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Vermischtes (ergänzt)

Posted by entdinglichung - 14. Dezember 2012

aus der Welt der Politik:

* Zur morgigen Solidemo zum Neupack-Streik in Hamburg findet mensch Infos auf LabourNet und bei Syndikalismus

* Egypte / Tunisie : Bras de fer entre la classe ouvrière et la contre-révolution islamiste (Solidarité Ouvrière)

* Bernard Schmitt: Am gestrigen Donnerstag in Tunesien: Generalstreik abgesagt (LabourNet)

* Mass revolts in Slovenia, december 2012 (A-Infos)

* Syrie : Fondation de la section de Deraa du Courant de la Gauche révolutionnaire (ESSF)

* Völkische Deutsche okkupieren identitaire Ideologie (Publikative.org)

* Michael Löwy: Max Weber, capitalisme et liberté – « Stahlhartes Gehäuse » : l’allégorie de la cage d’acier (ESSF)

* Solidaires/CONLUTAS/CGT/ODT: Aufruf zum Internationalen Gewerkschaftstreffen, 22. – 24. März 2012 in Paris (LabourNet)

* Death rather than humiliation (LabourNet, ein Brief von zwei politischen Gefangenen in Jordanien)

aus der Welt der (kulinarischen) Archäologie:

* Art of cheese-making is 7,500 years old: Neolithic pottery fragments from Europe reveal traces of milk fats (nature)

* Iron Age Feast found in England (DiscoveryNews)

* Baltic Crusades Caused Extinctions, End to Pagan Practices (LiveScience)

* Extreme weather: the Maya and us (People’s World)

aus der Welt der Realsatire, gefunden dank in defence of lost causes:

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Ein Aufruf: Wir sind alle griechische Jüdinnen und Juden!

Posted by entdinglichung - 29. Mai 2012

gefunden auf der Webseite des Guardian, der gleiche aufruf in französischer (Le Monde) und italienischer Sprache (La Repubblica):

Chrisi Avghi-Häuptling Nikos Michaloliakosis bei der Ablegung des Eides im griechischen Parlament

Open letter: we are all Greek Jews

The neo-Nazi party Golden Dawn entered the Greek parliament this month. With its swastika-inspired emblem, Hitlerian salute, reference to Mein Kampf, antisemitic and racist ideology, Holocaust denial, violence against migrants, threats against journalists and personality cult, the party is the lineal heir of the German national-socialist party that led Europe and the world into chaos and bloodshed.

Unfortunately, Greece is not the only country threatened by this revival of Nazi ideology. In Latvia this year, the president of the republic has for the first time supported the annual former Waffen SS march, in spite of strong criticism. In Austria the FPÖ, an extreme right organisation that nurtures Third Reich nostalgia, is favourite in the polls for the next parliamentary elections. In Hungary, the Hungarian Guard Movement, descendant of The Arrow Cross party – the former militia responsible for the extermination of Jews and Gypsies – terrorises Jewish populations and holds direct responsibility for provoking deadly attacks against Roma people.

This revival was made possible by the systematic attack by extreme right parties against the republican ideal that recognises that everyone belongs to the same national community, together. This campaign against „togetherness“ is modelled on Geert Wilders‘ strategy for his Freedom party, launched in the early 2000s. The core of this strategy is to hide a rhetoric promoting race inequality behind a „cultural“ fight against the so-called „Islamisation of Europe“.

In this ongoing economic and social crisis, which favours a frenzied search for scapegoats and strengthens the fear of the decline of the „old continent“, this strategy has been revealed to be worryingly efficient. It has also enabled extreme right parties to support – or even to become members of – governing coalitions, normalising racist and antisemitic speech along the way. This new extreme right has also paved the way for parties which, just like Golden Dawn, can now legitimately win votes while openly promoting hate speech.

Faced with this terrifying situation – exemplified by the election of neo-Nazis deputies in the Greek parliament – we are asserting our solidarity: we are all Greek Jews.

We refuse to accept that on our continent, Jewish, immigrant, Muslim, Roma or black people might fear for their lives because of who they are. We invite all citizens, political parties, unions, civil society, intellectuals and artists to fight the extreme right by promoting and bringing to life the European dream. We must always remember that this dream was built on the ruins of Nazism. We must never forget about the Shoah. Our dream is of a continent free from racism and antisemitism. It is the project of a society based on „togetherness“ – beyond boundaries.

To see this dream embodied again, it is urgent to put an end to two dogmas. First, we must refute the dogma of austerity which is responsible for terrible damage, creating the conditions that explain the success of populist parties, and limits the future of our European youth, sacrificed on the altar of perpetual austerity.

Second, we must refute the dogma of „the European fortress“, which favours the spread of anti-immigrant speeches and the lockdown of Europe’s frontiers, especially when a core element of European postwar identity – its social welfare system – requires the economic input of immigration to remain sustainable.

It is of the utmost importance for European institutions to renew their pursuit for democracy, social progress and the promotion of equality. Those citizens who, particularly in times of crisis, are the target of racial and social violence, must be protected. As Europe is undergoing a sustained assault against its core principles, we strongly believe that we must work toward a stronger Europe, right here and now. If we are not able to give life to the European dream, we are condemned to the same nightmare, in Greece and in the rest of Europe.

Benjamin Abtan, president of the European Grassroots Antiracist Movement (EGAM); Dario Fo, Literature Nobel Prize; Jovan Dijvak, general defender of besieged Sarajevo; Svetlana Gannushkina, Memorial leader in Russia; Anthoy Giddens, sociologist; Amos Gitaï, director; Béate et Serge Klarsfeld, president of the „Fils et filles de déportés juifs de France“; Bernard Kouchner, former French minister of foreign affairs; Bernard-Henri Lévy, philosopher, writer; Adam Michnik, historian, essayist, journalist, former member of Solidarnosc; Amélie Nothomb, writer; Dominique Sopo, president of SOS Racisme; Oliviero Toscani, photographer; Elie Wiesel, Peace Nobel Prize, writer; AB Yehoshua, writer, essayist

• The text can be signed online at weareallgreekjews.eu

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Neues aus den Archiven der radikalen (und nicht so radikalen) Linken

Posted by entdinglichung - 13. November 2009

ältere Archiv-Updates und Hinweise zu weiteren linken Archivalien unter „Sozialistika“ und im Download-Archiv, einen herzlichen Dank und liebe rote Grüsse auch dieses mal an Poumista, wo einige interessante Hinweise auf Archivalien des YIVO zu finden sind:

Rassembler, diffuser les archives des révolutionnaires (RaDAR, ehemals ASMSFQI):

* Opposition de gauche: Bulletin communiste, Januar-März 1927
* Comité français pour la IVe internationale: La Vérité, 15. September 1940 (Untergrundzeitung)
* Comités communistes internationalistes: Le soviet, 14. September 1943 (Untergrundzeitung)
* IVe Internationale: IVe internationale, Januar 1953
* IVe Internationale: Service de presse international, August 1938
* Ligue des communistes: Bulletin intérieur, 25. Dezember 1933

Theorie als Praxis:

* Quellensammlung: Stalin als Verfechter des ‚Staates des ganzen Volkes‘

Big Flame 1970-1984:

** Big Flame on Sea (1978, pdf-Datei)
** On Our Hols (1979, pdf-Datei)
** Summer Support (1979, pdf-Datei)
** “Its Magic” with Big Eric (1980, pdf-Datei)
** A Sado-Masochist Bonanza? (1981, pdf-Datei)
** A Working Class Woman’s View (1981, pdf-Datei)

La Bataille Socialiste:

* Simon Rubak: La grève des services publics (1946)
* Julius Martov: Le Marxisme en Russie (1908)
* Jules Guesde: Le livre rouge de la justice rurale (1871, pdf-Datei)
* Friedrich Engels: De l’autorité (1873, pdf-Datei)
* Jules Guesde: Collectivisme et Révolution (1879, pdf-Datei)
* Jules Guesde: Services publics et socialisme (1884, pdf-Datei)
* Socialist Labor Party (SLP): The Situation in New York City (1889, pdf-Datei)
* Jules Guesde: En garde ! Contre les contrefaçons, les mirages et la fausse monnaie des réformes bourgeoises (1911, pdf-Datei)
* Industrial Workers of the World (IWW): Reply to the Red Trade Union International (1911, pdf-Datei)
* Bulletin communiste, 1/1927 (pdf-Datei)
* La Batalla, N°75 (1932, pdf-Datei)
* La Batalla, N°127 (1935, pdf-Datei)
* Columna Durruti: El problema de la militarización (1937, pdf-Datei)
* Grandizo Munis: 1937-02 Errores y particularidades del POUM (1937, pdf-Datei)
* Democracia socialista, N°10 (1959, pdf-Datei)
* Democracia socialista, N°11 (1960, pdf-Datei)
* Democracia socialista, N°12 (1960, pdf-Datei)
* Madeleine Rébérioux: Guesdisme et culture politique: recherches sur l’Encyclopédie socialiste de Compère-Morel (1976, pdf-Datei)
* Michel Dreyfus: Bureau de Paris et bureau de Londres: le socialisme de gauche en Europe entre les deux guerres (1980, pdf-Datei)
* Christian Delporte: Les jeunesses socialistes dans l’entre-deux-guerres (1991, pdf-Datei)
* World Socialist Party (USA): The U.S.S.R. and Leninism: This Is Not Socialism, (2003, pdf-Datei)

Marxists Internet Archive (MIA):

* Maxime Rodinson: The Geniza Documents (1967)
* Leo Trotzki: Saudações a Franz Mehring e Rosa Luxemburgo (1916)
* Pierre Broué: Los trotskistas en las URSS (1929 – 1938) (1980)
* Daniel De Leon: Artikel November-Dezember 1907 (pdf-Dateien)
** 1907, November 1 – “The Time to Buy”
** 1907, November 2 – “Confidence Restored”
** 1907, November 3 – Notes on the Stuttgart Congress V
** 1907, November 5 – “Pfui!” “Schande!”
** 1907, November 6 – The Evaporation of Plunder
** 1907, November 7 – Two Lessons in One
** 1907, November 8 – “Differences“—How to End ‚Em
** 1907, November 9 – An Open Letter to Mr. J. Pease Norton
** 1907, November 10 – Notes on the Stuttgart Congress VI
** 1907, November 11 – A Left-Handed Defense
** 1907, November 12 – Berger—Hillquit
** 1907, November 13 – Novel Sisters of Charity
** 1907, November 14 – No “Possibly” About It
** 1907, November 15 – “Over-Capitalization”
** 1907, November 16 – The Third Duma
** 1907, November 17 – Notes on the Stuttgart Congress VII
** 1907, November 18 – Neutrality
** 1907, November 19 – On Their Knees Before Proudhon
** 1907, November 20 – Modern Representatives of the Dark Ages
** 1907, November 21 – Confirming Sue
** 1907, November 22 – De-Lighted!
** 1907, November 23 – The Falstaff in Roosevelt
** 1907, November 24 – “Bossism”
** 1907, November 25 – The ‚Longshoremen as Object Lesson
** 1907, November 26 – Raps at Our Door
** 1907, November 27 – Inherent Rowdyism”
** 1907, November 29 – Purishkevitch and Mitrofan
** 1907, November 30 – Proletarians of All Countries, Unite!
** 1907, December 1 – Question No. 4
** 1907, December 2 – No Swerving
** 1907, December 3 – Why Not April 1?
** 1907, December 4 – The Message
** 1907, December 5 – The “Wage Fund”
** 1907, December 6 – Why Federal Troops in Goldfield?
** 1907, December 7 – Gulping Down a Camel, Etc.
** 1907, December 8 – The Measure of Reward
** 1907, December 9 – Money—What Is It?
** 1907, December 10 – An Open Letter to the U.S. Congress
** 1907, December 11 – Strauss and Labor
** 1907, December 12 – Was That Doctor’s Name Funston?
** 1907, December 13 – Superstition in Economics
** 1907, December 14 – In Aid of the Envoys
** 1907, December 15 – Chicopee and Holyoke
** 1907, December 16 – Why They Do It
** 1907, December 17 – Yelling for Themselves
** 1907, December 18 – Flashes in the Pan
** 1907, December 19 – Gompers’s Pickle
** 1907, December 20 – “Scattered Responsibility”
** 1907, December 21 – After Mullaney, Hilton
** 1907, December 22 – The Mission of Disasters
** 1907, December 23 – A Job for the High-Priests
** 1907, December 24 – Education! Education!
** 1907, December 25 – Mathematics in Economics
** 1907, December 26 – Right About, Face!
** 1907, December 27 – Fanaticism!
** 1907, December 28 – Suppositious Emancipation
** 1907, December 29 – Look at the Other Side
** 1907, December 30 – The AFofL and Goldfield
** 1907, December 31 – Mount Marx
* Ted Grant: Freeze—profits grow, wages lose. A socialist plan means higher wages and lower hours (1966)
* Ted Grant: Fight election on socialist policy (1966)
* Chris Harman: Como funciona el marxismo (1997)
* Chris Harman: Partido y clase (1969)
* William Paul: Capitalism, Labour and the Press (1925)
* William Paul: The Left Wing (1926)
* Kommunistische Internationale: Mga Prinsipyo sa Organisasyong Pampartido (1921)

Materialien zur Analyse von Opposition (MAO):

* Linkliste zu Bergbau und Energie
* Linkliste zu Antimilitarismus, Militär und Friedensbewegung
* Linkliste zu Hochschulpolitik und Studentenbewegung in der BRD


* London Anti-Fascist Action (AFA): Filling The Vacuum (1995)
* Karl Korsch: Some fundamental presuppositions for a materialist discussion of crisis theory (1933)
* Liz Willis: Women in the Spanish revolution (1975)
* Black & Red Detroit: Wildcat: Dodge Truck June 1974 (1974?)
* Gary Hill: Anatomy of an Industrial Struggle: Chrysler Factory at Tonsley Park in Adelaide 1976-1978 (~ 1979)
* Sergio Bologna: Money and Crisis: Marx as Correspondent of the New York Daily Tribune, 1856-57 (1973)
* Solidarity: Spartakism to National Bolshevism – the K.P.D. 1918-24 (1970)
* Peter Rachleff: Working-class activity and councils – Germany 1918‑1923 (1976)
* Fredy Perlman’s views on the Situationists‘ membership criteria (1989)
* William Morris: Useful Work versus Useless Toil (1884)

The Cedar Lounge Revolution:

* League for a Workers’ Republic, 1968
* The Workers Party: Patterns of Betrayal – the flight from Socialism: Papers and Viewpoints which set out The Struggle for The Workers’ Party (1992)

Centro de Documentación de los Movimientos Armados (CeDeMA):

* Organización del Pueblo en Armas (ORPA): Declaración del comandante Gaspar Ilom (1996)
* Frente Sandinista de Liberación Nacional (FSLN): ¡Ante la maniobra oportunista, la insurrección popular sandinista! (1976)
* Partido Comunista de El Salvador (PCS): Cumpliendo un compromiso post morti (1990)
* Frente Farabundo Martí para la Liberación Nacional (FMLN): Manifiesto a la Nación (1991)

Europe Solidaire Sans Frontières (ESSF):

* Loren Goldner: The Korean Working Class: From Mass Strike to Casualization and Retreat, 1987-2008 (2008)

The Irish Election Literature Blog:

* Owen Poole -Anti Water Charges Campaign 1997 Dublin North-East
* Kevin Fitzpatrick- Sinn Fein Dun Laoghaire -1989
* Marian White -Workers Party 1991 LE -Blackrock
* Niamh Bhreathnach- Labour -Blackrock 1985 LE
* Christy Burke with Gerry Adams – 1997 Dublin Central
* Noel Murphy – Communist Party of Ireland – Seanad 2002

The Militant:

* 25, 50 and 75 years ago (1934/1959/1984)

Espace contre ciment:

* Bertolt Brecht: Fragen eines lesenden Arbeiters (1935)
* Forces of Labor – Grundkurs Arbeiterklasse mit Beverly J. Silver (2005)


* Ernest Ames: The revolution in the Baltic Provinces of Russia; a brief account of the activity of the Lettish Social democratic workers‘ party, by an active member (1907)
* Petr Lavrov/S. Stepniak: Underground Russia; revolutionary profiles and sketches from life (1883)
* Leo Trotzki/Moissaye Olgin : Our revolution; essays on working-class and international revolution, 1904-1917 (1918)
* Maxim Litvinov: The Bolshevik revolution: its rise and meaning (1919)
* Lewis Henry Berens: The Digger movement in the days of the Commonwealth, as revealed in the writings of Gerrard Winstanley, the Digger, mystic, and rationalist, communist and social reformer (1906)
* Bertram Wolfe: Things we want to know (1934)
* Socialist Party of America (SPA): Manifesto of the Socialist Party; adopted by national convention, Machinists‘ Hall, Chicago, September 4, 1919. (1919)
* Ernest Balfour Bax: Reminiscences and reflexions of a mid and late Victorian (1918)
* Margaret Pease: Jean Jaurès, socialist and humanitarian (1917)
* George Herbert Perris: Russia in revolution (1905)

Rustbelt Radical:

* James Connolly: We Only Want the Earth! (1907)

Radical Socialist:

* Ernest Mandel: The Leninist Theory of Organisation (1970)
* Inquilabi Communist Sangathan (ICS):
Capitalist Restoration in the Former Soviet Union (2001)
* Soma Marik: Women Turning the World Upside Down: Christopher Hill and His Legacy (?)

Che’s Warlog:

* From Resistance to Rebellion, oder: Abweichende Gedanken zu 20 Jahren Wiedervereinigung (1993, Auszug aus Strategien der Unterwerfung -Strategien der Befreiung, Materialien für einen Neuen Antiimperialismus 5)

World Socialist Web Site (WSWS):

* Bund Sozialistischer Arbeiter (BSA): Stürzt die SED-Bürokratie! Baut Arbeiterräte auf! (1989)
* Bund Sozialistischer Arbeiter (BSA): Overthrow the Stalinist bureaucracy! Build workers’ councils in East Germany! (1989)

Projekt Gutenberg:

* Rainer Maria Rilke: Worpswede (1902)
* Leonid Andrejew: Die Geschichte von den sieben Gehenkten (1908)

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