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Arbeiterkommunistische Partei Iran zu Syrien

Posted by entdinglichung - 1. Juni 2012

Die Quelle der nachfolgend dokumentierten Erklärung ist Solidarité Ouvrière … ansonsten hier noch der Hinweis auf die täglich aktualisierte Berichterstattung zur Lage in Syrien auf Support Kurds in Syria:

Message to Syrian People

The crimes of Bashar al-Assad’s regime and in particular the horrific scenes of massacre of the people and children in Houla deeply hurts any human being. We embrace you and deeply share your unbearable sadness. Humanity will never forget the atrocities of the Assad regime, neither your heroic struggle.

We too are struggling head on with the most heinous supporter of the Assad regime: the Islamic Republic of Iran, which has continued its crimes for the past 33 years. Witnessing the atrocities of the Assad regime sharpens and intensifies the struggle of the people in Iran against the Islamic Republic, which is one of your greatest enemies too.

On behalf of the members and sympathisers of the Worker-communist Party of Iran and on behalf of the people of Iran, I sincerely wish you victory in your struggle against the dictatorship in Syria and for a just, equal and free society. We will not spare any effort in supporting your struggle for freedom.

Asqar Karimi
Chair of the Executive Committee of the WPI

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