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Salafisten greifen Gewerkschaftsbüros in Tunesien an

Posted by entdinglichung - 13. Juni 2012

kein Wunder, dass die Bourgeoisie in Staaten wie Saudi-Arabien und Ägypten (und wohl wenn Ennahda keine Ruhe im Karton herstellt wohl auch in Tunesien) die Drecksarbeit der Salafisten schätzen, nachfolgend dokumentiert eine Meldung von der Webseite des Internationalen Gewerkschaftsbundes (ITUC-CSI-IGB) … ansonsten hier noch einmal der Hinweis auf einen guten Text zur Ideologie des Salafismus bei Sauvra:

Tunisian Salafists Firebomb Union Offices Across the Country

12 June 2012: Tunisian Islamic fundamentalists unleashed a campaign of firebombing trade union offices around the country today , as the Salafist movement challenges the emerging democracy in the home of the ’Arab Spring’.

Regional offices of the national union centre UGTT in three locations have been burned down by Salafists under the slogan „There is only God and the UGTT is the enemy of God“. UGTT regional offices were main organising points for the revolution to depose former President Ben Ali.

Sharan Burrow, ITUC General Secretary said „Democracy is under attack in Tunisia today, and the Salafists have the union movement as a primary target. There are grave concerns for the safety of trade union leaders, and others who stand for people’s democratic rights and the rule of law.“

The UGTT offices in Bou Salem were destroyed and its bureau in Ben Gardane were burned out in news just received by the ITUC, while union centre’s headquarters in Jendouba in the North West were firebombed at 2am local time this morning. Political parties which have shown support for the UGTT, including the PDP, Republican Party, The Forum, and the Alwatad Movement have also been targetted along with courts, post offices, art galleries and even police.

„The authorities need to move quickly to put an end to this violence, which has been building for some time. The people organising these attacks have been generating a climate of fear and intimidation which threatens the very development of a democratic Tunisia,“ said Sharan Burrow.

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