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Zum Bergarbeiterstreik in Asturien

Posted by entdinglichung - 11. Juni 2012

Artikel von LibCom, weitere Artikel auf Solidarité Ouvrière (1, 2, 3, 4):

Coal mines ignite in Asturias

Coal miners in the historically militant Asturias region of Spain have been fighting a bitter struggle for survival.

Around 8,000 miners have been involved in ongoing strikes and militant protests after the government announced cuts to subsidies for the region’s coal mines.

There are around 40 mines in the country, mainly in the north, where they offer vital jobs in an increasingly depressed economy. The end of the subsidy will effectively mean the end of those jobs, as Spanish coal prices will increase beyond those of imported alternatives. The strikers view winning the strike as essential to their livelihoods. It is increasingly becoming a set-piece battle as the government deepens its austerity program.

Consequently, they have utilised various forms of direct action to maximise the impact of the strike.

During the week, miners set up 16 roadblocks, severely affecting traffic in the region. One burning tire block caused a five-mile jam for over two hours. They also blocked access to the main port of Gijon, closed access to a major road tunnel after „persons unknown“ sabotaged the CCTV, and protested outside a major power station. Attempts to break the roadblocks to transport people and goods in and out of the mines led to running battles with police. The strikers used rocks, concrete blocks, and home-made rocket launchers.

On Friday miners blocked several roads and two railway lines. A mineshaft is occupied, and strikers have camped out in the main square of the regional capital, Oviedo.

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