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Zur Lage in der Republik Zypern

Posted by entdinglichung - 28. November 2012

gefunden auf der Webseite von Workers‘ Liberty: Cyprus bows to the Troika. What will the Greek left learn? von Theodora Polenta, offenbar scheint die derzeit die Regierung stellende „kommunistische“ AKEL nicht gerade in der Lage zu sein, sich den Forderungen der Troika zu wiedersetzen, ein Auszug:

„In a sense, the election of Christofias was historic. For the first time a president in Cyprus spoke in the name of communism and the left, in the name of the working class. But it was always clear that AKEL’s victory would not open the way for socialism in Cyprus.

Dimitris Christofias repeated several times that AKEL’s „ideology is Cyprus“. Before the election, he had repeated contacts with industrialists and bankers to reassure them that a government of AKEL would pose no threat to their class interests.

Since 2010, AKEL has been implementing memorandum austerity policies in Cyprus with the threat that otherwise Cyprus would be placed under a Memorandum

AKEL has reduced the wages of public sector workers by 10%; frozen the inflation-protection of wages for two years; increased VAT from 15 to 17%; reduced welfare spending by 10%; and planned to make redundant 5000 public sector workers.

Earlier in 2012, police entered the camp set up in Cyprus by the Occupy movement and violently broke it up, arresting 29 and injuring seven. The Occupy movement included both Greek and Turkish Cypriots and had as a slogan „One united Cyprus“. According to AKEL, reunification of Cyprus cannot take place via occupations but only from diplomatic action.

It all shows that if a left government does not take control of the economy through expropriation and workers‘ control, it will be at the mercy of the capitalists.“

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