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Neue Gewerkschaften im Nahen Osten

Posted by entdinglichung - 24. Februar 2010

1.) Seit dem 15. Februar gibt es auch im Oman einen Gewerkschaftsdachverband (Quelle: IGB):

„With the completion of its Founding Congress on 15 February, the General Federation of Oman Trade Unions (GFOTU) becomes the world’s newest national trade union centre. Following a 2006 Decree by the Sultan of Oman permitting the establishment of trade unions, some 70 individual unions have been established. Fifty of these, having already completed their own elections, were represented at the Congress which brought together some 100 delegates. Saoud Ali Abdullah Al Jabri was elected GFOTU president, along with an 11-person Executive including two women.

“The ITUC’s Annual Survey on Trade Union Rights Violations for 2009 recognised that while positive steps were being taken in the Sultanate, there are serious problems for large parts of the country’s workforce, especially migrant workers in construction and in domestic work. … „

2.) Das Workers Advice Center (WAC-MAAN) in Israel plant, sich von einer Beratungsorganisation mit Büros in sieben Orten zu einer unbhängigen, klassenkämpferischen Gewerkschaft zu transformieren:

„WAC has set a unique objective: beyond mere assistance, it aims to organize workers into a new trade union, which will organize all workers without regard to national or ethnic divisions. The intention is not to work against the Histadrut or take its place, but to unionize those left outside its gates. Even though this goal has seemed overly ambitious at times, it has become increasingly important and increasingly achievable.“

3.) Der Forderungskatalog von vier unabhängigen Gewerkschaften im Iran (Quelle: Iran Labor Report):

1. Unconditional recognition of independent workers organizations, the right to strikes, to organize protests, the freedom of assembly, freedom of speech, and freedom to associate with any political party.
2. An immediate stop to all executions, and the immediate and unconditional release of labor and other political activists from jail.
3. Immediate increase of the minimum wage based on workers input through their representatives in general workers assemblies.
4. End to Subsidies Rationalization Plan and delayed wages of workers should be immediately paid without any excuses.
5. Job security for workers and all wage earners, the end to all temporary contracts and blank signatures, removal of all government-run organizations in the work place, institution of new labor laws through direct participation of the workers in their general workers assemblies.
6. Halt to all firings under any circumstances. Anyone expelled or at employment age must benefit from social security in line with human dignity.
7. End of all discriminatory laws against women and insuring full and unconditional equality of women and men in all aspects of social, economic, political, cultural, and family affairs.
8. Insuring all the retired with a life of welfare, devoid of economic anxieties, putting an end to all discriminatory payment practices, and allowing everyone to benefit from social and medical services.
9. All children, irrespective of their parents’ economic and social status, gender, nationality, race, and religion, must be granted free and equal educational, welfare, and health care benefits.
10. May 1st must be declared a national holiday and included in the official calendar; all legal restrictions on its celebration must be removed.

Tehran and Municipality Bus Workers Syndicate / Haft Tapeh Sugar Refinery Workers Syndicate /Free Assembly of Iranian Workers / Kermanshah Electrical and Metal Workers Guild

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Zwei Umfragen zum Preis von einer!!!

Posted by entdinglichung - 24. Februar 2010

Auf Grund des grossen Erfolges der letzten [sic!] Umfrage auf dieser Seite und auch eines Wettbewerbes beim Magazin für linken Boulevardjournalismus ( und aus Gründen der ausgleichenden Gerechtigkeit) hier nun nicht eine sondern gleich zwei Umfragen, Zugreifen solange der Vorrat reicht!

und weil auch andere hier schon geärgert wurden der Bonustrack:

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