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Untersuchung zu Polizei-„Aussagen“ während des Bergarbeiterstreiks in Britannien 1984/85 gefordert

Posted by entdinglichung - 22. Oktober 2012

der Guardian berichtet:

“ … The police complaints watchdog is under pressure to widen its investigation into alleged fabrication of evidence by South Yorkshire officers in the 1980s as new allegations emerge of attempts to frame miners at the Orgreave coking plant clashes.

Chris Kitchen, general secretary of the National Union of Mineworkers, said the Independent Police Complaints Commission and the director of public prosecutions, Keir Starmer QC, should include in their examination of South Yorkshire police’s post-Hillsborough „cover-up“ the force’s alleged framing of 95 miners for serious criminal offences after Orgreave.

„Many miners were subjected to malpractice during the strike by South Yorkshire police – and other forces,“ Kitchen told the Guardian. „I will be asking the NUM’s national executive committee to consider complaining to the IPCC and DPP for the police operations at Orgreave and elsewhere during the strike to be investigated, now the details of what South Yorkshire police did at Hillsborough have been revealed.“

At Orgreave in 1984, police officers on horseback and on foot were filmed beating picketing miners with truncheons, but South Yorkshire police claimed the miners had attacked them first, and prosecuted 95 men for riot and unlawful assembly, which carried potential life sentences. All 95 were acquitted after the prosecution case collapsed following revelations in court that police officers‘ statements had been dictated to them in order to establish evidence of a riot, and one officer’s signature on a statement had been forged. …“

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Aussenpolitik statt Klassensolidarität

Posted by entdinglichung - 31. August 2010

Natürlich sollte einen deratiges seitens der Sowjetunion der 1980er Jahre nicht überraschen … um Margaret Thatcher nicht zu verärgern und um ihr Land (und die Queen?!) besuchen zu dürfen blockierte Gorbatschow (der Politiker, nicht der Wodka) 1984 eine Spende von mehr als einer Million US-Dollar sowjetischer BergarbeiterInnen an ihre streikenden KollegInnen von der NUM in Britannien … (post-)stalinistische Prioritätensetzung eben, der Guardian berichtet:

„At Chequers, Thatcher personally confronted Gorbachev and protested that the Soviet Union was meddling in British matters and would help to prolong the strike by giving the cash. Gorbachev stonewalled, claiming that he was not aware of any such donation. It later transpired that a month before the Chequers meeting, Gorbachev had himself signed the papers authorising the donation.

But Thatcher’s diplomatic offensive worked: no donation reached the British miners during their year-long strike. Gorbachev had embarked on his effort to reform the sclerotic Soviet state and concluded that the wiser option was to continue cultivating the British prime minister for the sake of relations between the two countries. Sacrificing the interests of the British miners was the price to be paid for not upsetting the so-called Iron Lady.“

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Neues aus den Archiven der radikalen (und nicht so radikalen) Linken

Posted by entdinglichung - 4. Dezember 2009

ältere Archiv-Updates und Hinweise zu weiteren linken Archivalien unter „Sozialistika“ und im Download-Archiv, ansonsten sei hier noch auf weitere Lesehinweise bei Poumista und das neue Dokumentationsprojekt des IISG Amsterdam Iran: the bloody summer of 2009 verwiesen:

La Bataille Socialiste:

* L’Internationale: La jeunesse communiste ibérique (POUM) est à l’avant-garde de la révolution espagnole (1937)
* Union communiste (UC): Camarades anarchistes! (1937)
* Nicolas Lazarévitch: L’assassinat de Berneri (1937)
* Lettre ouverte à la Commission exécutive du PSOE (1937)
* Le Comité pour la reprise des Relations internationales (1921, Auszug aus der Encyclopédie socialiste, syndicale et coopérative)

Big Flame 1970-1984:

** The Revolution Unfinished? A Critique of Trotskyism (1977)
*** The Revolution Unfinished?: front to section 2 (pdf-Datei)
*** The Revolution Unfinished?: sections 3 to 5(b)(i) (pdf-Datei)
*** The Revolution Unfinished?: section 5(b)(ii) to 5(c) (pdf-Datei)
*** The Revolution Unfinished?: section 5(d) to back (pdf-Datei)
** Class and Party in Trotskyism and Leninism (1975, pdf-Datei)
** On the IMG’s Concept of the Vanguard and Ours (1978, pdf-Datei)
* A book about Big Flame
* LIBERTARIAN COMMUNIST GROUP [LCG] (Groups who joined Big Flame no 2)
** A Short History of the Libertarian Communist Group
** Coalitions, Libertarian Communism and Ireland (1980, pdf-Datei)
** Report of a Meeting of ex-LCG Members (2004, pdf-Datei)
** Report of a Meeting of ex-LCG Members (1981, pdf-Datei)

Rassembler, diffuser les archives des révolutionnaires (RaDAR, ehemals ASMSFQI):

* Comité français pour la IVe internationale: La Vérité, 1. November 1940
* Parti communiste internationaliste (PCI): La Vérité des travailleurs, Oktober 1954
* IVe Internationale: IVe Internationale, Januar 1951
* Ligue communiste (LC): La lutte des cheminots contre la rentabilisation (1970)
* Ligue communiste (LC): Bulletin intérieur, August 1934
* Parti communiste internationaliste (PCI): Bulletin intérieur „La Vérité“, September 1949

Marxists Internet Archive (MIA):

* Belfort Bax/William Morris: The Socialist Platform, No. 1 (1885)
* Ernest Mandel: Marxism As Seen By Bourgeois Economists (1959)
* Ernest Mandel: In Defense of Permanent Revolution: A Reply to Doug Jenness (1982)
* Ernest Mandel: Mandel on Althusser, Party and Class (1982)
* Ernest Mandel: Introducción al Marxismo (1975/1977)
* Revolutionary Action Movement (RAM): The 12-Point Program of RAM (1964)
* Ted Grant: Easter‘67—socialism on the march (1967)
* Ted Grant: Miners, dockers, printers & bakers fight restrictions – TUC must attack capital not workers (1967)
* Ted Grant: Only one solution—Budget demonstrates the impossibility of capitalist “planning” (1966)
* Ted Grant: East-West trade—profits cut “iron curtain” (1967)
* Artikel aus dem Labour Monthly:
** Rajani Palme Dutt: Indian Awakening (1928)
** Clemens Dutt: Capitalist Exploitation in Indian Agriculture, pt. I (1927)
** The Bengal-Nagpur Railway Lockout (1927)
** Bombay Textile Strike—Tata Iron and Steel Strike (1928)

Projekt Gutenberg:

* Rosa Luxemburg: Briefe aus dem Gefängnis (1916-1918)

Materialien zur Analyse von Opposition (MAO):

* Freiburg: IG Druck und Papier, Druckindustrie, Herder und Rombach
* Hamburg: Die Erschießung von Petra Schelm am 15. Juli 1971

La Presse Anarchiste:

* Bulletin de la Fédération Jurassienne n°15/16, 15. August/1. September 1872


* The British miners strike of 1984/1985 – a retrospective view of some events at St. John’s Colliery in Maesteg, South Wales (1986, mit einem Nachwort von 2009)
* Boris Souvarine: Stalin: Why and How (1978)
* George Orwell: Notes on Nationalism (1945)

The Cedar Lounge Revolution:

* Matthew Hussey/Carole Craig: Nuclear Ireland? (1978)

Centro de Documentación de los Movimientos Armados (CeDeMA):

* Frente Farabundo Martí para la Liberación Nacional (FMLN): Comunicado sobre el asesinato del Comité Ejecutivo del FDR (1980)
* Partido Comunista de El Salvador (PCS): El poder, el carácter y vía de la revolución y la unidad de la izquierda (1981)

Europe Solidaire Sans Frontières (ESSF):

* Joseph-Marie Hulewicz: Stonewall – New York – juin 1969 : contre le patriarcat et l’homophobie (1994)
* Francisco „Dodong“ Nemenzo: Philippines (UP) – The Third World Studies Center at 20: Reaffirming Its Critical Tradition (1997)
* Francisco „Dodong“ Nemenzo: The Constrains on Democratization in the Philippines (2007)

Workers‘ Liberty:

* Chronology, and small selection of texts, for studying AWL history (2009, pdf-Datei)

The Irish Election Literature Blog:

* Joe Higgins- Militant Labour -1996 Dublin West By-Election
* Tomas MacGiolla -The Workers Party-1994 European Elections
* Arthur Morgan – Sinn Fein – Louth 1989

The Anarchist Library:

* Gary Elkin: Benjamin Tucker — Anarchist or capitalist? (?)
* Iain MacSaorsa: Ecology or “Anarcho”-capitalism? (1995)
* Letter of América Scarfó to Émile Armand (1928)
* Iain MacSaorsa: (The) Myth of “Natural Law” (?)
* Émile Armand: Our demands as Individualist Anarchists (1945)
* There is no Authority but Yourself: Reclaiming Krishnamurti for Anarchy (2005)

The Militant:

* Thomas Sankara: For a united front against the debt (1987)
* 25, 50 and 75 years ago (1934/1959/1984)

Espace contre ciment:

* Mike Davis: Los Angeles n’était qu’un début (1994)
* L’occupation du territoire par l’art et la gentrification – New York, années 80 (1989)
* Jean-Pierre Garnier: A propos d’un article de Laurent Mucchielli (2000)
* Jean-Pierre Garnier: BoBo City (2004)
* Guillaume Paoli: Willkommen in Bobocity (2007)
* Alain C.: John Zerzan ou la confusion primitiviste (2000)
* John Zerzan: Das Zeitalter des Nihilismus (2000)
* A contretemps: Stig Dagerman (2003)
* Stig Dagerman: Ein Kind töten (1948)
* Stig Dagerman: La dictature du chagrin (1950)
* Stig Dagerman: Notre besoin de consolation est impossible à rassasier (1952)
* Stig Dagerman: L’homme qui va bientôt mourir (1955)
* Lothar Baier: Lohn der Angst – Stig Dagermans fulminantes Debüt aus dem Jahr 1945 (1986)


* Adelheid Popp: The autobiography of a working woman (1912)
* Albert Richard Parsons: Anarchismus. Seine philosophie und wissenschaftliche Grundlage (1887)
* G.C. Clemens: A primer on socialism (1900)
* Norman Thomas: Why I am a socialist? (1932)
* The Batt-Dannenberg debate on resolved, that by political action alone, without the assistance of the Socialist Industrial Union, the workers can emancipate themselves … between Dennis E. Batt, representing the Socialist Party, and Karl Dannenberg, representing the Workers‘ International Industrial Union (1919)
* Allan Benson: A way to prevent war (1915)


* José Antonio Gutiérrez: The Problems Posed by the Concrete Class Struggle and Popular Organisation: Reflections from an Anarchist Communist Perspective (2005, pdf-Datei)

YouTube-Kanal von pjotrpjotro:

* Walter Benjamin: Angelus Novus (Geschichtsphilosophische These IX) (1940)

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Neues aus den Archiven der radikalen Linken

Posted by entdinglichung - 19. Juni 2009

ältere Archiv-Updates und Hinweise zu weiteren linken Archivalien unter „Sozialistika„:

Big Flame 1970-1984

* LOTTA CONTINUA Part 2 (Related Political Organisatons no 2)
* Ireland: Rising in the North (1975)
** Ireland: Rising in the North: front-p12 (pdf-Datei)
** Ireland: Rising in the North: p13-p22 (pdf-Datei)
** Ireland: Rising in the North: p23-back (pdf-Datei)
* But How Can I Raise the Question of Ireland from Day to Day? (1979, pdf-Datei)
* Contribution to the debate on Ireland (1979, pdf-Datei)
* Discussion on Ireland (1979, pdf-Datei)
* Irish Commission Report (1976, pdf-Datei)
* SWP and Ireland (1983, pdf-Datei)

La Bataille Socialiste:

* Mahmoud Ketabchi: Démystifier le nationalisme de gauche (2004)

Marxists Internet Archive (MIA):

* Leo Trotzki: Letter to South African Revolutionaries (1933)
* Ernest Mandel: Reply to John McCormick (1966)
* Roger Protz: Letter from Britain: Labour Party in Power (1965)
* Rob Lubbersen: Revolutionair-socialisme in Nederland (1983)
* James P. Cannon: Nous demandons l’assistance du Comintern (1922)
* Artikel aus der New International, April 1941
** Max Shachtman: Labor and Strikes in Wartime
** Albert Glotzer: German Society and Capitalism
* Dwight McDonald: The American War Economy
* Henry Judd: Eton Brahmin
** The Editor’s Comment
** Editorial Notes
** Manager’s Column,
** Henry Foster: Into the Night of Confusion
** C.D.E.: Total War and the Revolution
* Artikel aus dem Socialist Appeal, Januar/Februar 1936
** Hal Draper: The Case Against Sanctions and “Neutrality Legislation”
** Albert Goldman: Toward Socialist Clarity
** From Our Viewpoint
** Rudolph C. Olson: To Pay Dues Is Not Enough
** Georg Mann: Mistakes At Columbus
** A. Morrison: A United Front Against War And Fascism
* Leo Trotzki: Trotski over het entrisme (1933)
* Ernest Mandel: De grootste verkiezingsnederlaag in de geschiedenis van het Belgische socialisme (1965)
* Sergej Netschajew: De Revolutionaire Catechismus (1869)
* Michail Bakunin: Bakoenin aan Netchajev over de rol van geheime revolutionaire gezelschappen (1872)
* Artikel von Daniel de Leon aus The People vom Dezember 1906 (pdf-Dateien):
** 1906, December 1 – The Essence of Political Government
** 1906, December 2 – Steps—but Whither!
** 1906, December 2 – Flashlights of the IWW Convention, 1906: III. P.R. McDonald
** 1906, December 3 – The Real Utopians
** 1906, December 4 – Samuel Spencer
** 1906, December 5 – „Publicity“ Black-Eyed
** 1906, December 6 – Demagogue and Plutogogue
** 1906, December 7 – „Votes“ as Argument
** 1906, December 8 – Sounds From the Bone-Yard
** 1906, December 9 – Industrialism in France
** 1906, December 9 – Flashlights of the IWW Convention, 1906: IV. „Autonomy“
** 1906, December 10 – „Premonitory Signs“
** 1906, December 11 – To the Shades of Kinneally
** 1906, December 12 – The Dissenting Opinion
** 1906, December 13 – „Tribute to the Unions“
** 1906, December 14 – „Success“ and „Failure“
** 1906, December 15 – Chasing Pimples
** 1906, December 16 – Lampoon and Lamentation
** 1906, December 16 – Snap-Shots of the IWW Convention, 1906: V. Presidents
** 1906, December 17 – A Malthusian Awakening
** 1906, December 18 – First, Buech; Now Thiel
** 1906, December 19 – The Howling „Times“
** 1906, December 20 – Mgr. Farley’s Error
** 1906, December 21 – Income and Inheritance Taxes
** 1906, December 22 – Shadows Cast Ahead
** 1906, December 23 – Two Conundrums, Nay, Three
** 1906, December 23 – Snap-Shots of the IWW Convention, 1906: VI. „SLP!“ and OtherHowls
** 1906, December 24 – Thinking in Billions
** 1906, December 25 – Kings County Grand Jury’s Christmas Present
** 1906, December 26 – Preliminary Funeral Orations
** 1906, December 27 – Paying the Price
** 1906, December 28 – Quit Your Cackling!
** 1906, December 29 – Drinking Blood!
1906, December 30 – Dennis in the Pulpit
** 1906, December 31 – Review and Forecast
** 1906, December 31 – As to Politics
* Ted Grant: Crisis in the British economy (1961)
* Saturnino Paredes Macedo: Perspectivas y tareas del frente campesino (1970)
* Nadeshda Krupskaja: La unión de la juventud (1917)
* Nadeshda Krupskaja: La lucha por la juventud obrera (1917)
* Nadeshda Krupskaja: Cómo debe organizarse la juventud obrera (1917)
* Artikel aus dem International Socialist Review (ISR), 1964-1966:
** Problems of New Administration (1964)
** Evelyn Sell: The Flivver King: A Centennial Appraisal (1964)
** Marvel Scholl: Comparative Medical Care (1964)
** John Pederson: US Economy – The Paper Tiger (1964)
** Correspondence from Ceylon (1964)
** Bernard Mandel: The Freedom Struggle (1964)
** Franz J.T. Lee: Hypocrisy in South Africa (1964)
** Constance Weissman: Hitler and German Catholics (1964)
** Edward Shaw: Revolution in Cuba (1964)
** Robert Chester: A Unique Figure (1964)
** Robert Vernon: Irrepressible Conflict (1964)
** Luis Vitale: Which Road for Chile (1964)
** Chilean Marxists Form New Party (1964)
** Political Crisis Splits Chilean CP (1964)
** Manolo Sarmiento: Lesson of Brazil (1964)
** Ad Hoc Committee: The Triple Revolution (1964)
** George Saunders: Revolt Against Stalinism (1964)
** Jay Garnett: The Struggle for Power (1964)
** Ralph Levitt: An Heroic Chapter (1964)
** H.S.E.: Slave Revolt (1964)
** Edward Smith: Waste (1964)
** The New Cold War (1964)
** Edward Herman: On the Economic Theors of Socialism (1964)
** The Quebec Revolution (1964)
** Goldwater and the American “Left” (1964)
** Peng Shu-tse: The Man on the Flying Trapeze – An Open Letter to Gerry Healy (1964)
** Eiichi Yamanishi: Peking Curbs Japan Labor (1964)
** Socialist Thought (1964)
** Edward Smith: Logic of Marxism (1964)
** Ralph Levitt: Which Way Africa? (1964)
** David Herman: Trotsky Anthologies (1964)
** Franz J.T. Lee: Alexander Defense Committee (1964)
** Manuel Sarmiento: Correction (1964)
** Victims of Apartheid Terror Appeal for Aid (1965)
** Edward Shaw: Cuba and the CIA (1965)
** Recommended Reading (1965)
** Franz J.T. Lee: Apartheid in SW Africa (1965)
** The Bloomington Three (1965)
** Political Awakening in the Congo (1965)
** Americans in Black Africa (1965)
** The War-Peace Establishment (1965)
** Ehrenburg’s Memoirs (1965)
** Harlem (1965)
** United Secretariat of the Fourth International: Hands Off the Vietnamese Revolution (1965)
** The Vietnam Protest Movement and the Johnson “Consensus” (1965)
** I.B. Tabata: South African Freedom Struggle (1965)
** The Editors: I.B. Tabatha (1965)
** Milton Alvin: Russia vs. Germany (1965)
** Robert Langston: Apartheid Arrests Continue (1965)
** Fidel Castro: On Bureaucracy (1965)
** Dick Roberts: Crisis in Rhodesia (1965)
** Kipp Dawson: Why We Say Bring the Troops Home Now (1965)
** Dan Rosenshine & Jens Jensen: The Thanksgiving Anti-War Convention (1965)
** John McCormick: Criticism of Germain’s Soviet Management Reform (1966)
** Robert Langston: The Alexander Defense Committee under Attack (1963)
** APDUSA: Towards a United Democratic Movement of Africa (1966)
** Henri Vallin: Nkrumah’s Downfall (1966)
** The Left in Europe (1966)
** International Brigades (1963)
** Trotsky Papers (1966)
** Books Received (1966)
** Leo Bernard – A Political Assassination (1966)
** Franz J.T. Lee: Bantu Education (1966)
** Constance Weissman: Confessions of an Irish Rebel (1966)
** Toby Rice: Freedom Summer (1966)
** Arthur Maglin: Stalin (1966)
** Books Received (1966)
** Index (Vols.25-27) (1966)
** Bimonthly ISR Announced (1966)
* Max Stirner: Kunst en Religie (1842)

Materialien zur Analyse von Opposition (MAO):

Auswertungen zu folgenden Themen/Gruppen/Orten/Betrieben:

* Herbert Hupka. Beiträge zur Biographie 1970-1974
* Gifhorn
* München: Arnold & Richter (Arri)
* Schlesien
* Witikobund
* Die Nationalliberale Aktion (NLA)
* Eschwege, Hessisch-Lichtenau und Sontra


* So Near – So Far – a selective history of the British miners (2005)
* South Africa: Now and Then (1979/1983/1985/2005)
* Notes On The Balkan War and the Media (1999)
* Looks Like We Got Ourselves A Convoy (2000)
* La Guerre Sociale: The Poverty of Feminism (1977)
* The Despotism of Speed (199?)
* Can’t Buy Me Love (~ 1975)
* Nigel Gibson: Zabalaza, Unfinished Struggles against Apartheid: The Shackdwellers’ Movement in Durban (2005)
* TPTG: The War On Terror (2003)
* French Strikes 1995-6 (1996)


* Alan Berkman In His Own Words (199? … Alan Berkman starb am 5. Juni 2009)
* Mike Ely: The Railroad of Leonard Peltier (1998)
* Leonard Peltier: Interview from Leavenworth Prison (1994)

Collectif Smolny:

* Voline: Souvenirs sur Gapone et Janvier 1905. Extraits de « La Révolution inconnue » (1939)

The Cedar Lounge Revolution:

* Sinn Féin: An Phoblacht, 75th Anniversary of the Rising Issue (1991)

Fire on the Mountain:

* Ping Yong: Economic Backdrop to the Crisis. Impressions from China April, 1989

Centro de Documentación de los Movimientos Armados (CeDeMA):

* Frente Patriótico Manuel Rodríguez (FPMR): A los patriotas caídos en la Operación Albania (1998)
* Fuerzas Armadas de Liberación Nacional (FALN): Comunicado Nº 5 (1975)
* Partido Comunista del Perú Marxista-Leninista-Maoísta: Sobre la independencia y autodecisión en el Frente Unido Democrático Revolucionario (2006)
* Partido Comunista de El Salvador (PCS): La rectificación orgánica y la construcción del Partido (1973)

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Zum 25. Jahrestag des Beginns des Bergarbeiterstreiks in Britannien 1984/85 – Teil 2

Posted by entdinglichung - 9. März 2009

Der Guardian, die Tageszeitung der aufgeklärt-linksliberalen KonsumentInnen mit Hochschulabschluss, gutem Einkommen und zuweilen einem partiellen schlechten Gewissen hat nach 25 Jahren Arthur Scargill, den damaligen Vorsitzenden der Bergarbeitergewerkschaft National Union of Mineworkers (NUM) zum Bergarbeiterstreik 1984/85 (einige Filmberichte dazu ) Wort kommen lassen … bleibt anzumerken, dass die Zeitung damals die abgespaltene Labourrechte um Roy Jenkins, David Owen und Konsorten in der Social Democratic Party (SDP) unterstüzte und Menschen wie Scargill mit Begriffen wie „Loony Leftist“ und dass natürlich auch Scargill zuweilen mit Vorsicht zu geniessen ist, speziell seitdem er mit der Socialist Labour Party (SLP, auch Scargill’s Little Party genannt) seinen stalinoiden Privatclub gegründet hat, der Artikel ist aber in jedem Fall lesenswert, hier ein Auszug:


„But the NUM’s historic battle did not begin in March 1984, as so many pundits claim. The seeds of the dispute had been sown long before. A pit closure plan in 1981 resulted in miners, including miners in Nottinghamshire, taking unofficial strike action (without a ballot) and forcing Thatcher into a U-turn, or in reality a body swerve.

At that time, Britain’s coal industry was the most efficient and technologically advanced in the world, a result of a tripartite agreement, the Plan For Coal, signed by a Labour government, the National Coal Board (NCB) and the mining trade unions in 1974, and endorsed by Thatcher in 1981. And yet, shortly after I became national president of the NUM in 1982 I was sent anonymously a copy of a secret plan prepared by NCB chiefs earmarking 95 pits for closure, with the loss of 100,000 miners‘ jobs. This plan had been prepared on government instructions following the miners‘ successful unofficial strike in 1981.

I took this document to the union’s National Executive Committee (NEC) – its contents were not only denied by government and NCB chiefs, but were disbelieved by militant NUM leaders who had been assured that their pits had long-term futures. However, the exposed revelations struck a chord among our members throughout Britain’s coalfields where colliery managers – clearly acting on instructions from above – had already begun unilaterally changing agreed working practices, affecting shift patterns and supplementary payments.

It became clear that the union would have to take action, but of a type that would win maximum support and have a unifying effect. The NEC accepted a report from me recommending that we call a special national delegate conference, and link our opposition to the pit closure plan with a demand that the coal board negotiate the union’s wage claim. The NEC agreed, and the special conference was held on 21 October 1983. Delegates from all NUM areas were given a detailed report so that they could vote on what action – if any – should be taken. Following a full debate, they agreed to call a national overtime ban from 1 November – until such time as the NCB withdrew its closure plan and agreed to negotiate an increase in miners‘ wages with the NUM.

Over the next four months, the overtime ban had an extraordinary impact. It succeeded in reducing coal output by 30%, or 12m tonnes, thus cutting national coal stocks to about the same level as they had been during the miners‘ unofficial strike in 1981.“

ansonsten hier noch ein Kurzfilm zum Streik im Allgemeinen und zu einer der heftigsten Auseinandersetzungen während des Streiks (Soundtrack by The Redskins):

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Zum 25. Jahrestag des Beginns des Bergarbeiterstreiks in Britannien 1984/85

Posted by entdinglichung - 5. März 2009

Den Rest des Beitrags lesen »

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