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English Defence League (EDL) als Putztruppe der Bourgeoisie

Posted by entdinglichung - 21. November 2011

Neben dem Abhalten von rassistischen Aufmärschen scheint die Hool-Organisation EDL nun ein weiteres Tätigkeitsfeld gefunden zu haben, der Guardian berichtet:

„Unite, Unison and the TUC said they were taking the prospect of disruption by far-right supporters seriously, and had begun to liaise with police to assess any risk to pickets or those on protest marches. The development follows signs that splinter groups from the English Defence League are broadening their campaign from targeting Muslims to trade unionists and socialist organisations. Members of the EDL have recently been involved in attacks on anti-racist and anti-cuts protesters, as well as attempting to target the Occupy movement which has camped outside St Paul’s Cathedral.

Nine days ago an EDL faction attempted to attack the north-west headquarters of Unite, the UK’s biggest trade union. Online messages from the EDL in Merseyside stated they were „patrolling for leftys [sic]“. Those they finally identified turned out to be former council workers protesting after they lost their jobs when a contractor went bust. A march of female asylum seekers has also been recently targeted by EDL supporters in the city.

One EDL splinter group, the Infidels, has stated that it considers any leftwing or anti-cuts activists fair game. A north-east wing of the Infidels was recently blamed for attacking an Occupy Newcastle camp in which one protester was taken to hospital and others injured. A statement from the leader of the Infidels faction, John „Snowy“ Shaw, states: „We have decided to put all our efforts into opposing everything you do regardless of the issue at hand, it’s your organisations we oppose.“ He adds: „Every event you hold will be a potential target along with your meetings, fund raisers and social events.“

On the same day as the Liverpool attack, police arrested 179 EDL members after intelligence they were planning to attack Occupy protesters camped outside St Paul’s Cathedral. A Facebook page carried comments discussing attacking „lefties“ at St Paul’s and included death threats from one supporter.“

EDL-Häuptling Tommy Robinson versucht sich daneben derzeit in Sachen Wahlpolitik (Quelle: LibCom):

„Rumours of Tommy Robinson leaving the EDL for the British Freedom Party have been premature. In a meeting this evening Robinson officially ‚endorsed‘ the BFP. The details of what this means are not yet clear, but it appears to point to a merger between the two groups. One will be the political arm, whilst the other will be the ’street‘ organisation.“

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