend federal money to cover abortion nor insure undocumented workers.

Slater, a feminist activist from Seattle, is in New York City in the midst of a national speaking tour calling for „No More Singing Capitalism’s Blues—Sisters, It’s Time to Fight!“

„As I’ve traveled from state to state, the strong support for single-payer health coverage for all U.S. residents has become dramatically clear. There’s an all-out war going on in the Midwest over Dr. Leroy Carhart’s determination to keep providing abortions despite the murder of his colleague George Tiller. Immigrants, with papers and without, are being harassed and killed by white ‚patriots.‘ President Obama’s statement is a cynical accommodation to lies that abortion is somehow immoral and that immigrants are depleting social services,“ says Slater. „His words will fan the acts of vigilantes and bigots. Within an hour of Obama’s address, National Radical Women received an anonymous email message saying, ‚Die, rotten c—nts.‘ I don’t think this is just a coincidence.“

„Obama received 59% of women’s votes, yet he is undermining the crucial issue of women’s control over our own bodies. He should overturn the exclusion of federal funds for abortion, rather than defending this unjust ban. Actions like these are why Radical Women calls for women, immigrants and working people to stop relying on Democrats and to turn toward independent socialist alternatives. Why should we support a two-party system that keeps kicking us to the curb?“

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Neues aus den Archiven der radikalen Linken

Posted by entdinglichung - 20. August 2009

ältere Archiv-Updates und Hinweise zu weiteren linken Archivalien unter Sozialistika“:

Dublin Opinion:

* John Goodwillie: Family Tree of the Irish Left (1983)
* John Goodwillie: Glossary of the Left in Ireland, 1960 to 1983 (1983)

La Bataille Socialiste:

* SFIO: Appel à la solidarité (1909)
* Karl Marx/Friedrich Engels: Crétinisme parlementaire et opportunisme (1879)

Marxists Internet Archive (MIA):

* Barta (David Korner): Letter From Bucharest to Trotsky (1936)
* Murray Bookchin: Links-Zoals-Het-Was (1992)
* Roestam Effendi: Indonesië en Nederland (1938)
* Leo Trotzki: Balanço dos Acontecimentos Filandeses (1940)
* Leo Trotzki: Carta a Abert Goldman (1940)
* H.M. Hyndman: Ruin of India by British Rule (1907)
* Eduard Bernstein: Die Kolonialfrage und der Klassenkampf (1907)
* Eduard Bernstein: Das Finanzkapital und die Handelspolitik (1911)
* Mansoor Hekmat: Un mondo migliore (1994)
* Benjamin R. Tucker: Letter on Translating Stirner (1907)
* Benjamin R. Tucker: Nietzsche’s Responsibility for the War (1914)

Materialien zur Analyse von Opposition (MAO):

Auswertungen zu folgenden Themen/Gruppen/Orten/Betrieben:

* Butzbach
* Kommunistische Gruppe Frankfurt/Offenbach: Arbeiter-Zeitung 1972/73
* Bremerhaven
* Bremerhaven: Hausbesetzung in der Kinderschule Finkenstraße
* Landkreis Goslar
* Regensburg: AEG Sachsenwerk
* Regensburg: Händler


* Francis O’Rourke: Flint 1936-7: Diary of a Sitdowner (1937)
* Theses on the Imaginary Party (1999)
* Bordiga versus Pannekoek (2000)
* Wildcat: Development by other means (1994, Text zu Somalia)
* No War But The Class War: The story of this group (in its various incarnations) (2001)
* No War But The Class War: War! What is it good for? (2002)

Collectif Smolny:

* Fédération Internationale Syndicaliste Révolutionnaire (FISR): À tous les travailleurs de la pensée et des bras (1943)
* BILAN: Fascisme – Démocratie : Communisme (1934)
* BILAN: Le problème de la Sarre et la guerre (1934)
* BILAN: La comédie de Mussolini : L’État corporatif en Italie (1934)
* BILAN: Les bolcheviks-léninistes entrent dans la S.F.I.O. (1934)
* BILAN: Vers un « Parti Unique » en France (1934)
* Maximilien Rubel: Avant-propos (1981)

The Cedar Lounge Revolution:

* Statement from the Republican Movement, 15 August 1969
* Irish Republican Army Statement – August 1969


* Joshua Horn: Medicine and Mass Line in Revolutionary China (1971)

Class against Class:

* Italy 1980-81: After Marx, Jail! (1981)

ICL-FI (Spadtakist):

* Kommunistische Korrespondenz: Nein zu den persischen Pinochets! Nein zur ,gerechten Herrschaft des Islam‘! Für eine Arbeiterrevolution in Iran! (1979, Auszug)

Centro de Documentación de los Movimientos Armados (CeDeMA):

* Movimiento Revolucionario 14 de Junio (1J4): Discurso de Manuel Aurelio Tavárez Justo en la ciudad de Santiago (1964)
* Frente Guerrillero „Libertador“: Telegrama del Primer Comandante, Juan Vicente Cabezas (1962)

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