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Posted by entdinglichung - 12. Juni 2012


* Bernard Schmid: Marokko: Erwerbslos? Beten hilft – sagt der Ministerpräsident… (Labournet)

* Gregor Kritidis: Aspekte der Klassenstruktur in Griechenland (SoPos)

* Michael Klockmann: Thesen zu: Männer und Emanzipation (Neue antikapitalistische Organisation? Na endlich!)

* Exchange between the FI Bureau and OKDE-Spartakos (Greek section) (International Viewpoint)

* Panama: indigenous Wounaan finally get land title (World War 4 Report)

* Anzelmo Guerrero (Revolutionary Workers Party of Mindanao): “The democratic content in self-determination struggles must be safeguarded” (International Viewpoint)

* [Vive l’Azawad libre !] Tout porte à croire qu’Ansar Adine se désintégrera de lui-même (Le Jura Libertaire)

* Who’s Reading Books on Wicca in the United Arab Emirates? (The Wild Hunt)

* Algérie – L’OAS, bénéficiaire majoritaire de la loi française du 23 février 2005 (historien) (Le Jura Libertaire)

* Do workers’ co-operatives help or hinder the building of a libertarian communist society? (Anarkismio)

* Eric Dupin: Mélenchon KO : le couple du Front de Gauche en grand péril (ESSF)

* Wem nützt die Fußball-EM? (RSO)

* Musik:


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Iran-Update 07.07. 2009

Posted by entdinglichung - 7. Juli 2009

Weitere Artikel zum Thema auf dieser Seite unter https://entdinglichung.wordpress.com/category/iran/:

1.) Seiten mit regelmässig aktualisierter Berichterstattung: Revolutionary Road (hier auch ein Update vom gestrigen Tag und weitere Filmberichte), News from the struggles in Iran (HOPI), Révolution en Iran (hier Bilder von Protesten vor dem Evin-Knast in Tehran), Rise of The Iranian People und LabourStart.

2.) Ein weiteres Update auch auf dem Blog der WPI:

„Yesterday there was a gathering of several hundred family members at Evin Prison in Tehran calling for the release of their children and asking about their whereabouts. The families began shouting slogans and protesting when denied information. Ghazi Heydarifar, an official of the regime, took out his weapon and threatened them to disperse.

Today, Monday, there was also another gathering at Evin prison and the court house. Families are worried sick for their children. Pictures of family members gathered in front of the court can be seen on the left.

According to an eye witness at yesterday’s gathering at Evin, one of the imprisoned who was released whilst people were gathered said that he had been arrested around Afsariyeh in Tehran and taken to an undisclosed location. He was denied food for 48 hours. There were 500 people detained on the floor where he was and they had no access to showers or sanitation. After 48 hours, they were given bread, potato and cheese. When they complained, they were told ‘you are anti-revolutionaries, be grateful you have not been killed.’ The released prisoner said everyone was beaten. A 48 year old man who was given an electric shock died whilst he was there. Many of the prisoners in his cell were badly wounded with broken arms and legs. He said he was then taken to Evin prison, where he was told: ‘you protested against the Islamic regime; we will do something to you so that you won’t be able to find your house when you are released.’ He said, in Evin the lives of many were at risk.

Yesterday, the Haft Tapeh workers carried out a strike for three hours.

3.) Change for Equality zur Inhaftierung einer Aktivistin:

„Zeynab Peyghambarzadeh, a member of the One Million Signatures Campaign and a women’s and student rights activist was arrested during a sit-in in Laleh Park. She was transferred to Vozara Detention Center where she was held over night and the next day to the Revolutionary Courts. Judge Sobhani, at the Security Branch of the Revolutionary Courts ordered her release. No bail was posted for her release.

The Sit-in was organized by a group calling themselves the „Mourning Mothers,“ who called upon Iranian mothers and citizens to gather in several parks to mourn the loss of life of Iranians in the recent protests and violence which erupted after the Ministry of Interior declared Mahmoud Ahmadinejad the winner of the Presidential races. The mothers are also calling upon authorities to stop violence against peaceful protesters and to release all those imprisoned in recent weeks. This was the second of such protests, which are supposed to occur on a weekly basis on every Saturday at 7:00pm.“

4.) Ein weiterer Artikel aus der achten Ausgabe der Tehraner Untergrundzeitung Khiaban: “What do the People Want?”

„The coup d’état government did not expect the people to stand against it with such courage and solidarity and has lost its focus. The government continues to fight and try to stand on its feet again. But every action it takes backfires. During a revolution a regime digs itself deeper with every action it takes to preserve itself.

The government closes existing semi-independent media sources; freedom of the press becomes a demand of the people. The government tortures detainees; outlawing torture becomes a demand of the people. The government tramples on the people’s vote and defends its right of rule by the few over society; rule by the people becomes a demand of the people. The government sends the guards and the basij to kill and crush the people; the dissolution of these institutions of repression becomes a demand of the people. The government throws political opponents in prison; the release of all prisoners becomes a demand of the people. The government represses young people and women; the young people and women turnout on the square for their freedom. The government denies people the right to determine their own fate based on religion; the separation of church and state becomes a demand of the people. The government uses existing laws to repress the people; a change in laws becomes a demand of the people. The government uses economic pressure to stop strikes; a society free from economic pressure on living standards becomes a demand of the people. The government prevents freedom of worship; freedom of worship becomes a demand of the people. The government declares a ban on public gatherings; a system that officially recognizes freedom of assembly and protest becomes a demand of the people. The government fires a bullet into the throat of a young women; the voice of young women becomes louder and more enveloping. The government is imprisoning writers; freedom of the pen is becoming more universal. The government is cutting off communications among the people; free and easily accessible communication networks are becoming a more universal demand. Owners of factories and manufacturing centers are fighting demands for strikes; labor control over industrial and manufacturing centers is becoming a demand of workers. The government is jailing people accused of belonging to political parties and organizations; freedom of political party and organization activities is becoming a more widespread demand. The government becomes more barbaric; a noble life is becoming more important.

A transformation is beginning. At the same time, pressure is building. New dreams are taking shape in the consciousness of society. Dreaming of all that seemed impossible has become universal with everyday of struggle. You see the spark in people’s eyes. You see the revolution.“

5.) Drei informative Artikel von Ali Schirasi:

* Welchen Beruf haben die „Unheimlichen Zivilisten“?
* Iran nach dem Wahlputsch: Aus den Regionen
* Iran – Europa: Das Imperium der Pasdaran (1)

„Hier ein Beispiel: Die Firma „Mohandesi-ye Ofoq-e Touse‘e-ye Saberin“ (Ingenieursfirma Entwicklungshorizont Saberin), die der Firma „Bonyad-e Ta‘ovon-e Sepah“ (Kooperativ-Stiftung der Organisation der Revolutionswächter) gehört, hat Wirtschaftskontakte nach Deutschland, Großbritannien, der Volksrepublik China, Malaysia, Dubai und Singapur.

Diese Firma [Anmerkung Entdinglichung: Mohandesi-ye Ofoq-e Touse‘e-ye Saberin] ist auf den Import folgender Güter spezialisiert: Kommunikationsgeräte wie deren Einzelkomponenten, Spezialmikrophone für Abhöreinrichtungen, Kameras für die Geheimüberwachung von Örtlichkeiten, Störsender, die den Empfang von Satellitendaten und -sendern behindern. Diese Störsender sind in Teheran auf dem höchsten Turm „Borje Milad“ (Bordsche Milad) montiert.“

6.) Aus der Solidaritätsbewegung:

* Dubai Police stop Iranian petition (Quelle: The National)

„Iranian protesters who gathered in Dubai last night were prevented by police from signing a petition against their president, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

Officers told the 100-strong crowd they were forbidden from sending official petitions from UAE soil.“

* Joint Statement by the Sudanese CP and Tudeh Party of Iran

„Representative of the Sudanese Communist Party stated that his party “shares the analysis of the Tudeh Party of Iran that the struggle currently being waged by large sections of Iranian society for the fair and due processing of their votes is a deeply genuine struggle for democracy and must be respected. Sudanese Communists join their Iranian counterparts in expressing their serious concern and alarm over the obvious falsification of the election results and the brutal treatment of those protesting against this shameful policies and actions of the Iranian regime.”

“We condemn the brutal and violent suppression of the Iranian people’s democratic rights to protest against what they perceive to have been an unfair and fraudulently conducted election. These events have once again exposed the brutal and reactionary nature of the Islamic republic.”“

7.) Zur Kritik der Pseudo-Antiimps:

* BobFromBrockley: Ahmadinejad’s British stooges
* »Mussawi ist sicher keine Alternative« (Interview mit Morad Shirin (IRMT/IWSN) im ND)
* Reese Erlich: Iran and Leftist Confusion:

„The large majority of American people, particularly leftists and progressives, are sympathetic to the demonstrators in Iran, oppose Iranian government repression and also oppose any U.S. military or political interference in that country. But a small and vocal number of progressives are questioning that view, including authors writing for Monthly Review online, Foreign Policy Journal, and prominent academics such as retired professor James Petras.

They mostly argue by analogy. They correctly cite numerous examples of CIA efforts to overthrow governments, sometimes by manipulating mass demonstrations. But past practice is no proof that it’s happening in this particular case. Frankly, the multi-class character of the most recent demonstrations, which arose quickly and spontaneously, were beyond the control of the reformist leaders in Iran, let alone the CIA.

Let’s assume for the moment that the U.S. was trying to secretly manipulate the demonstrations for its own purposes. Did it succeed? Or were the protests reflecting 30 years of cumulative anger at a reactionary system that oppresses workers, women, and ethnic minorities, indeed the vast majority of Iranians? Is President Mahmood Ahmadinejad a „nationalist-populist,“ as claimed by some, and therefore an ally against U.S. domination around the world? Or is he a repressive, authoritarian leader who actually hurts the struggle against U.S. hegemony?

Let’s take a look. But first a quick note.

As far as I can tell none of these leftist critics have actually visited Iran, at least not to report on the recent uprisings. Of course, one can have an opinion about a country without first-hand experience there. But in the case of recent events in Iran, it helps to have met people. It helps a lot.“

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Vermischtes zum Iran

Posted by entdinglichung - 17. Juni 2009

1.) Luxemburger Anarchist und Modernity Blog haben jeweils beide Listen mit informativen Weblinks zur Situation im Iran zusammengestellt, eine reihe aktueller Berichte gibt es auch auf dem Blog von Ali Shirasi und auf Rotten Gods.

2.) Zum Kotzen: George „The Cat“ Galloway zur Wahlfarce:

„But there are absolutely no grounds for the cats‘ chorus of criticism and allegations now emanating from some quarters after the cookie crumbled the wrong way.

I have been more closely interested than normal in this poll.

I present two weekly shows for Iranian-owned Press TV [staatsnaher internationaler iranischer Fernsehsender].

As such, I know that, uniquely for a developing country, the Iranian broadcast media went to extraordinary lengths to be fair to all four presidential candidates.

More than 85 per cent of the electors turned out to vote – compared with 35 per cent in our own elections recently. That’s nearly 40million Xs on ballot papers.“

… wes Brot ich ess, dess Lied ich sing …

3.) Auch zum Kotzen: Jürgen Elsässer auf den Spuren von Mahler, Rabehl & Co. auf hxxp://juergenelsaesser.wordpress.com/2009/06/15/gluckwunsch-ahmadinedschad/ (siehe dazu auch hier)

„Hier wollen Discomiezen, Teheraner Drogenjunkies und die Strichjungen des Finanzkapitals eine Party feiern. Gut, dass Ahmidenedschads Leute ein bisschen aufpassen und den einen oder anderen in einen Darkroom befördert haben.“

… Jürgen Elsässer Ergüsse unterscheiden sich nicht mehr von den Vernichtungsphantasien, welche deutsche Spiesser 1968 über Hippies, „GammlerInnen“ und demonstrierende Studierende absonderten …

4.) Aus einem Interview mit einem Sozialisten aus dem Iran auf Workers‘ Liberty:

„After the huge demonstrations in every city and the killing in Tehran on Monday (I think 7 were killed), there has been a call for a strike – for shops to close, for everyone to come out. Different groups will do different things – some will demonstrate outside the TV station, others the Telecoms buildings. Most plan to go to Valiasr Square [at the time of posting their has been some confusion over whether this will happen, but there is also a news blackout, so we may have to wait some time to find out].

The recount shows the regime trying to withdraw but the demonstrations have been so huge they cannot control events. Mousavi was chosen by part of the establishment to be part of this election but he also cannot control events. Once the people are on the streets in such huge numbers they are not frightened of the regime.

If the movement continues I hope the workers will begin to move. The only hope for significant change lies with the workers. The small Iranian left inside Iran has to focus efforts on helping the workers to strike. The workers can paralyse the regime and once they begin to move will grow in self-confidence. But the leaders of the workers’ movement in Iran have been imprisoned. Other workers are frightened to come out. If they do move they will start by organising strike committees and factory committees rather than trade unions. There are older workers who will remember 1979 and remember the lessons.

The good thing is that the leftists who backed Islamic dictatorship after 1979 are no longer there. And the Communist Organisations are very small in Iran – and it has no strategy. In the last 8 years the student movement has had access to the historical literature of the Marxist left. For example translations into Farsi of theoretical debates have been made.“

5.) Die Gulf News aus Dubai melden, dass Streiks offenbar den Wirtschaftsstandort Iran gefährden und das scheue Reh Kapital zu verscheuchen drohen:

„The UAE’s largest private agriculture firm has scaled back its activities in Iran following a strike by farmers there earlier this year, an executive said on Sunday.

Dubai-based Mirak Agricultural Services holds more than 200 hectares of farmland in the UAE and 16 hectares in Iran.

The company plans to focus expansion in the UAE, Nejdeh Ghadimi, assistant managing director, said. „We have confined our activity in Iran to a smaller area …with [fewer] people …This happened after a number of workers staged strikes,“ he said.

He declined to give more details on the strikes.

Mirak owns a farm in Heshetgerd, west of Iran’s capital Tehran.

Ghadimi said it was easier to control immigrant workers in the UAE than farm labourers in Iran, where unions were strong.“

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سوزان تميم – Suzan Tamim (1977-2008)

Posted by entdinglichung - 31. Juli 2008

سوزان تميم/Suzan Tamim

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Lieber unzivilisiert als servil – Bauarbeiter in Dubai im Streik!

Posted by entdinglichung - 29. Oktober 2007

Der Arbeitsminister der Vereinigten Arabischen Emirate (VAE), Ali bin Abdullah al-Kaabi bezeichnete das Verhalten streikender, grösstenteils aus Indien, Pakistan oder Bangladesh stammender Bauarbeiter in Dubai als „unzivilisiert“, nachdem es dort vorgestern zu Zusammenstössen zwischen diesen und Bullen gekommen war. Die verschiedenen derzeitigen Streikaktionen der Kollegen richtet sich gegen die dortigen Hungerlöhne, miesen Arbeitsbedingungen, schlechten Wohnverhältnisse (die pakistanische Zeitung The News spricht von Labour Camps) und die hohen Fahrpreise … alles Dinge, welche in zivilisierten (kapitalistischen) Ländern wie den VAE zum Normalzustand gehören.


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