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Solidaritätserklärung der OKDE-Spartakos mit den Kämpfen in der Türkei

Posted by entdinglichung - 8. Juni 2013

Quelle: International Viewpoint:

Solidarity with the Struggle of the People of Turkey

Statement of the Organization of Communist Internationalists of Greece (OKDE-Spartakos), Greek section of the Fourth International.

The Organization of Communists Internationalists of Greece / OKDE-Spartakos expresses its solidarity with the struggle of the working class, the youth and the people of Turkey against the Erdogan government.

A struggle that, although it began as a mobilization against the commercialization of Gezi Park, has quickly acquired the features of a political struggle against the antipopular and authoritarian Erdogan government, which, after consolidating its position against the Kemalists has launched a policy of Islamic neo-conservatism that violates elementary social rights and democratic freedoms provoking the indignation of the vast majority of the democratic people of Turkey.

The uprising in Turkey reveals the real situation in the country. Behind the economic growth rates, the prosperity of numbers and the capitalists, lays the reality of poverty and oppression of the working class and the poor social strata.

For us it is clear that the uprising is deeply social and that it is part of the chain of revolts that started in the French suburbs back in 2005 and continued with December 2008 in Greece, the Arab Spring, the workers’ struggles against austerity in a series of European countries and the uprising of the British urban proletariat in 2011.

Erdogan’s propaganda against the uprising, has found many allies in the Greek mass media as well as in the Greek nationalist cycles and the Nazi gang of Golden Dawn. This development is not accidental. Last week, the Turkish militant Bulut Yayla was kidnapped in the streets of Athens and was handed in the Turkish police. This fact also, reveals the relations between the two governments and their apparatuses.

As the working people in both countries are severely hit by the offensive of the capital, solidarity between the two people is more necessary than ever. We stand by the side of the Turkish people in revolt and by the side of our comrades of the revolutionary left who wage the battle of barricades and ideas. We denounce the murderous police attacks against the protesters in the cities around the country.

The Turkish “spring” shows that our days bear the possibility for a social and political overthrow, away from the barbarism of capitalism, based on the power and self-organization of the oppressed.

– Victory to the revolt of the Turkish people

– Solidarity with the protesters in the streets

– Down with the Erdogan government. No trust to the Kemalists.

– Immediate release of the militant Bulut Yayla

– Long live the unity of the working class in Greece and Turkey

Proletarians of the world unite!

OKDE-Spartakos, Greek section of the Fourth International

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Newsticker zu den Kämpfen in der Türkei

Posted by entdinglichung - 7. Juni 2013

offenbar ist der Newsticker in der Türkei selbst derzeit blockiert:




News is edited realtime and sometimes not directly translated from Turkish.
Use with caution!

Abbreviations for Turkish politics

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Kommunistische Partei Iran zum 1. Mai 2013

Posted by entdinglichung - 1. Mai 2013

Quelle: Webseite des Abroad Committee of the Communist Party of Iran:

Announcement of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Iran on the occasion of May 1st, International Workers‘ Day (2013)

May 1st is a day of international working class solidarity. Iranian workers have had a year full of difficulties and at the same time full of strikes and protests and an era accompanied with constant fight for their rights. During the past year, the deepening crisis of global capitalism and the impact of this crisis on different aspects of the life of the working class on one side and on the other side the expansion of the economic sanctions have resulted in tens of thousands of factory closures, bankruptcy of numerous production centers, increasing number of millions of unemployed people, escalating inflation and soaring prices of basic necessities of the society and brutal living conditions. The Iranian workers on many levels have been struggling with the consequences of these devastating economic sanctions and the devastating policies of the Islamic regime that has been constantly trying to impose the burden of the sanctions on the working-class families and the poor layers of the society.

Iranian workers through their daily protests and strikes have shown that they neither surrender to the fate that the capitalist class and their regime have created for them nor have been intimidated by the continuous repression, arrests and prosecution of labor movement activists and leaders by the Islamic regime. They have shown that the daily violations against their lives and rights will not break their will and this way they have kept alive the hope for system change and end to the rule of the Islamic regime in the hearts of the oppressed and deprived masses in the society.

Iranian workers now celebrate this historic day amid continuous struggles and with wide experience in organizing May 1st ceremonies and actions. May 1st is part of workers’ fight against the capitalist system during which they show and raise the degree of their class consciousness, their awareness about their working and living conditions, their understanding of the importance of class struggle and self-organization for the liberation from oppression and exploitation of the capitalist system. The labor movement leaders and activists need to have a clear knowledge of the factors involved in Iran’s political situation as well as a realistic evaluation of the existing power balance and the dominating atmosphere in the society so that they can organize successful May 1st ceremonies and actions.

The activists and leaders of the labor movement know that this year’s May 1st is going to be held just few weeks before Iran’s eleventh presidential “elections”. This makes this year’s May 1st celebrations special and more sensitive. The regime has been planning special measures ahead and in fear of mass riots in the weeks leading up to the „elections“ and recently by announcing the launch of „polling bases“, [ polling centers that are guarded by armed forces], it actually announces that it will enforce tight security measures in the society. The regime is extremely worried about the outburst of people’s anger and discontent against the high inflation and high prices, against poverty, unemployment and wide corruption, and turning this discontent into a mass political movement in the tense atmosphere of the society. Regime’s fear of mass riots, its resort to more repression and force against people and displaying its military and security capabilities in order to overcome this fear clearly shows the fragility of the current atmosphere in the society. Workers’ organized and strong presence in the city centers during May 1st can be the start to end this atmosphere, trigger waves of mass anger and create a more favorable atmosphere for the advance of the labor movement and other progressive social movements.

The fragile atmosphere of the society is rooted in more fundamental factors. The deepening economic crisis, the pressure and problems that the regime is facing as a result of the continuation of the economic sanctions, the impasse in becoming a nuclear power and failure in becoming the super power of the region, its fear of labor and mass uprisings and its frustration in controlling these crises has made the Iranian regime struggle with an internal crisis as well. Different factions within the regime have been attacking each other over the ways out of this crisis and over the survival strategies of the regime. It is the regime’s incapability in resolving these crises that has made all its measures and plans fragile.

The regime of the Islamic Republic, in face of such challenges and by terming 1392 as „The Year of Political and Economic Saga“, by calling on the workers to bear the austerity programs and asking for active participation in the presidential elections is, once again, openly stating its intention to intensify the exploitation of the workers and pushing more families under the poverty line. The increasing pressure on the Iranian labor activists and leaders is an attempt by the regime to prevent any possible wide response from the labor movement against these attacks.

Organizing May 1st gatherings is one of the top priorities of the labor activists and leaders in the labor movement. The communist activists in the labor movement need to have an accurate and correct evaluation of the conditions and power balance in the society and accordingly try to organize and hold May 1st activities. It is the duty of the socialist activists in the labor movement to set a clear vision for the workers of the different phases of the advancement of the labor movement. It is necessary to emphasize the urgent demands of the working class, especially the demand for increased wages and rejecting the minimum wage that is four times less than the poverty level, to emphasize the importance of united and country-wide fight against the regime’s assaults and for the liberation from the terrible economic situation as well as the political and social limitations that have made life for the working class intolerable.

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Lesehinweis zu Syrien

Posted by entdinglichung - 26. April 2013

Syria Freedom Forever, u.a. mit Texten des Revolutionary Left Current und dem LCC-Statement zu Al-Qaida-Umtrieben

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Syndikalistisches, Anarchistisches, Sozialistisches aus Brasilien

Posted by entdinglichung - 11. April 2013

Neues im Marxists Internet Archive:

O Cosmopolita (1916-1918)

A Rebelião (1916)

A Voz do Trabalhador (1920-1922)

Boletim da Escola Moderna (1918-1919)

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Zwei Texte zur Lage auf Zypern

Posted by entdinglichung - 26. März 2013

* OKDE-Spartakos about the recent developments in Cyprus (International Viewpoint)

„It is a fatal mistake for the Left to praise the national dignity and the determination of the Cypriot government and of the parliament. The only language they know, is the language of the capital and the money. The workers in northern and southern Cyprus, like their colleagues in other countries, have nothing to expect from the so-called anti-imperialist bourgeois parties and international allies. They do not need any common struggle neither with Anastassiades, big depositors and Putin, nor with the EU and with Samaras. Whatever workers are to win, they will only win it with their own independent action.“

* Theodora Polenta: Cyprus: lessons from AKEL’s shame (Workers Liberty)


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Neue und alte Betriebszeitungen

Posted by entdinglichung - 25. März 2013


* Was tun bei Thyssen Krupp, 20.03. 2013

* Werkerinfo: So wie es ist, darf es nicht bleiben! 14.03. 2013

* “WAS TUN?” – Betriebszeitung von kämpferischen Arbeiterinnen und Arbeitern bei Daimler Chrysler Sindelfingen, März 2013


* Opel Rüsselsheim: ‚Revolutionärer Kampf‘ (1971-1974, von Joschka, Tom, Thomas, Matthias & Co.)

* Berlin-Zehlendorf: Klassenkampf – Klasna Borba – Sinif Mucadelisi. Zeitung der Betriebsgruppe Krone (1973-1974)

* Basisgruppe Zehlendorf: Informationen für die Arbeiter und Angestellten in den Zehlendorfer Fabriken (1969-1970)

* AG ‚Weser‘ Werft Bremen-Gröpelingen: ‚Der Brenner‘ (1971-1975)

* München: ‚Metallarbeiter‘ (1971-1974)

* Daimler-Benz Sindelfingen: ‚Roter Stern‘ (1972-1973)

* Kommunistischer Bund Westdeutschland Ortsgruppe Hamburg: ‚Informationen für die Kollegen von HDW‘ (1973-1974)

* Kommunistische Gruppe Hamburg / Kommunistischer Bund Westdeutschland Ortsgruppe Hamburg: ‚Informationen für die Kollegen von Hanomag Henschel‘ (1973-1974)

* Kommunistische Gruppe Hamburg / Kommunistischer Bund Westdeutschland Ortsgruppe Hamburg: ‚Informationen für die Kollegen von Kolben-Schmidt‘ / ‚Betriebszeitung für die Kollegen von Kolbenschmidt‘ (1973-1974)

* Göttingen: ‚Der Chemiearbeiter‘ – Zeitung für die Kollegen der Chemie-, Kautschuk-, Papier-, Schleifmittel- und Zementindustrie (1972-1973)

* Opel Rüsselsheim: ‚Roter Metaller‘ / ‚Zündkerze‘ (1971-1974)

* Hamburg-Altona: DEMAG-Conz: ‚Der Motor‘ (1973-1974)

* Sozialistische Arbeiterbasisgruppe (SABG) Mainz: ‚Rote Arbeiterpresse‘ (1969-1970)

* Hamburg: ‚Der Heissleiter‘ – Betriebszeitung für die Kollegen der Philips-Betriebe Valvo und Röntgenmüller (1974-1976)

* Hoesch Dortmund: ‚Kommunistische Arbeiterpresse‘ (1971-1976)

* Freiburg: ‚Klassenkampf – An alle Metaller‘ / ‚Klassenkampf für die Kollegen der Metallindustrie‘ (1971-1973)

* Universitätskliniken Göttingen: ‚Der Schrittmacher‘ (1972-1977)

* Berlin-Zehlendorf: Kommunistische Arbeiterpresse – Betriebszeitung der Zelle Krone der KPD (1973-1975)

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Für das Leben und die Freiheit von Mohammad Jarahi!

Posted by entdinglichung - 24. März 2013

gefunden auf Freethought Blog:

Fear for the life of jailed Iranian labour activist Mohammad Jarahi

by Maryam Namazie

mohammad jarahi

There are growing fears for the life of imprisoned labour activist Mohammad Jarahi, who is now known to be suffering from thyroid cancer. Jarahi, who is a member of the Committee to Pursue the Establishment of Workers’ Organisations, was arrested last June and sentenced to five years in prison. He is now in the second year of his sentence.

Jarahi underwent surgery on 16th February this year. However, the results of the tests following the operation show that he has thyroid cancer. According to his doctors, Jarahi should begin his treatment as soon as possible. Despite the efforts of his family for him to be referred for immediate medical treatment outside prison, Jarahi continues to be jailed.

* * *

Mohammad Jarahi is in prison purely for his union activities. He should not be in jail, and should be able to receive urgent medical care and treatment outside prison.

Free Them Now! calls for the immediate and unconditional release of Mohammad Jarahi.

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Erfolgreicher Streik bei Haribo/Uzès

Posted by entdinglichung - 21. März 2013

Haribo macht nicht jeden froh, zumal wenn mensch dort arbeiten muss … aber die KollegInnen bei Haribo in Uzès/Languedoc-Roussillon haben per Streik eine Lohnerhhung durchgesetzt, gefunden auf Solidarité Ouvrière:

Haribo : « La lutte a payé »

Objectif Gard, 18 mars 2013 :

“La lutte a payé, les salariés sont aujourd’hui satisfaits” se réjouit Jérôme Maurin, délégué du personnel à Uzès (CGT) et membre du CE. Au lendemain des négociations qui se sont tenues dans les locaux Haribo dans la cité phocéenne, en présence de Jean-Philippe André, président du directoire Haribo Ricqlès Zan ainsi que des directeurs d’exploitation des usines de Marseille et d’Uzès (Pierre Blimond), le piquet de grève est tombé ce mardi 19 mars après plus dix jours de mobilisation.

Les quelque 700 salariés qui protestaient contre la baisse des primes d’intéressement et de participation — conséquence d’une augmentation de la matière première se justifiait la direction — ont finalement obtenu gain de cause par la validation de compensations financières soit une revalorisation des salaires de 60 à 65€ par salarié, l’obtention d’une prime exceptionnelle de 500€ ainsi qu’une augmentation de 200€ sur la prime d’objectif. “C’est une belle victoire pour nous, mais nous restons vigilants !” glisse le cégétiste.

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Ein Beitrag aus der Revolutionären Initiative Ruhrgebiet zur politischen Lage

Posted by entdinglichung - 20. März 2013

gefunden auf der Webseite Neue Antikapitalistische Organisation? Na endlich!:



Der Hauptgrund für die kaum spürbare Bewegung der ArbeiterInnen, für den niedrigen Stand der sozialen Bewegung(en) und für die Schwäche der linken, sozialistischen Bewegung liegt in der Stärke des BRD-Imperialismus, der andere Länder innerhalb der EU nieder konkurriert und aussaugt. Das ermöglicht ihm in der Krise eine Politik des Klassenkompromisses zwischen Kapital, Regierung und Gewerkschaften, während die herrschende Klasse in Ländern wie Griechenland, Portugal, dem Spanischen Staat die ArbeiterInnenklasse frontal angreift. In Deutschland gibt es leichte Lohnerhöhungen, Abschaffung der Studiengebühren und eine breite Debatte über die Einführung eines Mindestlohnes. In Griechenland wurden die Löhne um 30-40 Prozent gesenkt. Auf Zypern werden KleinsparerInnen teilenteignet. Das Gesetz der ungleichen und kombinierten Entwicklung trifft mehr den je auf Europa zu.


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Proteste in Sanandaj für die Freiheit von Wafa Ghaderi, Khaled Husseini, Behzad Farajolahi, Hamed Mahmoud Nejad und Ali Azadi!

Posted by entdinglichung - 20. März 2013

Quelle des nachfolgend dokumentierten Artikels: Révolution en Iran

Protestations à Sanandaj pour la libération de militants ouvriers

Sanandaj, Iran, 17 mars 2013 :

Les familles des militants ouvriers arrêtés se sont rassemblées devant le bureau des « renseignements » à Sanandaj pour demander la libération immédiate de leurs proches. Les familles s’étaient déjà rassemblées au même lieu et pour défendre la même revendication depuis l’arrestation de Azadi, Hamed Mahmood-Nezhad, Behzad Faraj-Ollahi, Seyed Khaleh Hoseini, et Vafa Ghaderi le 7 mars par des brutes des « services de renseignement », arrestations vraisemblablement orchestrées pour éviter toute protestation des ouvrières et des ouvriers de Sanandaj à l’occasion du 8 mars. Selon un communiqué du Comité du Kurdistan du Parti Communiste-Ouvrier d’Iran, lors de la protestation du 16 mars le bâtiment des « services de renseignement » a été attaqué.

Le Comité de Coordination pour Aider à la Formation des Organisations Ouvrière rapporte que ces manifestations continueront chaque jour et que les familles prévoient de manifester devant le gouverneur du Kurdistan pour la libération de leurs proches.

Plus d’informations en farsi

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Die neuen „Insurgent Notes“

Posted by entdinglichung - 19. März 2013

wieder einmal eine neue Ausgabe der Insurgent Notes. Journal of Communist Theory and Practice, die Artikel im Einzelnen:


* Editorial

* Loren Goldner: Fictitious Capital and Contracted Social Reproduction Today: China and Permanent Revolution

* John Garvey: The New Worker Organizing

* Matthew Quest: C.L.R. James’s Conflicted Intellectual Legacies on Mao Tse Tung’s China

* John Garvey: Trotsky Reconsidered: Claude Lefort’s Perspective

* Michael Rectenwald: Postmodernism, the Academic Left, and the Crisis of Capitalism

und einige Rezensionen:

* Loren Goldner: Cesar Chavez, the United Farm Workers, and the Question of Unions in Contemporary Capitalism

* Freddy Fitzsimmons: The Condition of the Working Classes in England

* Maury Moriarity: Michael Schmidt and Lucien van der Welt, Black Flame: The Revolutionary Class Politics of Anarchism and Syndicalism

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Our movement must be a safe space for women!

Posted by entdinglichung - 14. März 2013

aus gegebenem Anlass, von womeninthelabourmovement, please support!


Our movement must be a safe space for women

We the undersigned labour movement activists stand in solidarity with all women opposing all forms of male violence against women. We recognise that male violence against women is endemic in society, and that our movement is obviously and unfortunately not exempt.

We believe that our trade union and labour movement has the potential to transform society for the better. Therefore we have a particular responsibility to confront and challenge male violence against women within our movement.

Male violence against women is not acceptable in any case. It must not be tolerated from those who hold office or power in our movement.

We recognise the enormous challenges faced by women victims of male violence, and the pressures which women face, including from abusive men, not to complain about violence and abuse. We therefore believe that, when women complain of male violence within our movement, our trade unions and political organisations should start from a position of believing women.

We believe that all women who complain of male violence have the right to be listened to and supported.

All labour movement activists have a responsibility to work to ensure that our movement is a safe space for women. Because we stand in solidarity with all women opposing male violence we accept that we have a responsibility to women throughout our movement, whether or not we are members of the same trade union or the same political organisation.

We therefore address these demands to all trade unions and political organisations which are part of our labour movement.
Marshajane Thompson and Cath Elliott

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Critique sociale N°25

Posted by entdinglichung - 12. März 2013

die neue Critique sociale, als pdf-Datei hier

die Artikel im Einzelnen:

– Actualité :

* Crise capitaliste, un tunnel sans fin ?
* Non à l’austérité, non à la précarité !
* Le dialogue et la guerre civile

– Histoire et théorie :

* Victor Griffuelhes et l’action syndicaliste
* Lire Rosa Luxemburg : entretien avec Peter Hudis

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Freiheit für Wafa Ghaderi, Khaled Husseini, Behzad Farajolahi, Hamed Mahmoud Nejad und Ali Azadi!

Posted by entdinglichung - 12. März 2013

gefunden dank Solidarité Ouvrière auf der Webseite des Coordinating Committee to Help Form Workers’ Organisation

Five worker activists arrested

On Thursday 7th of March 2013 at 6 in the morning, about 5 worker activists and members of “Coordinating Committee to Help Form workers’ organisation” were arrested by the agent of intelligence ministry in city of Sanandaj.

The worker activists arrested on March 7th included: Wafa Ghaderi a well known worker activist, khaled Husseini, Behzad Farajolahi, Hamed Mahmoud Nejad and Ali Azadi.

“Coordinating Committee to Help Form workers’ organisation” is calling on all labour and human rights organisations and concerned individuals to express their strong condemnation for this attack on labour organisations and activists in Iran and demand the immediate and unconditional release of all detainees

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