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Sozialistischer Putsch in Britannien … und niemand hat es gemerkt

Posted by entdinglichung - 11. März 2013

auf Grund einer grossen sozialistischen Verschwörung einer Korruptionsaffäre musste Liam Fox als Verteidigungsminister im Oktober 2011 seinen Posten verlassen … offenbar haben sich seitdem bei ihm die sozio-ökonomischen Wahrnehmungsstörungen verstärkt:

„The great socialist coup of the last decade was making wealth an embarrassment. It is not. It is the prize for aspiration and hard work, and its side effects are higher tax revenues, more jobs and more investment.“

Wahrscheinlich freut Fox sich auch auf das Remake von Die Rote Flut und hält das Ganze für einen Dokumentarfilm:

„Say what you will about John Milius’s 1980s rightwing cold war flag-waver Red Dawn, at least it had the courage of its convictions. The new remake – released three years after completion, thanks to the MGM bankruptcy restructuring – can’t even decide who its real enemies are. When it wrapped, the invading superpower was still Red China; in the interim, some wise suit remembered the billion-plus Chinese moviegoing market and decreed that the enemy should henceforth be North Korea, a black hole for Hollywood releases. Cue some retroactive digital adjustments – commie signage, uniforms, etc – a new opening voiceover, a couple of reshoots and, voila! – a new enemy. The late Kim Jong-il, a budding auteur himself, would have been charmed by the attention.

He might also have wondered, just as I did, what the hell was going on. After the sky fills with paratroopers one bright morning, we never really learn why this one Pacific north-west town is under siege. Is there a wider zone of occupation? Do the Koreans have allies? Or is Spokane, Washington, really all they can manage?“

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Glenn Beck hat ein Buch geschrieben:

Posted by entdinglichung - 28. November 2012

oder vielmehr ein Plagiat? … gefunden auf Hatewatch: In New Novel, Glenn Beck Warns of Squirrel-Worshipping Socialists:

„Now, just in time for the holidays, the fear-mongering eschatologist is shilling for a new prophecy of doom – one that comes wrapped in a neat dust jacket, ready to stuff in your loved one’s stocking.

Released on Nov. 20, Beck’s latest contribution to the American literary scene is Agenda 21, a dystopian novel set in a not-too-distant future in which America has been taken over by radical socialist environmentalist atheistic technocrats who steal babies and control all citizens with an iron fist, watching and reporting on everything they do.

Weirdly enough, Agenda 21 brings to mind no book so much as Margaret Atwood’s feminist masterpiece The Handmaid’s Tale, also set in a not-too-distant-future America. Atwood’s dystopian future is overseen by Christian televangelists who run a patriarchal dictatorship centered on reproduction in which women are completely subjugated to men, and reproduction is subjugated to everything.

Agenda 21 is a near-perfect political inverse with a very similar plotline. Its protagonist is Emmeline, a teenaged girl who lives in a Republic ruled by supreme leader “Fabian” (doubtless a reference to the Fabian Society, a U.K.-based socialist group that formed around the turn of the 20th Century which favored a gradualist approach to implementing socialism and some of whose early members embraced eugenics) and countless minions who monitor every aspect of citizens’ lives.

und in New Jersey geht es schon los … und auch demographisch bewegt sich etwas, was Beck & Co. Furcht bereitet ;-)

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Zur Wirtschaftspolitik der Religious Right in den USA

Posted by entdinglichung - 20. November 2012

gefunden auf Talk to Action: Christians and Laissez-Faire Economics, ein Auszug:

„The new and growing wing of the Religious Right has emerged with an economic agenda. Some trace the roots of the movement to Civil Rights rejection in the nation. Many used the fear of government restrictions in the work place as a reason to reject Affirmative Action. This theory might help explain the natural roots the Religious Right would have in laissez-faire economic beliefs. The connection goes much further than a theory on race. It is rooted deeply in the new concerns of the movement. With renewed accusations that the nation is turning socialist, free market adherents find new fodder for the fires of the movement. The most popular Religious Right voter guide in Texas is a voter guide aptly named, the Free Market Voter guide. „

mehr hier

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Republikanische Senatskandidatin in Massachusetts offen Schlumpf-feindlich

Posted by entdinglichung - 4. November 2012

gefunden auf Talk2Action, Sandi Martinez, Kandidatin der Republicans im 3rd Middlesex [sic!] District von Massachusetts hat Furcht vor der Freiheit und den Schlümpfen:

„“On her cable access show in 2004, Martinez warned that trick-or-treating, Harry Potter books, and the „new age images“ presented in 1980s-era programming such as „The Smurfs“ and „The Care Bears“ could destigmatize the occult and leave children vulnerable to the lure of witchcraft.
„To me, that’s what the Harry Potter thing is doing, only in a much broader scale than the Smurfs ever did,“ she said. „The children are going to remember those feelings that they had watching the movies and reading the books, and they’re going to be prime targets.““

und kommunistisch sind die Schlümpfe auch noch:

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Aus der Wahnwelt der ‚Religious Right‘

Posted by entdinglichung - 5. Oktober 2012

der evangelikale Pastor und Antisemit John Hagee hat, wie Talk to Action meldet, Angst

„I have said it before and I will say it again: the election on Nov. 6, 2012 for the office of president is the day of decision for America. Four more years of Obama will bring absolute socialism to America. Our children and grandchildren will never know the greatness of America that we have experienced.“

ebenfalls Angst hat Linda Harvey von der Webpostille Mission: America (“Christian Commentary on the Culture”):

“California Bans Heterosexuality.”

mehr beim hpd

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Überall Sozialisten und Kommunisten …

Posted by entdinglichung - 23. Mai 2012

aus dem aktuellen Guardian … eine Toffs schieben Paranoia:

„Vince Cable is a „socialist“ who has blocked action to liberalise employment laws that could give a £50bn boost to the economy, according to a Tory donor who wrote a controversial report on cutting red tape.“


„Clegg also found himself accused of being leftwing when public school headteacher Tim Hands accused him of adopting „old-style communist“ tactics in his drive to improve social mobility.“

natürlich sind Cable und Clegg nach wie vor LibDems und leisten gute Arbeit um den Kapitalismus am Laufen zu halten:

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Rechte Dumpfbacken

Posted by entdinglichung - 2. Mai 2012

ein Mitglied der English Defence League protestiert gegen den Verkauf von Halal-Fleisch in einem Supermarkt (Quelle: Searchlight):

Jür­gen Elsäs­ser und andere Vollpfosten bei den „Judenfressern“ (so J.E. 1997) in Tehran (Quelle: Reflexion):

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Posted by entdinglichung - 21. März 2012

aus der Welt des Irrsinns und des Obskurantismus:

– Eike Sanders: »Reichsflugscheiben« greifen an! UFO-Glaube zwischen Nazis und Verschwörungstheorien (Der Rechte Rand)

– Robert Chesal: Forcible castrations and the Dutch old boys‘ network. How could the commission into abuse in the Catholic church have left the cases of castration out of its report? (Guardian)

– Inga Rogg: Kulturkampf im Irak: Mit Zementblöcken gegen Emos (taz)

Pastor Blames Constitution for America’s Problems (Talk 2 Action)

– Henry J. Enten: Why Obama is a ‚Muslim‘: Republicans and symbolic belief (Guardian)

– Neu auf The Bastard Archive: The Catholic Church and the Sex Problem von Jospeh McCabe (1949)

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Viewpoint zu Verschwörungstheorien/-ideologien in Pakistan

Posted by entdinglichung - 27. Februar 2012

Die aktuelle Ausgabe des linken wöchentlichen Online-Magazins Viewpoint widmet sich diese Woche schwerpunktmässig den in Pakistan grassierenden Verschwörungstheorien:

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Kleines Kulturjournal

Posted by entdinglichung - 9. Februar 2012

1.) Die Gedichte von Mao Tse-tung sind besser und nicht schlechter als wie die Gedichte des Workers Liberty-Häuptlings Sean Matgamna und zumindest in diesem Falle wird im Bereich der Lyrik der Ostwind klar über den Westwind obsiegen.

2.) Las Vegas: Grindcore gegen Gingrich

3.) Kraken sind nicht immer schlimm:

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Wotans Erben (1977)

Posted by entdinglichung - 24. November 2011

Kürzlich auf YouTube online gestellt: Wotans Erben, ein WDR-Dokumentarfilm von 1977 von Rolf Bringmann und Dirk Gerhard zu rechten Jugendorganisationen (Wiking-Jugend, Bund Heimattreuer Jugend, Stahlhelm-Jugend, JN), hat tip to Rechte Jugendbünde – Ein Blog über völkische und neurechte Gruppen.

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Papst Luzifer Ratzinger XVI.?

Posted by entdinglichung - 24. November 2011

Eine lustige Stilblüte von der rechtskatholischen Vollpfostenseite kath.net, gefunden auf dem Atheist Media Blog:

„Benedikt XVI. ist ein Lichtträger“

auf Wikipedia findet sich dazu folgendes:

Luzifer, auch Lucifer, ist der lateinische Name des Morgensterns (Venus). Wörtlich übersetzt bedeutet er „Lichtträger“ (zu lat. lux, „Licht“ und ferre, „tragen, bringen“). Im Lauf der Zeit wurde im christlichen Sprachgebrauch der Begriff Luzifer gleichbedeutend mit einem Namen des Teufels.

kath.net liefert hiermit ungewollt (?!) eine Steilvorlage für die Konkurrenz aus dem durchgeknallteren Bereich des Evangelikalismus à la Ian Paisley oder C. Peter Wagner, für welche der Papst der Antichrist und die katholische Kirche ein babylonischer Mysterienkult ist … von dieser Seite sei zum Thema der Roman Ahasver von Stefan Heym empfohlen … ansonsten gab es von 1883 bis 1907 in den USA eine individual-anarchistische Wochenzeitung mit dem Titel Lucifer the Lightbearer, einige eingescannte Ausgaben des Blattes hier.

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Posted by entdinglichung - 29. Oktober 2011

1.) Gegen Zeitgeister und andere wingnuts, der Text eines Vortrages, welcher im Rahmen von Occupy Wellington in Aotearoa gehalten wurde: Against conspiracy theories: Why our activism must be based in reality (LibCom):

2.) Manifeste pour la liberté et la laïcité au Moyen Orient et en Afrique du Nord auf Bataille Socialiste:

1. la totale séparation de la religion et de l’Etat.

2. l’abolition des lois religieuses en matière familiale et dans le code pénal.

3. la séparation de la religion et du système d’éducation.

4. la liberté de religion et d’athéisme, définis comme croyances personnelles.

5. l’interdiction de l’apartheid sexuel et du voile obligatoire.

3.) Zeit, einmal wieder auf einen der exzellenten Beitrge von Tendance Coatesy hinzuweisen: Paris, Christian Integrists Protest at ‘Christianophobia’

4.) Wo die AWL recht hat, da hat sie recht: Embarrassed by your support for cops and cuts? Accuse your critics of being fascists! zu Anpinkeleien von Student „Broad“ Left/Socialist Action (stalinoides KarrieristInnennetzwerk innerhalb von Labour)

5.) Kasama: Occupy’s tear in the fabric: Seize the day for the previously unthinkable

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Elmo, the anarcho-syndicalist

Posted by entdinglichung - 1. Juni 2011

einfach grossartig, Elmo aus der Sesamstraße und Noam Chomsky plaudern über Anarchosyndikalismus, gefunden auf LibCom:

“ … Today, Elmo is being an anarcho-syndicalist …“

“ … Elmo is gonna going to destroy the old propertied order and reconstruct a stateless libertarian society now and than have a cookie“

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Yassamine Mather zu den Fraktionskämpfen in der iranischen Führung

Posted by entdinglichung - 20. Mai 2011

Quelle: Weekly Worker, 19.05. 2011, mehr zu den bizarreren Aspekten der ganzen Auseinandersetzungen hier:

Image: Mahmoud Ahmadinejad: rebuffed

Weekly Worker 866 Thursday May 19 2011

God’s representative in Tehran sees off 12th Shia imam fan

What lies behind the power struggle in Iran? Yassamine Mather looks at the contending factions
Mahmoud Ahmadinejad: rebuffed

Just as it seemed president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s submission to the wishes of supreme leader ayatollah Ali Khamenei would hold together the conservative factions currently in power in Iran, the conflict at the top reignited last week – proof of the depth of the political crisis facing the country.

On May 14 Ahmadinejad fired three key cabinet ministers and on May 16 declared himself ‘caretaker for the oil ministry’. The cabinet members – oil minister Masoud Mirkazemi, welfare and social security minister Sadeq Mahsouli and industry minister Ali Akbar Mehrabian – had been at the centre of a power struggle between parliament and the presidency.

On May 8 MPs had opposed Ahmadinejad’s plans to merge a number of ministries. Ali Larijani, the speaker of the majles (parliament) and a close ally of the supreme leader, dismissed them: “The government has no right to announce such policies before the majles approves them.” Ahmadinejad responded immediately, saying his cabinet had been charged with reducing the number of ministries from 21 to 17, which it has proceeded to do. He told Larijani he should inform himself about the country’s constitution and stop “creating unnecessary confusion”. However, the president was then rebuked by the powerful Council of Guardians. The council, whose members are selected by the supreme leader and which has the responsibility of overseeing government adherence to the Islamic constitution, rejected the plans for merging a number of ministries, leaving Ahmadinejad in even deeper trouble.

A lot has been said and written about spirits, sorcery, jinns (genies) … however, for all the references to supernatural beings, the conflict has its roots in a good, old-fashioned power struggle between, on the one side, landed old money, senior ayatollahs and their periphery and, on the other, what they call tazeh bedoran ressideh ha (the nouveaux riches or new rich) in the Ahmadinejad camp. This at a time when the Iranian state is feeling the pressure emanating from the major uprisings across the region and from the continuing protest movement inside Iran.

Over the last few years analysts and commentators have identified a new powerful military-bureaucratic group around the Pasdaran militia (revolutionary guards), which is answerable to Ahmadinejad and capable of taking power away from senior clerics. The events of the last few weeks have proved above all else the fallacy of such claims. Clearly military/revolutionary guard support for Ahmadinejad depended entirely on a nod from the supreme leader. Every time the president tried to negotiate a compromise regarding his responsibility in naming or dismissing ministers (a power clearly given to him by the Iranian constitution), everyone from Pasdaran leaders to clerics and civilian religious figures united in taking the side of the supreme leader. In more than three weeks of power struggle, not one leading member of the revolutionary guards came out openly for Ahmadinejad and his band of tazeh bedoran ressideh ha.

Iran’s Islamic Republic is no stranger to internal political crises. However, the serious differences and conflict between Ahmadinejad and Khamenei have sometimes seemed to paralyse the daily functions of government. The US administration is now talking of “structural crisis in the Iranian state”. The latest stand-off all started in April, when Ahmadinejad found out that a number of officials close to his office, including his former chief of staff and heir apparent Esfandiar Rahim-Mashaei, were under electronic surveillance by agents of the ministry of intelligence. According to one government official, “Top intelligence commanders of the revolutionary guard … bugged the office of Mashaei – as they must – and monitored his private and public political behaviour.”

Apparently, Mashaei, who is a former intelligence ministry official himself, discovered the electronic devices and promptly fired his deputy, Hassan Abdollahian, amid allegations of betrayal. On April 17 Ahmadinejad ordered intelligence minister Heydar Moslehi to hand in his resignation. The supreme leader overruled Ahmadinejad and all hell broke loose.

Under the Iranian constitution, the president clearly has the right to dismiss his ‘chosen’ ministers, but the problem is Moslehi was an appointee of the supreme leader. Khamenei and his supporters justify his interventions by referring to the principle of maslahat, the greater interest of Islam, implying it had been violated by Moslehi’s dismissal.

A cleric has always held the position of intelligence minister since the 1979 revolution and during the presidencies of both Mohammad Khatami and Ahmadinejad, the appointment has always been made in conjunction with the offices of god’s representative on earth, ayatollah Khamenei. Moslehi’s dismissal would have weakened the position of the clerics in keeping control of the unruly president and his controversial ‘advisor’, Mashaei. Over the last few years Mashaie has been blamed for spreading ‘nationalism’ (placing Iranian values above Islamic principles) and for the infamous claim that “Today, Iran is a friend of the United States and Israeli nations.”[1] The ministry of intelligence was keeping tabs on Mashaei and others in Ahmadinejad’s inner circle under the direct orders of Khamenei’s office. Moslehi was reappointed by the supreme leader within a couple of hours after being told by Ahmadinejad to quit.

In a huff

Ahmadinejad went into a huff, staying at home for eight days and boycotting cabinet meetings for almost two weeks, and he threatened to resign himself. He eventually returned to the cabinet in early May a much weaker president, forced to bow down after considerable pressure from the allies of the supreme leader in the majles, army and revolutionary guards. The president was also forced to accept the return of Moslehi as minister of intelligence and even tolerate his presence at cabinet meetings. Moslehi is well known for his obsession with conspiracy theories – he uncovers ‘foreign plots’ and ‘spy rings’ on a regular basis – and wasted no time after the death of Osama bin Laden denying that the US had killed him: “He died some time ago due to sickness … we have exact information to prove this.”

Den Rest des Beitrags lesen »

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