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Filme von Komala TV

Posted by entdinglichung - 13. Februar 2010

Komala TV wird von der KOMALAH/CPI betrieben, nicht von der gleichnamigen sozialdemokratischen Komala

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The Commune Nr. 11

Posted by entdinglichung - 13. Februar 2010

Die neue Ausgabe von The Commune, als pdf-Datei hier

Die Artikel im Einzelnen:

* national strike after racist offensive in italy – by Marina Falbo

* pcs ballot 300,000 for strike action – by Steve Ryan

* ‘right to work’ conference report – by Mark Harrison

* strike victory in north devon nhs – by Mark Harper

* british airways staff to vote again on strike – by Gregor Gall

* what the tv doesn’t tell us about haiti – by Claudio Testa

* action on unemployment – by Brian Rylance

* two ’stars’ of british nationalism – by David Broder

* solidarity with workers in haiti! – appeal by Batay Ouvriye

* haiti, western intervention and the left – by Rob Kirby

* ubs: cleaners’ fight for justice continues – by Alberto Durango

* no let-up in french migrants’ strike – by Antoine Boulangé

* reports from the global commune – pieces by Mary McGregor, Allan Armstrong and Chris Ford

* what is a city? cycles, structures, strategy – by Sean Bonney

* beyond the party-state, beyond the big bang – by Nathan Coombs

* thou shalt vote labour: an 11th commandment? – by Clifford Biddulph

* the continuing assault on the unions – by Bill Butlin

* what ‘went wrong’ with the winter of discontent? – by Sheila Cohen

* obituary of howard zinn: a people’s historian – by Mark Harrison

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