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Statement albanischer MigrantInnen in Athen

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Quelle: On The Greek Riots, den griechischsprachigen Originaltext gibt es hier:


“These days are ours, too”

(The following text was distributed at the student picket outside the police headquarters, today by people from Athens’ Haunt of Albanian Migrants. I wanted to translate and upload it here because it shows something very important: that ties of solidarity are being formed and strengthened across different sectors of the greek society – a wonderful thing!)

These days are ours, too

Following the assassination of Alexis Grigoropoulos we have been living in an unprecedented condition of turmoil, an outflow of rage that doesn’t seem to end. Leading this uprising, it seems, are the students – who with an inexhaustible passion and hearty spontaneity have reversed the whole situation. You cannot stop something you don’t control, something that is organised spontaneously and under terms you do not comprehend. This is the beauty of the uprosing. The high school students are making history and leave it to the others to write it up and ideologically classify it. The streets, the incentive, the passion is theirs.

In the framework of this wider mobilisation, with the student demonstrations being the steam-engine, there is a mass participation of the second generation of migrants and many refugees too. The refugees come to the streets in small numbers, with limited organisation, with the spontaneity and impetus describing their mobilisations. Right now, they are the most militant part of the foreigners living in Greece. Either way, they have very little to lose.

The children of migrants are mobilised en mass and dynamically, primarily through high school and university actions as well as through the organisations of the left and the far left. They are the most integrated part of the migrant community, the most courageous. They are unlike their parents, who came with their head bowed, as if they were beging for a loaf of bread. They are a part of the greek society, since they’ve lived in no other. They do not beg for something, they demand to be equal with their greek classmates. Equal in rights, on the streets, in their right to dream.

For us, the politically organised migrants, this is a second french November of 2005. We never had any illusions that when the peoples’ rage overflows we would be able to direct it. Despite the struggles we have taken on during all these years, we never managed to achieve such a mass response. Now is time for the roads to talk. The scream heard is for the 18 years of violence, repression, exploitation and humiliation These days are ours, too.

These days are for the hundreds of migrants and refugees who were murdered at the borders, in the police stations, the workplaces. They are for those murdered by cops or “concerned citizens”. They are for those murdered for daring to cross the border, working to death, for not bowing their head, for nothing. They are for GRAMOZ PALOUSI, LOUAN MPERNTELIMA, ENTISON GIAXAI, TONI ONOUXA, AMNPTOURAKIM INTRIZ, MONTASER MOXAMENT ASTRAF and so many others, who we haven’t forgoten.

These days are forr the everyday police violence that remains unpunished, unanswered. They are for the humiliation at the border, at the migrant detention centres, which continue to date. They are for the crying injustice of the greek courts, the migrants and refugees unjustly in prison, the justice we were denied. Even now, in the days and nights of the uprising, the migrants pay a heavy toil – what with the attacks of far-righters and cops, with deportations and imprisonment sentences that the courts hand out with christian love to us infidels.

These days are for the exploitation continuing unabatedly for 18 yers now. They are for the struggles that are not forgotten: in the downs of Volos, the olympic works, Amaliada. They are for the toild and the blood of our parents, for informal labour, the endless shifts. They are for the deposits and the adhesive stamps, the welfare contributions we paid and will never get recognised. It is for the papers we will be chasing for the rest of our lives, like a lottery ticket.

These days are the price we pay simply in order to exist, to breathe. It is for all the times when we crunched our teeth, for the insults we took, the defeats we were charged with. They are for all the times when we didn’t react even when having all the reasons in the world. They are for all the times when we did react and we were alone, because our deaths and our rage did not fit pre-existing shapes, didn’t bring votes in, didn’t sell at the prime-time news.

These days are of all the marginalised, the exckydedm the people with the difficult names and the unknown stories. They are for all who die every day in the Aegean sea and Evros river, for all those murdered at the border or at a central Athens street; they are of the Roma in Zefyri, of the drug addicts in Eksarhia. These days are of the kids of Mesollogiou street, of the unintegrated, the uncontrollable students. Thanks to Alexis, these days belong to us all.

18 years of silent rage are too many.

To the streets, for solidarity and dignity!

We have not forgotten, we don’t forget – these days are yours too

For Luan, Tony, Mohamed, Alexis…

Haunt of Albanian Migrantshttp://www.steki-am.blogspot.com

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Neues aus den Archiven der radikalen Linken – eine Auswahl

Posted by entdinglichung - 15. Dezember 2008


* Michael Löwy: Franz Kafka and libertarian socialism (1997)
* 1951: Barcelona general strike
* Liverpool dockers strike photo gallery (1995)

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Marxismo Libertario:

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red star commando:

* Socialist Party of Great Britain (SPGB): Why Capitalism Will Not Collapse. Our view of the crisis (1932)

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Vermischtes zur Revolte in Griechenland – 4

Posted by entdinglichung - 15. Dezember 2008

1.) Regelmässigig aktualisierte Infos zu den Kämpfen in Griechenland gibt es u.a. auf Indymedia BRD, Indymedia Athen, LibCom, On the Greek Riots, tears and anger greece, Αλεξανδρε Ζεις!, Alexis Grigoropoulos † 06.12.2008 sowie LabourNet.de; Artikel auf dieser Webseite zum Thema unter https://entdinglichung.wordpress.com/category/griechenland/.

2.) Ein Augenzeugenbericht zur Ermordung von Alexandros Grigoropoulos auf LibCom

3.) Offenbar bedrohte heute morgen einer Meldung auf On the Greek Riots zufolge ein Faschist ein besetztes Haus in Chalandri/Athen mit Schusswaffen:

„In the early hours of Monday morning, a well-know local fascist/mafia-type threatened the people inside the occupied building of the town hall of Chalandri in Athens. The people in the building left under the threat of the gun, to prevent things from getting worse, and re-occupied it a few hours later.“

4.) Tagebucheinträge von Natalia Bersi, einer SprecherInnen der StudentInnenbewegung in Athen auf der Webseite des Guardian, auf der gleichen Seite auch ein längerer Hintergrundartikel:

„I went to our base at the Polytechnic quite early and was given the task of addressing the public over a Tannoy. My generation has never lived moments like this in Greece. For hours I sat there in the Polytechnic courtyard with a microphone in my hand appealing to people to join us, trying to make them understand that our struggle is just, before attending another rally in the evening.

In the days and weeks ahead we’re going to continue sit-ins at our schools and will hold daily protests to keep the pressure on the government. Our hope is that this will become a social insurrection. There’s deep discontent in Greece and the heavy-handed tactics of the police has only made it worse.“

5.) Aus einem Statement der BesetzerInnen der wirtschaftswissenschaftlichen Fakultät in Athen auf On the Greek Riots:

At the same time, the dialectic of the left tries to codify conflict, battle and war, with the logic of the synthesis of opposites. In this way it constructs an order; a pacified condition within which everything has its proper little place. Yet, the destiny of conflict is not synthesis – as the destiny of war is not peace. Social insurrection comprises the condensation and explosion of thousands of negations, yet it does not contain even in a single one of its atoms, nor in a single one of its moments its own negation, its own end. This always comes heavy and gloomy like a certainty from the institutions of mediation and normalisation, from the left promising voting rights at 16, disarmament but preservation of the pigs, a welfare state, etc. Those, in other words, who wish to capitalise political gains upon the wounds of others. The sweetness of their compromise drips with blood.

6.) Αλεξανδρε Ζεις! berichtet von der Besetzung privater Rundfunkstationen.

7.) Auf ESSF findet mensch neu u.a. ein Statement des Network of Civil and Social Rights sowie einige Augenzeugenberichte:

We, the Network of Civil and Social Rights, unconditionally support and take part in this uprising against the government, the rich and the police.

We salute the collective rage against the governmental looting and terrorism, the wrath of millions of people in the light of the assassination of Alexis Grigoropoulos, the participation of tens of thousands of teenagers and youngsters in the assaults against police stations.

Against the prime minister’s statements of power, and the oppositions’ worship of lawfulness, the “operations of virtue” by cops, “disgusted citizens” and fascists, the worker’s union bows to lawfulness and order, the “class-inexorable” Communist Party, the perversion of reality and defamation by the media, mainly television, we declare the there can be only one answer:

Social struggles are neither innocent nor guilty, social struggles are just.
When thousands wear hoods, they have a face!

8.) Aus einer Stellungnahme griechischer AnarchistInnen auf Indymedia:

Ist es möglich inmitten dem sich entwickelndem Aufstand, keine Stellung zu beziehen? Können wir auf der Seite derer stehen, die immer für Ordnung und Ruhe eintreten? Für die sogar während der Nazi-Besetzung und der Junta die einzige Sache war an ihre eigenen Belange zu denken und einfach ihr eigenes Leben zu leben. Die immer nur überall Provokateure erkennen von „unbekannten Bekannten“ sprechen? Die immer Verschwörungen hinter sozialen Bewegungen erkennen, die sie nicht kontrollieren können, gewohnt Anführer hinter geschlossenen Türen zu sein? Lasst uns nicht täuschen, dass jedes Mal die Ereignisse nur die „Streikenden“, die StudentInnen, oder „Jugendliche“ angehen. Diese Tage sind die Leute auf den Straßen, ohne zentrale Verwaltung, Unterrichtende oder erleuchtete Vortrupps

Jeder am Aufstand Beteiligte entscheidet frei über den Einsatz der Mittel. Das betrifft uns genau so wie die BewohnerInnen von Exarhia, die sich der sogenannten „Katz und Maus“- Fehde zwischen Anarchisten und Polizisten gegenübersahen und die sich positionierten. Das Wochenende über warfen sie Blumentöpfe von ihren Balkonen und verlangten den Rückzug der MAT-Einheiten und die Einstellung chemischer Kampfmittel (z.B. Tränengas) Sie bezogen Position, Sie nahmen einen Standpunkt ein gegen die staatliche Repression. Deshalb müssen alle von uns Stellung beziehen. Wir müssen aktiv unsere Verweigerung dem sich im Aufbau befindlichen Terrorregime und Polizeistaat entgegensetzen.

9.) Weitere Verschwörungstheorien und Verleumdungen gegen die Bewegung seitens der StalinistInnen von der KKE, gefunden auf der Webseite der EEK:

„The Stalinist KKE continues to escalate not only its attacks against Synaspismos /Syriza accused to be “protectors of the hooligans”, but the revolt itself. Officially the leaders of KKE insist that there is no… any revolt! Today, at the same time that the schoolchildren waged their battles with the riot police in front of the Athens University and in the Syntagma Square, the Stalinist bureaucrats kept their supporters away, in Omonia Square and rapidly dispersed them in a few blocks distance from that Square. Nevertheless, KKE deputies and their newspaper Rizospastis repeated their slanders against the revolted – to be hooligans, Talibans, drug dealers, prostitution racketeers( 12-13 years old boys?) , police agents- adding now a new slander: that those fighting the police are agents of imperialist agencies namely of CIA!!!“

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