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Solidarität mit den kasachischen KollegInnen

Posted by entdinglichung - 30. Juni 2012

Quelle: LabourStart, wo auch eine Petition unterschrieben werden kann

Kazakhstan: Justice for oil workers!

Over a period of several months, court trials related to the tragic events in Zanaozen of 16 December 2011 have taken place. Many months of dispute between oil workers and the management of oil companies, with the connivance of the authorities, resulted in disorders, violence and the uncontrolled use of force by police, which caused the death of 17 and injuries to dozens of people. Not only oil workers were killed and injured, but also citizens of Kazakhstan who had no involvement with the labour conflict.

Dozens of people, whose involvement is contestable, were subsequently charged. Many of them were sentenced to different terms in prison. During the process, international observers, representatives of Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch and OSCE, human rights defenders and journalists recorded numerous violations in the trial processes. Almost all defendants and some of witnesses stated that they were tortured in the course of the investigation, but the trials were not suspended. The trials were conducted in an environment of extreme tensions and close to a state of emergency measures in the region.

The international trade union movement demands that the sentences be reconsidered, that all cases of torture and provocation be thoroughly investigated, and that national legislation that envisages criminal responsibility for “calling for social strife” and that is used selectively to put pressure on trade unionists, human rights activists and public figures, be changed.

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07.02. 2012: Aufruf zum Protest gegen den Besuch des kasachischen Präsidenten Nasarbajew in Berlin

Posted by entdinglichung - 5. Februar 2012

Nachfolgender Aufruf stamt von der Webseite der SAV:

Aufruf zum Protest gegen den Besuch Nasarbajews in Deutschland am 7. Februar in Berlin

Unterstützt die Proteste gegen den Staatsbesuch von Nursulatan Nasarbajew in Berlin!

Keine Geschäfte mit Diktatoren!

Für demokratische und gewerkschaftliche Rechte in Kasachstan!

Für eine vollständige Aufklärung der Massaker an den streikenden ÖlarbeiterInnen am 16. Dezember 2011 in Schanaosen und Westkasachstan!

Wir rufen zu einem Protest am Dienstag, den 7.2.2012, um 17 Uhr vor der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Auswärtige Politik auf (Rauchstr. 17/18, Berlin-Mitte – Nähe U-Bhf. Wittenbergplatz, U1, U2, U3). Dort wird der kasachische Präsident Nasarbajew um 18 Uhr vor ausgewählten Gästen, unter anderem Ex-Außenminister Hans-Dietrich Genscher, auftreten.

Die Protestkundgebung soll dazu dienen, dem gewerkschaftlichen und sozialen Widerstand gegen die Diktatur in Kasachstan eine Öffentlichkeit in Deutschland und international zu geben. Wir drücken damit auch unseren Unmut darüber aus, dass die Bundesregierung mit solch einem Regime Wirtschaftsverträge abschließt.

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Solidarität mit den ArbeiterInnen in Kasachstan!

Posted by entdinglichung - 27. Dezember 2011

* Kazakhstan: Stop police violence against strikers (LabourStart)

* Kasachstan „Öl ist Sklaverei – es gibt keine Demokratie!“ (SAV)

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Mehr zur derzeitigen Lage in Kirgisistan und Kasachstan

Posted by entdinglichung - 6. Mai 2010

Hier der Hinweis auf zwei Artikel auf der Homepage des International Viewpoint, bleibt anzumerken, das es in den letzten Tagen in Kirgisistan zu rassistischen Angriffen auf Angehörige der meskhetischen Minderheit gekommen ist 1/2:

* Jan Malewski: Popular insurrection opens new page of history

„The Kyrgyz popular insurrection is a magnificent example of what the oppressed are capable of in overthrowing an autocracy. It has broken down one of the doors blocking social transformation. It has rendered more fragile private ownership of the means of production by putting pressure on the most significant swindlers at the moment — the Bakiyev family. It is both enormous and insufficient. In order for the revolution to grow into a social transformation, an emancipatory popular revolution, the people must construct their own forms of self-organisation, find a programme and equip themselves with a strategy.“

* Ainur Kurmanov: The current state of the trade union movement in Kazakhstan

„The situation in the trade union movement in Kazakhstan is complex and quite difficult. The processes under way within the organizations and amongst the working masses are in many ways reminiscent of the changes taking place in Russia. In essence, there is no unified labor movement in the country.

At the same time, the economic crisis, which has staggered many sectors of the economy, has stimulated the growth of a new trade union movement. The signs of this new movement have begun to emerge everywhere and are a cause for optimism.“

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Solidarität mit Ainur Kurmanov!

Posted by entdinglichung - 4. Mai 2010

Quelle: International Viewpoint … springt der Funke von Kirgisistan auf Kasachstan über?

Solidarity against repression in Kazakhstan

On April 27th, Ainur Kurmanov, journalist and political militant, was sentenced to a fortnight’s imprisonment for having reported on a strike picket. The picket was organized by the oppositional social movement „Kazakhstan 2012“ to protest against the eviction of the poor from their homes.

Ainur has begun a hunger strike and made an appeal against the sentence. The arrest of this journalist is a sign of the regime’s nervousness faced with the growth of the protest movements and the fear created by the popular insurrection which overthrew the regime in the neighboring state of Kyrgyzstan. In Kazakhstan, the workers will no longer accept the creation of a new middle-class from the old apparatus of the bureaucratic State and enterprise managements. Ten thousand oilworkers were on strike, from March 4th to 19th, for wage demands, the sacking of the directors and the nationalization of their company under workers’ control.

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Musik zum Sonntag … Ulytau

Posted by entdinglichung - 17. Januar 2010

Rockmusik aus Kasachstan:

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Posted by entdinglichung - 6. Oktober 2009

1.) Ernst Meyer vor und während der Novemberrevolution von Florain Wilde über Ernst Meyer (1887-1930) eine sehr zu Unrecht heute fast vergessene Persönlichkeit der ArbeiterInnenbewegung in Deutschland.

„So unbekannt, wie Meyers Rolle als führender KPD-Politiker heute ist, so vergessen ist auch seine wichtige Rolle in der Gruppe Internationale und dem Spartakusbund während des Krieges und der Novemberrevolution.“

2.) Das Gründungsmanifest der revolutionär-marxistisch-feministischen Gruppe Las Rojas aus Costa Rica: Manifiesto Fundacional: Las Rojas en lucha por un movimiento feminista contra la opresión capitalista y patriarcal (pdf-Datei)

3.) Der Internationale MetallarbeiterInnenverband (IMF) berichtet über den Angriff auf einen linken Gewerkschafter iin Kasachstan und ruft zu Protestbriefen auf:

„Late in the evening of September 22, Ainur Kurmanov, a well known workers‘ rights activist and organizer, was viciously attacked by unknown thugs at the entrance to his home in the capital city, Almaty. He is in a hospital now, suffering from concussion and head wounds. He is badly bruised from head to toe and has a broken finger.

Judging from the nature of Ainur’s wounds, a heavy instrument was used against him, possibly a metal bar. He was attacked from behind, without warning, and although left with little chance of defending himself, he still managed to resist the attack and return to his flat before receiving urgently needed medical treatment.

Ainur is in a hospital now. His wounds have been bandaged and stitched and he has received medical treatment.

Recently, Ainur has conducted important campaigning work in defence of workers at the Almatinskii Wagon Factory and also at the Almatinskii Heavy Engineering Plant (AZTM). With Ainur’s active assistance, workers at these plants went on strike and participated in protest meetings and other activities. As a result, hundreds of jobs were saved at the wagon factory and the plant was rescued from bankruptcy and collapse.

Factory bosses are attempting to prevent similar worker actions from being repeated at the AZTM plant, where the struggle to save jobs has just begun.“

4.) Der Luxemburger Anarchist widmet sich der Verteidigung des Progressive Rock im allgemeinen und von Emerson, Lake and Palmer im besonderen, diesem Bestreben schliesst sich diese für ihren kulturellen Eklektizismus bekannte Webseite gerne an:

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