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Neues aus den Archiven der radikalen Linken – eine Auswahl

Posted by entdinglichung - 19. Februar 2008

La Bataille Socialiste:

* Alfred Rosmer: Workers Front and Popular Front (1937)
* Charles Vérecque: Le Socialisme, seul, tuera la guerre (1934)
* Marceau Pivert: The Idea of Socialist Europe (1947)

Materialien zur Analyse von Opposition (MAO):

* Auswertung von Materialien zur Burbacher Hütte (1969-1981) und zu Röchling Völklingen (1969-1977)

Centro de Documentación de los Movimientos Armados (CeDeMA):

* Comandos Populares de Liberación (CPL): La unidad de los revolucionarios (1973)
* Resistencia Nacional-Fuerzas Armadas de la Resistencia Nacional (RN-FARN): Declaración de las FARN sobre el asesinato de Roque Dalton (1980)

Marxists Internet Archive (MIA):

* Antonio Gramsci: One Year of History (1918)
* Antonio Gramsci: Men of Flesh and Blood (1921)
* Leo Trotzki A Great New Writer (1939)

Internet Archive:

* Socialist Labor Party of America: The SLP and the USSR (1978, pdf-Datei)

Labournet Austria:

* Rede von Pierre Lambert auf der Open World Conference (2000, Video)
* Karl Pawelka: Jugoslawienkrise und Krieg (1992)
* Internationale Kommunistische Liga (IKL): Ungarn 1956: Kein Aufstand gegen den Sozialismus, sondern gegen den Stalinismus (1976)

Europe Solidaire Sans Frontières (ESSF):

* Ernest Mandel: Rosa Luxemburg and German Social Democracy (1971)
* Ernest Mandel: The Imperialist Defeat in Vietnam: Its Causes, Meaning, and Historical Consequences (1975)

Ansonsten sei hier noch auf die reichhaltige Sammlung anarchistischer und benachbarter Texte des Anarchy Archives, auf die Homepage des Chicago Women’s Liberation Union herstory project (CWLU) sowie auf die Archivseite des Bundes der Religiösen Sozialistinnen und Sozialisten Deutschlands e.V. (BRSD) verwiesen.


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Politischer Aktivist im Iran ausgepeitscht

Posted by entdinglichung - 19. Februar 2008

Der iranische Gewerkschafter Seddigh Amjadi wurde am 16. Februar in Sanandaj/Iranisch-Kurdistan wegen seiner Teilnahme an einer illegalen Demonstration am 1. Mai 2007 zu 10 Peitschenhieben und einer Geldstrafe verurteilt und ausgepeitscht, 10 weiteren ArbeiterInnen droht wegen ihrer Teilnahme an der Demonstration die gleiche Strafe. Nachfolgend ein Artikel in englischer Sprache von Socialist Blog News dazu:


May Day activist fined and whipped in Iran

10 others await a similar fate
18 Feb 2008

Seddigh Amjadi, one of the workers detained at last year’s May Day ceremonies in the city of Sanandaj, has been fined and whipped, according to a report by the National Union of Dismissed and Unemployed Workers in Iran (Ettehadiye e Sarasari e Kargaran e Ekhraji va Bikaar).
On Saturday 16 February, while reporting to Branch 2 of the Court of Administration of Sentences, Seddigh Amjadi was detained on the order of the judge and given 10 strikes of the lash on the spot. His wife was ordered to pay 65,000 Tomans in fine.

In a statement, Worker-communist Party of Iran strongly condemned this barbaric act and called on people in Iran and around the world to protest in the strongest possible terms against this medieval savagery.

Amjadi has already spent 9 days in prison following his arrest last year.

The sentence against Amjadi came in a ruling by the Appeals Court of the Kurdistan Province against 11 worker activists arrested in last year’s May Day in the city of Sanandaj. All but one of the workers were sentenced to fines and lashes. Abbas Andaryani was ordered to pay fines. The 11 workers are:

1- Seddigh Amjadi (fine and lashes)
2- Abbas Andaryani (fine)
3- Tayyeb Chatani (fine and lashes)
4- Fares Gavilian (fine and lashes)
5- Habibollah Kale Kani (fine and lashes)
6- Eghbal Latifiollah (fine and lashes)
7- Tayyeb Mollaee (fine and lashes)
8- Yadollah Moradi (fine and lashes)
9- Mahiyoddin Rajabi (fine and lashes)
10- Khaled Savari (fine and lashes)
11- Seddigh Sobhani (fine and lashes)

Following the brutal whipping of Amjadi, it is feared that the sentences against the other workers may be carried out any time soon.

To condemn the sentences and stop this outrage, please send your letters of protest to the Islamic Republic government in Iran:

Supreme Leader:
Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei Office of the Supreme Leader
Islamic Republic Street
Shahid Keshvar Doust Street Tehran, Iran

The President:
Mahmoud Ahmadinejad The Presidency
Palestine Avenue
Azerbaijan Intersection
Tehran, Iran

The Head of the Judiciary:
Ayatollah Mahmoud Hashemi Shahroudi Office of the Head of the Judiciary Pasteur St.,Vali Asr Ave., South of Serah-e Jomhouri, Tehran, Iran

Please send a copy to WPI’s International Labour Solidarity Committee for info.

International Labour Solidarity Committee of the Worker-communist Party of Iran (ILSC-WPI)
Head office:
Co-ordinator: Shahla Daneshfar
Public Relations: Bahram Soroush

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Ein Interview mit Estar und Erwin Baur

Posted by entdinglichung - 19. Februar 2008

Ein autobographisch geprägtes Interview mit Estar Baur und Erwin Baur, zwei revolutionären MarxistInnen und ehemaligen BetriebsaktivistInnen in den USA zur Frühgeschichte der United Auto Workers UAW in den 1940er Jahren, zuerst publiziert in der Against the Current November/Dezember 2007, vorangehend die in der gleichen Ausgabe veröffentlichte Einführung zum Artikel von Charles Williams:

Introduction to When the UAW Was Young
— Charles Williams

THE FOLLOWING INTERVIEW with Erwin and Estar Baur was conducted by Dianne Feeley on behalf of the ATC editorial board. Erwin and Estar met in Cleveland in 1937 at a dance sponsored by the Socialist Party. Estar was at that time a member of the Young People’s Socialist League, while Erwin’s involvement in socialist politics dated back to 1934 when he co-founded a high school socialist club in Struthers, Ohio.

From mid-1936, Erwin worked as a tool and die apprentice at the Brier Hill Works of Youngstown Sheet and Tube Company. He was a picket captain in the defeated 1937 Little Steel strike, and his dismissal and subsequent blacklisting in Youngstown forced a move to Mullins Manufacturing in Salem, Ohio.
At Mullins Erwin became skilled as a tool and die maker and learned the politics of democratic trade unionism under the guidance of Laverne Halsey, a member of the Mechanics Educational Society of America during the 1933 strike wave in the auto industry.

In 1936-37, Erwin also participated in the Trotskyist faction inside the Socialist Party. Estar became attracted to their ideas, and in 1938 both became founding members of the Socialist Workers Party after the Trotskyists were expelled from the SP.

After first moving to Cleveland, in 1942 Erwin and Estar Baur settled in Detroit, where Erwin went to work at Budd Wheel Company and quickly became a leader of UAW Local 306. He was elected steward and within a year became a committeeman and, subsequently, president of the local. Accordingly, Erwin was among the key figures who gave weight to the SWP presence in the UAW during and after the war.


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