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Aufruf von WAC-Ma’an und Da’am zum 1. Mai 2012

Posted by entdinglichung - 30. April 2012

Quelle: Webseite des Workers Advice Center:

International Workers’ Day 2012. The people demand unionized workers!

In the upcoming demonstrations of the united left, the Independent Union WAC Maan and the Daam workers’ party, call for peace, equality and social justice, and demonstrates in solidarity with the popular Arab uprisings, particularly the heroic revolt of the Syrian people.

The Independent Trade Union WAC Maan and the Daam workers’ party, call on their members and supporters to take an active part in the demonstrations and marches of the united leftwing and workers’ organizations, which will be held to mark May Day (International Workers’ Day) in Tel Aviv on May 1, in Haifa on April 28, and in Jerusalem on April 27.

We are happy that for the first time in years, the forces on the left together with workers’ organizations have united to march together under the banner, “The people demand unionized workers.” Despite some differences of opinion, it is clear that all the groups marching to mark May Day agree on the need to step up the struggle against the extreme rightwing government of Benjamin Netanyahu. We aspire to a united front which presents an alternative social political agenda.

Arab and Jewish activists from the WAC Maan will join members of Da’am, the Workers Party, to call for peace, equality and social justice. As a Jewish-Arab workers’ organization aiming for revolutionary change, we dedicate this year to the Arab uprisings, especially the Syrian revolt. The Syrian people are rising up to demand freedom, justice and peace, and to bring down the dictator who butchers his citizens mercilessly. In the May Day marches, we will also convey a message of solidarity to the young Egyptian revolutionaries and the Egyptian workers who did the impossible and brought down the tyrant Mubarak. We will strengthen them as they work to complete the aims of the revolution.

Our main target is the anti-worker, rightwing and warmongering government of Israel. On May Day this year, we emphasize the call to bring down Netanyahu’s government, because:

Netanyahu’s government leads destructive economic social policies. For many years, even before his latest election as prime minister, Netanyahu has promoted privatization of the public sphere and dismantled the social security net. Israel has become a paradise for tycoons and hell for hundreds of thousands of precarious workers. Today, most Israelis understand that the transfer of natural resources and public services to capitalists has led to poverty, violence and the unraveling of the social fabric.

During the last three years, Netanyahu’s government and its extreme rightwing coalition have passed a slew of racist laws against the state’s Arab citizens. It is currently promoting a program to destroy dozens of Arab villages in the Negev Desert, preventing the development of Arab towns, and increasing hatred and racism.
Netanyahu’s government is responsible for the deadlock in the peace process, which is liable to deteriorate into war. Its policies are based on the strengthening of the settlements in the occupied territories, the rejection of any compromise with the Palestinians, and the creation of an artificial crisis with Iran. The rightwing government, whose foreign minister is the fascist thug Avigdor Lieberman, challenges the international consensus on the need to withdraw to the pre-1967 borders and the need to establish an independent Palestinian state with East Jerusalem as its capital.

A demonstration in Kufr Qara

In addition to our active participation in these events in the three main cities, WAC Maan together with Da’am – Workers’ Party will organize a demonstration in Kufr Qara on Saturday May 5, in solidarity with the Syrian people who are rising up against the regime. We call for unconditional support to the Syrian people’s popular uprising and with all the Arab people’s uprisings against oppression and exploitation, and for freedom and social justice.

Long live May Day! The people demand unionized workers!
Long live the social protest movement!
Long live the Arab Spring!
Long live the Syrian uprising!
Workers of the world, unite!

Join us as we march in red, the workers’ organization WAC and the workers’ party Da’am!

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