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The Weekly Archive Worker: We Must all March Hand in Hand

Posted by entdinglichung - 6. Dezember 2012

dieses Mal ein etwas schmaleres Update, ein Hinweis auf einen Film über Henriette Roland-Holst auf der Webseite des IISG, Poumista widmet sich dem Thema „Zentrismus„, die AWL erinnert an Paul Widelin/Martin Monat die SPGB hat ihr Socialist Standard-Artikel-Archiv geordnet:

im Marxists Internet Archive:

* Émile Zola: Zola to Edgar Zevort: We Must all March Hand in Hand (1990)
* Revolutionary Age, 1930-1932
* Daily Worker, 1924 (die Tageszeitung der CPUSA)
* Paul Levi: Our Path: Against Putschism (1921)
* Arthur Rosenberg: Précurseurs communistes (1922)
* Arthur Rosenberg: Histoire du bolchevisme (extrait) (1932)
* Isaac Deutscher: Rusia después de Stalin (1953)
* James P. Cannon: American Syndicalism and Problems of Communism (1931)
* Max Shachtman: Mooney’s Betrayal by the Labor Bureaucrats (1931)
* Max Shachtman: The “Left”: Saviors of Reformism in the Socialist Party (1931)
* Max Shachtman: In Memory of a Stainless Revolutionist – Leon Sedoff (1938)
* Leo Trotzki: The Party and the Left Opposition (1930)
* Leo Trotzki: At the Fresh Grave of Kote Zinzadze (1931)
* Leo Trotzki: Notes of a Journalist (1931)
* Leo Trotzki: Trotsky Sues for a Literary Forgery (1932)
* Charles Curtiss: Father Manuel and Comrade Epstein (1931)
* Albert Glotzer: The Trend of the Economic Crisis (1931)
* Albert Glotzer: The United States Empire – Its History: War With Spain: Empire Comes of Age (1941)
* Irwing Howe: YPSL Speaker Blasts AYC Line: Stalinist Conference Proves Big Flop (1941)
* Stanley Judd: British Representatives Hold Delhi Conference (1941)
* Dwight Macdonald: England at War: Is Wartime England Totalitarian? (1941)
* Dwight Macdonald: England at War: Bevin’s Problem Is How to Starve the Masses and Make Them Like It (1941)
* Dwight Macdonald: Who Are the Men Behind the War Preparation Program? We Present a Little Who’s Who of the Men Preparing the War to Make the World Safe for Corporation Profits (1941)
* Ernest Rice McKinney: Among the Negroes, as Among the Whites, There Are Two Classes: Worker and Boss (1941)
* Arne Swabeck: Towards a Concrete Program of Action: The Communists and the Unemployment Crisis (1931)
* Arne Swabeck: Recent Lessons in Strike Strategy (1931)
* B.J. Widick: What’s for the Army Officer Ain’t for the Buck Private (1941)
* B.J. Widick: On Freedom of the Press and Movies (1941)
* B.J. Widick: Consolidated Aircraft Uses AFL Union to Block CIO Organization March (1941)
* B.J. Widick: CIO Organization March Has Ford Company on the Run: This Is a Good Time for the Unions to Demand Workers’ Control of the War Industries (1941)
* B.J. Widick: CIO Workers March on Every Front: Rank and File Makes Demands on Corporations Swollen with War Profits (1941)
* George Breitman: Negros March on Washington (1943, pdf-Datei)
* George Breitman/Parker Saudners: The Struggle for Negro Equality (1943, pdf-Datei)
* George Breitman: The Negro in the Post-War World (1943, pdf-Datei)
* mehr vom Zerfallsprozess des Organizing Committee for an Ideological Center (OCIC)
** Organizing Committee for an Ideological Center/Philadelphia Workers Organizing Committee: Racism in the Communist Movement/Racism in the PWOC (1980)
** Brief critique and summarization of racism at 1st local Center meeting of D.C.-BA (1980)
** D.C.-Baltimore Local Center Steering Committee: Resolution on Racism at the 1st local center meeting of D.C.-BA (1980)
** Proposed Amendment to “Resolution on Racism at the 1st local center meeting of D.C. BA” (1980)
** A draft critique of the present “criticism-self-criticism campaign” in the D.C.-Balt. OCIC local center (1980)
** Bob K., Boston Political Collective (M-L): The White Chauvinism Campaign and Political Line (1980)
** National Steering Committee OCIC: Summation of Errors Made in the Election of the Midwest Regional Steering Committee (1980)
** Clay Newlin: The Main Danger Today (1980)
** Bay Area Workers Organizing Committee “Minority”/Tucson Marxist-Leninist Collective: “Minority” Speech Presented at OCIC Western Regional Conference (1980)
** National Steering Committee OCIC: Revisions in OC Work Plan (1980)
** Jim Jacobs: The White Chauvinism Campaign in the OCIC and its Lessons for the U.S. Marxist-Leninists Movement (1981)
** J.F.: Forging the Party Spirit – A Beginning Perspective (1979)
** Summary of the June 1980 OCIC National Steering Committee Meeting
** New England Regional Steering Committee OCIC: Carry Through the Campaign against White Chauvinism (1980)
* In Struggle!: Four organizations call for international conference of Marxist-Leninists (1980)
* Wladimir Iljitsch Lenin: Los nuevos cambios económicos en la vida campesina (A propósito del libro de V. E. Póstnikov “La explotación agrícola en el sur de Rusia”) (1893)
* Wladimir Iljitsch Lenin: Projet de thèses sur le rôle et les tâches des syndicats dans les conditions de la nouvelle politique économique (1922)
* Wladimir Iljitsch Lenin: Billet à V. Molotov pour le bureau politique du C.C. du P.C.(b)R. accompagné de projets de décisions (1922)
* Parti Communiste de Russie (bolchevik): Sur le rôle et les tâches des syndicats dans les conditions de la nouvelle politique économique (1922)


auf LibCom:

* Abel Paz: Durruti in the Spanish revolution (1996/2006)
* Ron Taber: A Look at Leninism (1988)
* Anarchist Worker, April 1977
* Karl-Heinz Roth: External and internal militants: Workers autonomy in Porto Marghera seen from West Germany 1971-1974 (?)
* Maurizio Atzeni/Pablo Ghigliani: Labour process and decision-making in factories under workers’ self-management: empirical evidence from Argentina (?)
* Brian Oliver Sheppard: The inefficiency of capitalism (2003)
* Geronimo: Fire and Flames: A History of the German Autonomist Movement (1990/1997/2012)
* Sparks, Nr. 1, August 1986
* Situationist International: The bad days will end (1962)


auf La Bataille Socialiste:

* Paul Mattick Jr.: Une critique de Jacoby (1988)
* Paul Mattick: Nazionalismo e socialismo (1959)
* Socialist Standard: International Organisation (1930)

auf archive.org:

* Heinrich Cunow: Partei-Zusammenbruch? Ein offenes Wort zum inneren Parteistreit (1915, der Text eines führenden „Kriegssozialisten“ am rechten Flügel der SPD)
* Reagrupamento Revolucionário: Marxismo e Questão Negra (1920-1987)

auf Projekt Gutenberg:

* Joseph Roth: Hotel Savoy (1924)
* Joseph Roth: Reportagen (1919-1927)
* Joseph Roth: Das Spinnennetz (1923)
* Joseph Roth: Tarabas (1934)
* Jules Michelet: Die Frauen der Revolution (1854)

auf Cedar Lounge Revolution:

* Socialist Workers Movement: Before you make up your mind (1992)


auf trend:

* Thomas Metscher: Individualität und Privatheit bei Marx (1991)

auf ESSF:

* Frei Betto/Michael Löwy: Ecosocialisme : spiritualité et soutenabilité (2009)


* Ejército Guerrillero de los Pobres (EGP): Acción contra la embajada de El Salvador en Guatemala (1980)

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The Weekly Archive Worker: Le Bandit du Nord

Posted by entdinglichung - 20. September 2012

neu erschienen: Syfo – Forschung & Bewegung 2012, das Mitteilungsblatt des Instituts für Syndikalismusforschung und International Newsletter of Communist Studies, 2012 (pdf-Datei)

auf der Webseite der Universitätsbibliothek der Freien Universität Berlin:

* Die Kommunistin, 1919-1926

im Marxists Internet Archive:

* Artikel aus Le Bandit du Nord, 1890:
** The Honest Man
** What is the Difference Between Anarchists and Other Men?
* Labor Action, 1945
* Labor Action, 1947
* Artikel aus der Labor Action, 1940:
** C.L.R. James: Refugees – in Belgium and the Congo – in War, in Peace
** C.L.R. James: The Speech That Was Not Made at NAACP Meet
** C.L.R. James: Labor Will Take Care of Its Own Union Problems
** B.J. Widdick: East Indies – A Tender Morsel for the Imperialist Appetite
** B.J. Widdick: Pro-War Faction Carries CIO Council Meeting
** B.J. Widdick: These Sharecroppers Meet to Break the Bonds of Slavery
** B.J. Widdick: “Powder Keg” in Sharecropper Plight
** B.J. Widdick: Lewis Seeks Third Party Deal with Wheeler and Townsend
** Ernest Rice McKinney: John Brown – Revolutionist
** Ernest Rice McKinney: With the Labor Unions – On the Picket Lines 1
** Ernest Rice McKinney: What Are the Facts on the Food Stamp Plan?
** Ernest Rice McKinney: With the Labor Unions – On the Picket Lines 2
** Ernest Rice McKinney: With the Labor Unions – On the Picket Lines 3
** Ernest Rice McKinney: With the Labor Unions – On the Picket Lines 4
** Dwight MacDonald: The Librarian of Congress Speaks: Will the Book Burning Start?
** Dwight MacDonald: White Paper Reveals British role in Lifting Arms embargo
** Dwight MacDonald: Liberalism Marches – Where?
** Dwight MacDonald: Why is Hitler Winning?
** Dwight MacDonald: Tweedledum Mr. Willkie vs. Tweedledee Roosevelt
** Dwight MacDonald: Who is Mr. Torkild Rieber?
** Albert Glotzer: Labor Action May Day Issue Completely Sold
** Albert Glotzer: Roosevelt Actions Push Nation Further Along Path to War
** Albert Glotzer: New Taxes Add to War Burden on U.S. Masses
** Albert Glotzer: Hemisphere Control is U.S. Plan
** Joseph Carter: Russia’s Occupation of Rumania Extends Hitler-Stalin Balkan Hold (1940)
** Joseph Carter: The Tradition of Jacobin France Will Not Die
** Irwing Howe: Stalinists Continue to Run AYC
** George Padmore: Poverty, Disease is Native’s Lot in West Indies
** George Padmore: West Indies Need Independence – Not Big Reports
** Max Shachtman: May Day 1940 – Against Both War Camps – For the Camp of World Labor!
** James Burnham: Their Government
* August Thalheimer: Chronique internationale – Allemagne (1921)
* Umberto Terracini: Chronique internationale – Italie (1921)
* Amédée Dunois: Politique générale (1921)
* Cheng Teng: Lettre d’un camarade chinois (1921)
* Grigori Sinoview: Les origines du parti communiste russe (1918)
* Grigori Sinoview: L‘ « Otzovisme » (1921)
* Charles Sarkis: What Went wrong? Articles and letters on the U.S. communist Left in the 1970’s (1982)
* In Struggle!: Big upheavals in U.S. communist movement (1981)
* Charles Costigan: Summing Up the CPML’s Experiences in Trade Union Work (1980)
* Carl Davidson: Lessons from the Collapse of the Communist Party (Marxist-Leninist) (1985)
* Max Elbaum: Maoism in the United States (1998)
* Dennis O’Neil: Some Lessons from the Family Tree of the New Communist Movement (2000)
* Khalil Hassan: Toward a Critical Reassessment of Maoism (2003)
* Two Veterans of the New Communist Movement Look Back (2003)
* Bill Gallegos: They Wanted to Serve the People: Chicanos and the Fight against National Oppression in the New Communist Movement (2003)
* The Proletarian Unity League: Where We Came From, What We Look Like, What We Do (1981)
* Introducing the O.R.U. The merger statement of the Committee for a Proletarian Party (CPP) and the Communist Organization, Bay Area (COBA), March 1983 (1983)
* Freedom Road Socialist Organization: Successful Left Unity (1986)
* Charles Gagnon: The work of communist fractions in unions (1979)
* Emile Vandervelde: De syndicale vrijheid en het staatspersoneel in België (1913)
* Duncan Hallas: Theory and Practice (1972)
* Chris Harman: Reply to D. Yaffe (1971)
* Jim Higgins: Setting the Record Straight (1972)
* Michael Kidron: Letter to the Socialist Review (1954)
* Michael Kidron: The Steel Scandal (1954)
* Michael Kidron: For Democracy Within the Labour Movement (1954)
* Peter Sedgwick: A Note on Ireland (1972)
* Geoff Carlsson: Y.C.L. (Young Conscription League) (1954)
* Geoff Carlsson: Guatemala (1954)
* Raymond Challinor: Workers Must Work Harder (1954)
* Raymond Challinor: Would Gaitskell Ban the Labour Party? (1954)
* Peter Glatter/Tony Tait: Circumstances Alter Cases (1971)

auf Association RaDAR:

* Clarté, 19. November 1921 (die erste Ausgabe der Zeitschrift)
* La Lutte de classes, September 1932
* Avant-garde jeunesse, 18. Juni 1968 (die erste Ausgabe nach dem Verbot, mit der Bekundung, weitermachen zu wollen)
* Revue communiste, August-September 1921

auf Materialien zur Analyse von Opposition:

* Frankreich: Plogoff. Eine Einführung in die Guerillataktik des bretonischen Dorfes Plogoff im Widerstand gegen den Atomwahn (1981)
* Bürgerinitiative Umweltschutz Unterelbe (BUU) Hamburg: Die Bürgerschaftswahlen und wir… (1977)
* Arbeitskreis Politische Ökologie: Das Bewachungslager am AKW-Bauplatz Brokdorf 5.8. – 9.8.77. Das Lager konnten sie zerstören, aber der Widerstand ist gewachsen!

auf LibCom:

* Spoofversion – incorporating Subversion #24, Herbst 1998
* Anarchism and AIDS activism (1987)

auf Anarkismo:

* Dielo Truda: Platformo de organizo de la Ĝenerala Unuiĝo de Anarkiisto (1926, die „Plattform“ auf Esperanato)

auf Workers Liberty:

* Georgi Plechanow: The Tasks of the Social-Democrats in the Famine (1891, Auszug)

auf Collectif Smolny:

* BILAN: À bas le carnage impérialiste en Chine (1937)
* Louis Janover: Le marxisme dans leurs têtes / Les maîtres lecteurs (1978)

auf Cedar Lounge Revolution:

* Realignment in Irish Politics: The Socialist Challenge (Labour Left’s Submission to the Labour Party’s Commission on Electoral Strategy), Labour Left (Irish Labour Party) (1986)

auf Irish Election Literature:

* John Cunningham/Michael D Higgins: Mayday! Galway and the Origins of International Labour Day (1987)


* Liga Comunista 23 de Septiembre: Segundo Encuentro en la Sierra: Resoluciones (Torreón de Cañas, Dgo.) (1965)
* Partido Comunista do Brasil (PCdoB): Balanço dos 5 meses de luta armada na região do Araguaia (1972)

auf archive.org:

* Wladimir Iljitsch Lenin: Collected Works, Vol. 1-2 (1960)
* Wladimir Iljitsch Lenin: Collected Works, Vol. 3 (1960)

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