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Vermischtes zur Revolte in Griechenland – 3

Posted by entdinglichung - 12. Dezember 2008

1.) Regelmässigig aktualisierte Infos zu den Kämpfen in Griechenland gibt es auf Indymedia BRD, Indymedia Athen, LibCom, On the Greek Riots, tears and anger greece, Αλεξανδρε Ζεις!, Alexis Grigoropoulos † 06.12.2008 sowie LabourNet.de.

2.) Auf Solidarité Ouvrière findet mensch ein Interview mit einem Mitglied der anarcho-syndikalistischen Organisation ESE:

„En Grèce on parle souvent de “la génération de 700 euros’”. Sans aucun doute, il s’agit d’un slogan qui sous estime la réalité. Parce que la grande majorité des jeunes de moins de 30 ans a de salaires inférieurs à 700 euros. Il n’y a plus des contrats de travail non précaire. Le travail noir est très fort aussi. Le patronat licencie au nom de la ‘’crise’’. En même temps que le Capital grec se réjouit d’une rentabilité énorme grâce au pillage de pays balkaniques.

La situation est encore pire pour les immigrés qui souffrent des lois racistes, de la xénophobie généralisée en Grèce et de l’action impunie de groupes nazis. Il faut souligner que la participation des immigrés à ce mouvement est assez grande et que comme d’habitude, ce sont eux les premières victimes de la répression étatiques : sur quelques 400 arrêtés, la moitié sont des immigrés.“

3.) On the Greek Riots meldet Dinge, die an „Bad Kleinen 1993“ erinnern:

„The ballistic examination report is expected today. “Leaks” in the media the previous days have been suggesting that the report will claim Alexandros was killed by a ricochet and not a direct shot (which is against what every single eye witness says). They have already reached their verdict – but so have we: At the occupied Athens School of Economics and Business, an enormous banner is about to be hanged reading “Cougias” (the lawyer of the murderer), “go ricochet yourself”.“

4.) Die Polizeistation im Athener Slumviertel Zefyri, in welchem vorwiegend Roma leben wurde am 10. Dezember von ca. 100 AnwohnerInnen angegriffen:

„Also on Wednesday, a group of about 100 Roma attacked a police station in the impoverished Athens suburb of Zefyri, where they attempted unsuccessfully to push a burning lorry into the station, Greek TV reports.“

5.) Weitere Statements aus der radikalen Linken in Griechenland: auf ESSF, eine Sammlung in englischer sowie in französischer Sprache sowie eine Erklärung der Gruppe Kokkino; ein weiteres Statement der EEK sowie auf Indymedia eines von SurrealistInnen aus Athen:

„All the stones, torn from the pavement and thrown at the shields of cops or at the façades of commercial temples, all the flaming bottles that traced their orbits in the night sky, all the barricades erected on city streets, dividing our areas from theirs, all the bins of consumer trash which, thanks to the fire of revolt, came to be Something out of Nothing, all the fists raised under the moon, are the arms giving flesh, as well as true power, not only to resistance but also to freedom.

And it is precisely the feeling of freedom that, in those moments, remains the sole thing worth betting on: that feeling of forgotten childhood mornings, when everything may happen, for it is ourselves, as creative humans, who have awoken– not those future productive human machines known as „obedient subject,“ „student,“ „alienated worker,“ „owner,“ „family wo/man.“ The feeling of facing the enemies of freedom– of no longer fearing them.“

6.) tears and anger greece berichtet von der gestrigen Demo in Patras, zu den dortigen Vorfällen am Dienstag auf Indymedia UK:

PATRAS 5-6,000 nahmen sich hier die Straße und folgten so ebenfalls einem Aufruf einer besetzten Uni als Reaktion auf die Bullen- und Naziattacken. Eine Augenzeugin: “Eine der schönsten Demos auf denen ich je war. Die Atmosphäre war einfach großartig, eine große Menge Menschen auf den Straßen… Die Riotcops sind immernoch da, zusammen mit den Zivis, aber wir haben sie heute ziemlich scheiße aussehen lassen!”

7.) Aus der bunten Medienwelt: ein Artikel auf der Homepage der Zeit, welcher berichtet, dass der Pressefotograf, welcher am Sonntag die Fotos von mit Pistolen herumhantierenden Bullen auf einer Demo in Athen aufnahm von seiner Zeitung (Eleftheros Typos, heisst soviel wie „Freie Zeitung/Freie Presse„) fristlos entlassen wurde und der Stern berichtet von SchülerInnen, die lieber lernen wollen … „Kinder haben Sternchen gern – Sternchen ist das Kind vom Stern“

8.) Ansonsten hier noch der Hinweis auf einen älteren Artikel zur KKE/“K“P Griechenland

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Ein Statement von einigen Organisationen der radikalen Linken in Griechenland

Posted by entdinglichung - 12. Dezember 2008

Quelle: Labournet.de


Down with the government of murderers!

Our answer will be to resist and to keep fighting to overthrow the policy of police oppression, austerity and racism

We, the organizations of the anticapitalist Left that sign this text, want to condemn the murder, in cold blood, of 16 year old Alexis Grigoropoulos by a police special guard in the evening of December 6th.

We salute the demonstrations against the government of murderers all over Greece.

In our opinion the reason for what happened is not the “extreme zeal”, or the “loss of temper” or the “lack of training” of a police special guard but the whole policy of the New Democracy government. It is a policy that not only reinforces police oppression and legitimizes the use of lethal weapons against demonstrators, but also privatizes the Ports and Olympic Airlines, attacks social security and the rights of students. It is the policy of police beatings of students, of the kidnappings of immigrants from Pakistan, of illegal interceptions of phone communications and of racist attacks that lead to the death of refugees that came here looking for asylum and a better future. It is the policy of special “antiterrorist” legislation, of full compliance to the measures adopted by the EU against democratic liberties and against immigrants. It is the policy of the new legal framework for the universities, of legalizing private universities. It is the policy of lower wages and rising taxes. Amidst an economic crisis the government is trying on the one hand to offer billions of euros to the Banks and on the other to find scapegoats either in radical youth or in immigrants.

After the brutal murder the government has chosen the path of police repression. That is why police anti-riot squads attacked those who were demonstrating. The Socialist Party, PASOK, has offered his consent to this policy. The message is simple: the government will enforce its policy at any cost, a policy that will make the workers pay for the economic crisis, by means of austerity, flexible work, privatizations, implementation of the EU policies.

The anger of the demonstrators is fuelled by the policies of the government, of the forces of capital, of the EU. That is why the protest must grow stronger. We must meet in the streets with the struggling workers, farmers and students. We will not pay for their crisis. Today anger is not enough. What is needed is collective and militant struggle in every workplace, every neighborhood, in order to transform them into places of resistance and overthrow the government and its policy.

Down with the New Democracy government of murderers and its policy

Capital must pay for its crisis, not the workers and youth

Let’s escalate the struggle for our rights

The ministers that are responsible must resign

The police must be disarmed, police forces must keep away from demonstrations, and Police Special Forces must be disbanded

Release all people arrested during the demonstrations

Repeal ‘antiterrorist’ and authoritarian laws

The organizations of the Greek anticapitalist Left: ARAN (Left Recomposition), ARAS (Left Anticapitalist Group), EKKE (Revolutionary Communist Movement of Greece), EEK (Workers Revolutionary Party), OKDE, OKDE-Spartacus (4thInternational), SEK (Socialist Workers Party ), NAR-N.K.A. (New Left Current-Youth Communist Liberation), K.O. Anasyntaxi (Communist Organization Regroupment), K.A. (Communist Renewal), EN.ANTI.A (United Anticapitalist Left), ME.R.A. (Front of Radical Left)

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Ein Statement der Angestelltengewerkschaft von Agios Dimitrios/Athen

Posted by entdinglichung - 12. Dezember 2008

Quelle: On the Greek Riots …die GenossInnen die diesen Text übersetzt und ins Netz gestellt haben weisen ausdrücklich darauf hin, dass dieser Text nicht von einer anarchistischen Organisation sondern von einer lokalen Gewerkschaftsgliederung stammt:

“We are in Civil War: With the fascists, the bankers, the state, the media wishing to see an obedient society”

…you would be excused to think that the above extract comes from an anarchist statement; alas, no – it is from the statement issued by the association of employees of the suburb of Agios Dimitrios in Athens. Here’s a rough translation of the statement, as promised. Keep in mind that, as members of the association told some comrades, they tried to keep the style of the text as sober as possible, to ensure the maximum number of people take the streets with them.


On Saturday night, the Greek police assassinated a 15 year old student.

His assassination was the straw that broke the camel’s back.

It was the continuation of a coordinated action, by state terrorism and the Golden Dawn [Anmerkung Entdinglichung, hiermit ist die Neonaziorganisation Chrysi Avgi/Χρυσή Αυγή gemeint], which aimed at university and high school students (with the private universities first), at migrants that continue to be persecuted for being born with the wrong colour, at the employees that must work to death without compensation.

The government of cover-ups with its praetors, having burnt the forests last summer, is responsible for all major cities burning now, too. It protected financial criminals, all those involved in the mobile phone interceptions scandal, those looting the employees’ insurance funds, those kidnapping migrants, those who protected the banks and the monasteries that steal from the ordinary people.

We are in Civil War: With the fascists, the bankers, the state, the media wishing to see an obedient society.

There are no excuses, yet they once again try to use conspiracy theories to calm spirits down.

The rage that had accumulated had to be expressed and should not, by any means, end.

Throughout the world we are making headlines, it was about time that people uprise everywhere.

The generation of the poor, the unemployed, the partially employed, the homeless, the migrants, the youth, is the generation that will smash every display window and will wake up the obedient citizens from their sleep of the ephemeral American dream.

Don’t watch the news, consciousness is born in the streets

When the youth is murdered, the old people should not sleep

Goodbye Alexandros, may your blood be the last of an innocent to run

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